eSport Betting – Prioritize Winning with our Help

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eSport Betting

Nowadays, eSport betting makes a good part of the online betting scene on NZ sites. The variety of games available and tournaments organized make the thrill of the game even greater. Still, do you know what it takes to become a good eSport bettor?

If you would like to find out then this guide is the right one for you! We'll be focusing on the main aspects of making eSport bets in 2021, their benefits and advantages that come with betting sites. Stay tuned as we explore the subject in further detail.

Know the eSport betting games

It’s of utmost importance that you understand the games that you can bet on eSports. In 2021, the choice of games has become rather wide when compared to previous years. While you could only bet on the most renowned eSports before, now there are other options.

Every game comes with a unique set of odds and betting options that you can make use of. Turning the tables into your favor is possible with sufficient knowledge of the games. So, here are the main eSport betting games in 2021 for NZ players:

Besides these games, some providers also offer the chance of betting on fantasy sports. This also fits into the group of eSports to bet on. So, make sure that you have all these options in mind before making the bets.

Also, try to focus on a single eSport to bet on to avoid the confusion of mixing up the betting options.

Search the Sites for the Best Odds

Not all betting sites offer the matching set of odds in the world of eSport betting. It’s crucial to find the best sites in terms of betting convenience to be able to make some wins.

It's also a good idea to explore the sites that are not among the most popular ones. The reason for this is that popular sites already enjoy vast attention and therefore offer poor odds. Perhaps you could benefit more from the less known sites.

Still, those sites could offer at least the matching convenience of the most popular sites in NZ. Searching for the best odds is crucial in 2021, as it can make all the difference while betting.

Pick the eSport Betting Bonuses

Another thing that may make eSport betting a bit more pleasurable is the bonuses. In 2021, you can strike all kinds of eSport betting bonus offers to boost your gaming.

The free bet bonus offers are the best way of making great wins to enhance your bankroll right from the start. Also known as the risk-free bets, these bets are the ones that enable you to bet on your favorite eSport without wagering real money.

You might want to think twice before making a bet this way, as going for high odds is rarely profitable. Instead, focus on moderate odds to ensure higher certainty of winning the bet. This way, you can make an initial bankroll for further bets you wish to try.

Another convenient type of eSport betting bonus is the deposit bonus that matches your initial deposit. The deposit bonus will make a difference here as you can win up to a 100% match to the first deposit made.

Besides the free bets and the deposit bonus, no deposit bonus offers are quite valuable. Various eSport betting sites offer these as means of boosting the players’ engagement.

Live Betting is a Quality Option

Another piece of advice would be to bet through the live betting sections of eSport betting sites. As a relatively new addition to eSport betting, live betting can pay off in a long run.

Here you combine your knowledge of the game with the live betting convenience. You can even follow the live video streams from tournaments and contests. This way, it's easier to place the bet on the team that's on a streak at the moment.

Also, placing the bets on underdogs this way can pay off in terms of higher odds. It’s always smart to follow the odds and try to catch a bet at the right time to win.

Live betting sections are even more convenient when used on mobile betting apps. Luckily, the NZ players have access to an array of such apps in 2021. So, it shouldn't be difficult to find one to download.

eSport Betting – Mobile Betting Apps

Using the apps for eSport betting is a great choice to go with as it takes the most out of the betting experience. Not only can you access the live betting section this way, but you can also win great prizes.

Namely, some sites include specific bonuses that are perfectly suitable for eSport betting. These bonus offers can only be accessed by app users, making them a benefit that you should make use of.

The apps also include lists of odds as well as distinctive betting choices and options. From prop bets to betting on most kills on some games or the map winners, all the options are there.

On the other hand, it's a good choice thanks to the convenience of making the bets on the go. Accessing your account this way is rather easy while making the bet seems even simpler. Don't fail to use the modern aspects of eSport betting in 2021!

The mobile betting apps and live betting sections are just what you need to make a perfect eSport bet.


Overall, the eSport betting field has expanded a great deal since it first came out a few years ago. Now, the betting options are more diverse and convenient for eSport game lovers.

The betting thrill is also enhanced with live betting chances on specific tournaments and mobile apps. We sure hope to have helped you with the tips and pieces of advice mentioned. After all, eSport betting isn’t for everyone, at least if you wish to be a true betting expert.