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Gambola Casino is a high-quality option for NZ players and has a good reputation. With a great welcome bonus, it’s certainly worth spending a few hours playing on. Read more here!

Gambola Casino has become increasingly popular since being established not too long ago. There have been quite a few reasons for this, with the majority of it being driven by the website’s positive reputation.

However, there can often be a difference between reputation and reality, which could lead many gamblers to be somewhat weary. As such, it’s worth taking an in-depth look at the Gambola Casino to see if it’s worth a player’s time.

About The Gambola Casino

One of the first things that many players will notice about the Gambola Casino’s website is how well-designed it is. This should be a positive sign for the majority of gamblers. Owned by Glitnor Services Ltd, the site is relatively new and features a variety of high-quality games to choose from.

History And Background At Gambola Casino

Gambola Casino is a new casino, established 2019, although it’s exploded in popularity in the months since then. Much of this has been driven by a focus on high-quality games, a trustworthy gambling experience, and plenty of bonuses.

Founded by a team of passionate gamblers, the casino knows what it’s doing and what players will want most. As a result, it’s been able to attract a significant number of people over the past few months.

Licenses At Gambola Casino

Licenses are one of the leading indicators of how safe and trustworthy an online casino is. Gambola Casinos boasts a license from the Malta Gaming Authority, which should put the majority of players’ minds at ease. This should also mean that any winnings are tax-free, which is a notable drawing point.

Awards And Prizes At Gambola Casino

Quite a large number of players will look for the industry awards and prizes that a casino has won. While there doesn’t appear to be any for the Gambola Casino, this may be because of how new the website is. As such, it may take some time before the online casino sees the recognition that it may be due.

Main Focus At Gambola Casino

Many online casinos are focused on different things. For example, some may mainly focus on slot games or video poker, among others, which could be detrimental to some other areas. However, the Gambola Casino primarily focuses on creating a high-quality and safe gambling environment for each of its players.

The Website At Gambola Casino


Quite a large number of online casinos are based around a theme, such as superheroes, music, and more. However, this doesn’t appear to be the case here. Instead, Gambola Casino is primarily designed to offer a user-friendly and approachable website that many players should be able to appreciate.

How To Navigate

Players will want to navigate through any online casino as quickly as possible. This should be easy with the Gambola Casino, which has been designed to be quite user-friendly. Players will simply need to scroll through the site to find the game that they want to play. This should also make finding different games quite a breeze.


Security is an aspect that every gambler will need to look for in a casino. While the majority of options offer SSL encryption, Gambola Casino goes one step further and provides military-grade protection. This means that players shouldn’t have to worry about people seeing their personal and financial information, which is something that might not be said of alternatives.

How To Sign Up At Gambola Casino

While quite a large number of casinos are difficult to sign up for, this doesn’t apply to the Gambola Casino. In contrast, this should take less than a minute, although there are a few steps that you’ll need to take. You may also need to be a New Zealand citizen to sign up. When doing so, you’ll need to:

  • Enter your email and other relevant information;
  • Confirm your email address;
  • Deposit funds, and;
  • Start playing.

As such, signing up at the Gambola Casino shouldn’t take you too long. However, it’s recommended that you have all of your details on-hand before you do.

Slot Softwares At Gambola Casino

The software providers that an online casino plays quite a significant role in helping players determine how high-quality it is. This is an area where the Gambola Casino shines, as it uses slots software from a large number of providers, including:


This should mean that players will be able to take advantage of quite a broad range of software when playing on the website.

Slots Selection At Gambola Casino

Amount Of Slots

The amount of slots available at a casino is quite a prominent indicator of whether or not it’s a high-quality option. This shouldn’t be anything that players will have to worry about with Gambola Casino. There’s quite a large variety of them to choose from, with the online casino featuring many more slots than many people may have initially thought.

Slot Games

While the number of slots that are available may be attractive to some players, many others will want to know what they can choose from. Gambola Casino features both progressive and classic slots, which should be attractive to many players. These include Black Mamba, Sweety Honey Fruity, and much more, which should be enough to appeal to the majority of gamblers.

Live Casino At Gambola Casino

The look and feel of the live casino at Gambola Casino should be appealing to the majority of potential players. This mimics the rest of the site, although this should be a positive for the majority of gamblers, as the website itself is well-designed and easy to get through. As a result, players should find this quite attractive.

Live Casino Games

Players should find the various live casino games available at Gambola Casino a positive thing, as there are quite a large number of them to choose from. While there are all of the most obvious ones to choose from, it also includes 2 Hand Casino Holdem, Side Bet City, Roulette, Blackjack and much more.

Live Casino Software

Similar to the slots software providers, there are quite a few different options available here, which many players should find appealing. This includes NetEnt, Microgaming, Yggdrasil Gaming, Scientific Gaming (OGS), and Oryx, among others. As a result, players shouldn’t be at a loss for which provider to take advantage of.

