eSports Betting – How to Maximize your Profits

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eSports Betting

As the online betting sphere that's still on the rise, eSports betting makes one of the most exciting additions to the iGaming world. Besides the regular sports betting treats and offers, now the NZ players can make use of the eSports betting sites.

However, maximizing profits in this field depends on various factors and aspects. That's why we decided to bring all the necessary elements and advice to you! Join us and you'll quickly realize that eSports betting is much more convenient and easier than it initially seems.

About the eSports Betting Sites in NZ

When eSports betting was first introduced a few years ago, the scene was still undeveloped and fairly new. Online players are always on the lookout for new and exciting offers, but the newest betting field included plain bets at first.

In essence, betting on eSports includes various eSports tournaments and even leagues filled with different teams. Players can therefore choose their options in a manner much like the way a sports betting wager is placed.

So, the first thing to do to maximize your betting profit is carefully chosen an eSports betting site. Mostly the sites that are approved by the NZ Gambling Commission range in consideration of NZ players.

Even so, it’s tough to find the sites that exclusively offer eSports betting choices. It's much more likely that you'll find a regular betting site or casino with an eSports betting section. Still, the same strategy applies in finding a site that's properly licensed and lawfully regulated.

Use the eSports Betting Mobile Apps

One of the ways to increase the profit on eSports betting is by using the official casino apps for making bets. Some of the most prominent casinos and betting sites in NZ offer these apps as means of making bets on the go.

Moreover, it’s also likely that you’ll run upon certain app-specific bonuses related to signing up via an app. So, the eSports betting app allows players to remain competitive at any point and easily place a bet with a few taps.

Live eSports betting is the Key

One of the main advantages of eSports betting in 2021 is the existence of live betting sites. Much like the live casino segment of the sites, eSports betting can be much more beneficial through live betting.

Managing the live bets on eSports isn't an easy task, so it takes a lot of information and game knowledge. The players should follow the event through the live betting apps and pick the right time to place a bet.

For instance, if the team that's expected to win the tournament is losing at the moment, a live bet on that team to win is a good choice. Although your chances would seem slim since the team is losing, the odds will be in your favor.

Like in sports betting, eSports team favorites usually come with low unprofitable odds. But, placing a bet in certain moments when the team isn’t playing at its best can result in much better odds. Of course, it’s a gamble and chances still depend on sheer luck.

Make Use of the Free Bet Bonuses

The free bet bonuses on eSports betting sites are in essence free money offers that come with certain terms. Of course, you would have to place a bet and win for the bonus sum to be eligible for withdrawal.

Either way, it's a good choice to always be on the lookout for the free bet offers. Not only could these bonuses provide insight into the betting options and value of odds on the site, but they also help with the budget.

It’s easy to make an initial bankroll via the free bet bonuses and it provides more space for further betting.

Stay informed on the best eSports to bet on

The crucial advice on maximizing eSports betting profits is to know as much as possible about the most popular games. In 2021, there’re several main eSports to pay close attention to while making profitable bets:

  • League of Legends
  • FIFA
  • Starcraft II
  • Call of Duty
  • CS: GO
  • Overwatch
  • DOTA 2

All of the mentioned eSports have specific tournaments that periodically take place. To place the most profitable bet on these games, NZ players should follow the schedule of tournaments. For instance, the best time to bet on League of Legends is during the World Championship.

It’s also convenient to know about the main types of betting options that include skins betting and outcome bets. Since eSports betting is structurally different than sports betting, it’s good to know about all the options.

Main betting options on eSports in 2021

To achieve the maximum betting profit on eSports tournaments, NZ players should know the best types. Luckily, the choice of betting options on eSports is much greater in 2021 when compared to previous seasons.

Earlier, the players could only bet on the outcomes of the tournament games, while now the options are limitless. Here are the main bet choices for NZ players on eSports this year:

  • Outcome bets
  • Skins betting
  • Map winner bets
  • Most kills bets
  • Tournament winner bets
  • Prop bets specific to the game

Of course, it’s also possible to find other bets depending on the exact game you plan to bet on. It also greatly varies from site to site, so choosing the best eSports betting site in NZ is a priority.

Final Thoughts

In 2021, eSports betting is one of the most exciting options when it comes to gambling for real money. Through the variety of distinctive betting choices and sites to bet on, NZ players can now enjoy an immersive experience.

Hopefully, the listed tactics and guidelines on eSports betting will help the players achieve better results. Still, to truly get the most out of the eSports bets in 2021, it’s crucial to become an expert on the betting games.

It takes both time and knowledge to place the right bet, but it gets easier with all the mentioned aspects in mind.