Betzest Casino Review – Bonus & Free Spins

NZ$5 No Deposit Bonus + NZ$100 1st deposit

Betzest Casino is a soothing place to be, and it is a casino that allows people in New Zealand to both gamble and place a friendly wager.

About Betzest Casino

Betzest Casino is a place that was designed for both gaming and the sportsbook bets that people like to make. Someone who loves to gamble often comes here because they know for a fact that they can get the full casino experience when they arrive. These people feel like they have been pulled into a fun casino that will give them a chance to play any game they want. They will have a chance to bet on the sporting events that they love, and they can come here to simply enjoy a few free games with the lovely background to make it more exciting. This is a soothing place to be, and it is a website that allows people to both gamble and place a friendly wager.

When You Visit Betzest casino

People who visit this site can see the background in the mostly lovely colors, and it has all the options that they need right where they can read them. This site was put together to make life easier for the gambler, and there are many games listed on the front page that allow people to go right to where they would prefer. These people can pick out the categories that they would like to play in, or they could go to the top to sign into their account. They could sign up for an account, and they could get a deposit bonus when they sign up. Anyone who has questions about the site could check the customer service page, or they could check the bottom of the page where the programmers have their links along with the fair play badge.

Bonuses & Promotions at Betzest Casino

The bonuses and promotions on the site are given when people sign up, and they will find that they can get free spins that they need for their slot machines. The bonus on the site does not require a deposit, and the free spins come to player when they start their account. It is very simple for someone to get started playing, and they must use their free cash to play before it can be withdrawn. The players do not get extra cash from the site after their first deposit.

There are many promotions on the site that will help people get into tournaments and have a good time playing, and they could enjoy more promotions on the site if they go deep into tournaments. They might play against others, and they could play against the computer as part of the promotional experience. The leaderboard is posted for the game, and the running jackpot runs across the site at all times. There are many people who will find that they can have a better experience on the site because they get inovolved in a game that could become their favorite simply because of a few promotions that they took part in.

Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming is a large part of this website because it can be rendered on any browser that the player wants. They could play on any mobile device, and they could use a phone, tablet, or any other mobile product to make this website come to life. They could use this site on the move, and they could use it with any Internet connection that they find. The site has some of the best graphics that anyone will see, and that makes it much easier for people to enjoy the games. These mobile games will run just as fast as the games that they have on their computer, and it loads just as quickly.

Mobile casino is optimized to save time for everyone, and the games are categorized just as they are on the regular site. The site will scale the right way, and it will give people the places that they need to click to play. There is no trouble with the blocks on the site that are used for clicking, and it is a very easy place for people to play. This means that people will like the fact that they can play here or come back to their computer and play the game some more later. There are a lot of people who need this versatility because they do not get to sit at their desk all day long where they can play.


Games on the site are designed in many different styles. They cover many categories, and they allow the player to choose from any category they think would be the most fun. They could play slot machines, and they could play video versions of their favorite games. There is a sportsbook that allows people to invest in their favorite teams, and they could be on any match or game that is going on around the world at that time. This is a really nice place to come just for the games, and it allows people to bet at the same time.

The video versions of these games are all available, and they come int raditional forms along with more advanced versions. Someone who wants to play slot machines could play the fruit slots, and they might want to play the more advanced slots that have stories going all throughout. This is a big part of how people like to play because they can choose from all the different games that they could like. They could try out all the versions of the game that they think are best, and they will find that they can have a better time because of the games they have chosen.

Live dealers are all available for the table games that people like the play, and they could chat with the dealers and other players in these games if they wanted to. The live dealers can make these games a lot more fun to play, and they can give people the banter that they are looking for at a casino. That also means that the player could get to know people associated with the casino.

The sportsbook is a special part of the site, and they can bet on their favorite sports teams. They could invest in the teams that they like the most, and they will have a chance to see the results while playing other games. They could make some choices that are best for them, and they could watch their favorite teams while they play the games they have chosen.

Deposits And Withdrawals

The deposits and withdrawals on the site are done through a secure server, and customers must connect their account to their account or credit card. They can do all this work in seconds through the site, and they can fill up their account as much as they want. They can use the deposits and withdrawals to get ready for their next game, and they can fill up their accounts when they are playing. This allows the players to have total control over their money, and they can continue to invest in the site until it is time to withdraw.

