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Everything You Need to Know about The Knock-Out Count Betting System for Blackjack
The Knock-Out Count betting system, pertaining to Blackjack, is one of the least complicated card counting systems that you could learn and deploy at the gaming tables. If you have any experience with the Hi-Lo card betting system, this is going to be even easier to grasp.

With tradition card counting systems, you are going to have to keep a running count in your head, sometimes two counts at the same time, while playing out the hands according to basic strategy. If you lose focus for one instant, you lose the count and you start betting incorrectly, costing you money. The biggest issue for new players is once they lose focus and the number is incorrect, they are betting too much or too little and hurting their chances of growing the bankroll.

That being said, the Knock-Out Count betting system could not be any easier. With this card counting system, there will only be three different distinctions placed on all the playing cards. The count is either going to move up one, move down one, or not move at all. The only difference between the traditional Hi-Lo betting system and the Knock-Out Count betting system, the seven is going to be considered one of the low cards.

Rather than ending at 0 when you count the full deck using the traditional card counting system, after you have reached the end of the deck with the Knock-Out Count betting system, your number will be +4.

To get a better understanding as to the value of each card, this breakdown should make things more clear.

The 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7, considered to be low cards, will count as +1 when they are on the board.
The reason these cards receive the +1 distinction is because as they are dealt, that leaves more of the beneficial high cards in the shoe. So for example, a +7 means there are 7 less low cards that could crush your hand.

The 10, J, Q. K, and A, considered the high cards, will count as -1 when they are dealt on the board.
The reason these cards receive the -1 distinction is because as they are dealt, that leaves more low cards in the shoe. A count of -15 means that there are barely any high cards left and you should drop your bet down.

The 8 and 9, considered to be the only neutral cards, will count as 0 and not affect the count.

With the 7 now designated to be a low card, you can not simply raise your bets when the running count is in the positive because even at the start you are already at +4. Instead, the way you base the amount of how much you bet is based on 2x the number of decks in play. So in a 4 deck shoe, you would not begin to increase your bets until the count has reached and passed +8 or 4×2.

For these reasons, the Knock-Out Count betting system is considered easier than the others.

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