Mobile Casino At Gambola Casino

Mobile gaming and mobile casinos has become increasingly more popular over the past few years, although many online casinos have struggled to keep up it. Being a new site, this isn’t the case with Gambola Casino, as it’s compatible with the majority of mobile devices.

This should mean that players will be able to take advantage of almost all of the games that the desktop version of the site offers. The casino is fully compatible with mobile devices, so there shouldn’t be any limitations on what they can play.

Mobile App Or Mobile Casino Games

While there isn’t a Gambola Casino mobile app available, the website is easily accessed through mobile devices. This should mean that players will be able to log into their account from any smart device and start playing. They should then have access to each of the games that the desktop version offers.

How To Download

Since there’s no mobile app available for the Gambola Casino, players shouldn’t need to download anything. In contrast, they’ll only have to navigate to the website, sign in, and start enjoying their favorite games on the go. This should make it much easier than many other casinos.

Sportsbook At Gambola Casino

Unlike many other online casinos, Gambola Casino offers a high-quality sportsbook that the majority of gamblers may want to take advantage of. This includes almost all of the sports that players will want to bet on, including football, tennis, ice hockey, and much more. As such, they should be able to bet on almost anything with ease.

Bonus Offers At Gambola Casino

Welcome Bonus

There’s quite a notable welcome bonus at Gambola Casino, which is one of the reasons that it’s continued to surge in popularity. Upon sign up and deposit, players should be able to capitalize on a 100% welcome bonus, although this only goes up to $200. However, this is much more than many other casinos offer.

Other Bonuses

While there may be a variety of other bonuses available with Gambola Casino, these are somewhat few are far between. As such, many players might have to make due with the bonus they receive when they first sign up.

VIP Or Loyalty Rewards At Gambola Casino

There are quite a few loyalty rewards for Gambola Casino players to take advantage of. One of the largest of these is a daily deal, which varies depending on the day. However, this is only available during certain hours, so players will have to be quick so they can claim it.

Bonus Terms At Gambola Casino

Like many other casinos, players will have to meet a variety of terms so that they can use their bonus. When signing up, this will be subject to a minimum $10 deposit and only goes up to $200. Alongside this, the daily deal will have to be claimed during specific hours, so players will have to log in and claim it during these hours.

Payment Methods At Gambola Casino

Gambola Casino offers the vast majority of payment methods, so players shouldn’t have to worry about making a deposit. This includes Skrill, PayPal, the majority of credit cards, and much more. Alongside these are some lesser-known options, such as Trustly, VenusPoint, MuchBetter, PaySafe Card, ecoPayz and Neteller. This is much more of a choice than many other casinos offer.

Withdrawal Methods At Gambola Casino

Similar to the payment methods, there are a variety of ways to withdraw winnings from Gambola Casino. These should be the same as the each of the ways players deposit, so there shouldn’t be any restrictions on which ones they can choose.

Payment Terms At Gambola Casino

Gambola Casino works much like every other online casino when it comes to payment and withdrawal terms. However, these are much less restrictive than players might find elsewhere. Typically, players will have to deposit or withdraw a minimum of $10, which applies regardless of which method they’re using.


Customer Support At Gambola Casino

How To Find Support And Communicate At Gambola Casino

Contacting customer support at Gambola Casino is much easier than many people might think. While they’ll be able to take advantage of email support, one of the more effective options is its live chat. This is found on the bottom-right-hand corner of the screen, which should be the case regardless of which section of the site a player is on.

Live Chat At Gambola Casino

While many casinos offer 24/7 live chat, Gambola Casino doesn’t. However, these hours are still longer than players might expect. Typically, they can contact customer support between 8 AM and midnight on weekdays and midday until 9 PM over the weekend.

About FAQ Section At Gambola Casino

Quite a large number of players will want to take a look at a casino’s FAQ page before they decide whether or not they want to sign up. Gambola Casino’s FAQ is much more in-depth than many gamblers might expect, which should mean that any and all questions a player has should be answered there.

The Pros Of Gambola Casino

There are quite a few notable pros of gambling at Gambola Casino. The largest of these is that it’s a well-designed and easy to navigate website that offers quite a large number of games to choose from. Alongside this is the withdrawal minimum, which is much lower than many of its competitors.

The Cons Of Gambola Casino

While there’s quite a broad range of benefits to Gambola Casino, there are a few drawbacks to it, although not many. Perhaps the largest of these is the customer support hours. While these are still somewhat long, the majority of players may expect 24/7 support, although this isn’t available here.


Conclusion For Gambola Casino

Despite being relatively new, Gambola Casino is a high-quality option for players looking for a new place to gamble. As such, it’s worth taking a look at and experimenting on. With the welcome bonus that’s available for the majority of players, it’s certainly worth spending a few hours playing on.

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