The bonuses that are given by the site must be spent first because they need to be converted into cash first. Someone who would like to get free spins is given them, and they might get more spins through the promotions on the site. The banking on the site is secure, and it only takes seconds for people to handle. The banking site is much easier to use because it can be accessed from the customer dashboard, and they get easy answers to their questions if they have any concerns.

Getting Help

The customer service page on the site allows people to make the choices that they need for their gaming or fair play complaints. They can send their fair play complaints to the company right away, and they can work with the company in ways that allow them to have a better experience.

They can send an email to the casino if they need, and they will get the best results from the casino's responses. There are people who will find that they can send in the fair play complaints that they have. It is much easier for people to use the site because they know that the site is accessible.

Someone who lives in the area where the site is run can call for customer service, and they are given as many chances as they need to resolve issues with their account. They might want to have a number questions answered, and they could get a full explanation of what is going on with their account.

They could turn to the live chat if they want to get instant answers to their questions, and they will find that they can completely change how they are playing because they have access to real information about the site. There are many people who will love to come to this site because it gives them real options for playing the games that they love most.


FAQ – Betzest Online Casino

1. When was Betzest Casino founded?

Betzest Casino came to be in 2018. It is a combined virtual casino and sportsbook. The site was co-founded by Marius Filip and Sporting Tech N.V. Casinos. It is dedicated to providing the best gaming experience around with top level software from well-known developers. Marius Filip is the current CEO and the site still operates under the Sporting Tech banner.

2. How can I deposit to Betzest Casino?

Deposits can be made using traditional banking methods, major credit cards, or e-money transfers. E-money transfers process the quickest and are also the most popular variation. Major credit cards can also finalize in the same day. Only traditional bank wire transfers will take about 24-hours. Deposits can be accessed through the cashier page. The page is simple to follow and easy to use. Betzest's payment options take most major types of currency including euros, NZ dollars, pounds sterling, and U.S. dollars.

3. How do I withdraw from Betzest Casino?

Withdrawals are made through the same page as deposits. The cashier page will show current account balance as well as payment options. Most deposit sources can also be used for withdrawals, although some e-money companies cannot. Most withdrawals will go through quickly, but some take a few days depending on the amount.

4. What games can you play at Betzest Casino?

Betzest has a full gamut of slots from top level developers like NetEnt. The slots vary from video slots, to traditional, and finally to jackpot. The site also compliments live table games, video poker, and live dealer games. The table games available are variations of Poker, Baccarat, Roulette, and Blackjack. Betzest is also a sportsbook and has deals with major franchises to allow sports betting. Mostly, these deals extend to European Football.

5. Does Betzest Casino have a Mobile App or a Mobile Casino?

Betzest is viable on both tablet and smart devices. It can be accessed through web browser so there is no need to download an app. The mobile version supports all games that Betzest offers as well as financial transactions. It even can be used to access the sportsbook. The browser functions with IOS, Android, and Windows operating systems.

6. What bonuses does Betzest have?

At present Betzest offers a $5 dollar no deposit bonus. This means that the site will provide $5 dollars to players without need of depositing any actual money.

7. What free spins bonus does Betzest have?

At present Betzest does have 100 free spins bonuses available at first deposit. Also, individual machines may have special from time to time by the developer.

8. What wagering requirement applies to bonuses?

Betzest's current bonus requires no deposit. All players have to do is sign up and they will be given a $5 dollar credit.

9. What is the terms & conditions of the bonus?

All players have to do is sign up with a legitimate email and link their financial information. The bonus does come with a wagering requirement. The requirement is specific to Betzest but requires the player to bet a prescribed sum on a corroborating game. Once this is accomplished the player it free to withdraw money.

10. What support options does Betzest Casino offer?

Betzest customer service can be accessed through live chat and email. The site also has a FAQs page for general questions. The FAQ page addresses all fundamental questions and is very well laid out. Email requires a wait for response time but customer service tries to respond within 24-hours. Live chat provides the quickest access to customer service. It is very easy to access and connects players directly with a customer service representative.

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