eSport Betting: Prioritize Winning with This Guide


eSport Betting

eSports betting is one of the coolest new thrills in the online sports betting scene in New Zealand.

The variety of games available and tournaments organized make the thrill of the game even greater.

Still, do you know what it takes to become a good eSport bettor?

If you want to find out, this guide is the right one for you!

We'll be focusing on the main aspects of making eSport bets, their benefits, and the advantages of betting sites.

Understand eSport betting games

Before you start with eSports betting, you need to understand the games.

There are many different games available in eSports, and each game comes with a unique set of odds and betting options.

If you understand the games, you may be able to turn the tables in your favour.

These are the main eSports betting games for NZ players:

Besides these games, some providers also offer fantasy sports.

So, make sure you have all these options before making the bets.

Also, try to focus on a single eSport to bet on to avoid the confusion of mixing up the betting options.

Find the best sites for the odds

Not all betting sites offer the same odds.

It’s crucial to find the best sites in terms of betting convenience to be able to make some wins.

You may also want to explore less popular sites.

Since popular sites already enjoy vast attention, the odds may be poorer there.

Perhaps you could benefit more from lesser-known sites.

In any case, compare the betting sites to find the best odds.

Use eSport betting bonuses

Bonuses make all casino games far more enjoyable since you'll have a bigger budget at your disposal.

Luckily, you can find all kinds of eSports betting bonuses to boost your bets.

Free bets are the best way of enhancing your bankroll right from the start.

Also known as the risk-free bets, these bets let you bet on your favourite eSport without wagering real money.

However, you might want to think twice before making a bet this way, as going for high odds is rarely profitable.

Instead, focus on moderate odds to ensure higher certainty of winning the bet.

This way, you can make an initial bankroll for further bets you wish to try.

Another convenient type of eSport betting bonus is the deposit bonus that matches your initial deposit.

The deposit bonus will make a difference here as you can win up to a 100% match to the first deposit made.

Besides free bets and the deposit bonus, no deposit bonus offers are quite valuable.

Various eSport betting sites offer these to boost players’ engagement.

Use live betting

Live betting, though a relatively new addition in eSports betting, can be helpful.

Here, you combine your game knowledge with live betting convenience.

You can even follow live video streams from tournaments and contests.

This way, it's easier to place the bet on the team that's on a streak at the moment.

Also, placing the bets on underdogs this way can pay off in terms of higher odds.

It’s always smart to follow the odds and try to catch a bet at the right time to win.

eSports betting apps

Using mobile casinos is a great option if you wish to bet on the go.

Some sites even include specific bonuses just for eSports betting.

These bonuses can easily be accessed via apps, making them extremely beneficial.

The apps also include lists of odds, distinctive betting choices, and options.

All the options are there, from prop bets to betting on most kills on some games or the map winners.

Mobile betting apps and live betting sections are just what you need to make a perfect eSport bet.

Final thoughts

eSports betting field has developed a great deal – now, there are diverse betting options available for all sports lovers.

The betting thrill is also enhanced with live betting chances on specific tournaments and mobile apps.

We hope to have helped you with the above tips and tricks.

After all, eSport betting isn’t for everyone, at least if you wish to be a true betting expert.

However, if you'd like to get started and feel a piece of the action, find the best NZ online casino and start placing your esports bets today.


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