Ikibu Casino Review – Bonus & Free Spins

NZ$ 200 Bonus + 100 Free Spins

Ikibu Casino has some very interesting Games available as well as jungle runs. Each one will provide the gambler with a chance to win money.

ABOUT Ikibu Casino

Ikibu is operated by Mt Secure Trade Limited, a company incorporated under Maltese laws. Mt Secure Trade Limited is also licensed and regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority. With such licensing, Mt Secure Trade also has the prestigious regulation and license provided by the UK Gambling Commission to complete their credible background as providing legitimate online casino experience. With such an illustrious history Ikibu has all the necessary qualifications to be called credible or reliable.


When you visit Ikibu Casino online, at the outset you will be met with amazing bonus offers. Rich colors surround the landscape of the online casino as you peruse the menu that is easily understandable. The website has multiple tiles that will allow you to choose from the newest games, recent games, or favorites. The option to select slots, jackpots or a live casino makes the online presence much more exciting. Oftentimes when perusing online gambling sites you have to search and click and find just where you can receive live casinos. Well, the creators of Ikibu must have had that in mind because of the ease of accessing the live casino games to receive live money and live payouts. The field of confidence overtakes you as you peruse this online casino. Chances to win money overtakes you from a gambler's perspective because, at the end of the day, winning is all that matters. Ikibu online casino has designed it to where this will be possible. With so many options available, the gambler actually feels at home because when you walk into a live casino you are able to see the certificates of licensing as well as being able to know that you are in a trusted environment. Ikibu online casino is no different in that matter. As you can easily check with the various gaming commission's and authorities right from the website itself to verify whether or not you are in a trusted online casino environment. This can only add to your desire to make money. Ikibu truly has set the standard when it comes to being a legitimate casino to play in.


When it comes to bonuses and promotions there is no better selection than Ikibu. Upon your first deposit, you can receive a deposit bonus of 100% up to 100 NZ Dollars plus 50 free spins. There is also the illustrious matching bonus that is available upon the first deposit. The match bonus expires in 30 days and the free spins expire in 7 days. There are a plethora of promotions from the Welcome offer to the Monday Champions promotion that will generate interest, these are some of the best the online gambling industry has produced.
As to the welcome offer, you will need to opt-in with a minimum deposit of 15 NZ Dollars in which the payment methods Skrill and Neteller are excluded. This is only available for making your first deposit but this is an offer that is sure to satisfy any gamblers seeking to make real money. There are a few terms and conditions that go along with Monday champions but suffice it to say that in order to be eligible for this promotion your account must be registered with the primary currency used in the country where you have your account registered. Mondays Champion is only available on Monday. Being able to receive additional seeds to travel up in between villages can only increase your chances of making more money within the casino itself. As many will expect, the forms of currency accepted are Euro Dollar, U.S. Dollar, Great British Pound, Swiss Franc, Canadian Dollar, Swedish Krona, and the Norwegian Krone are the only forms of accepted currencies within this casino. With that being said you can be assured of a smooth financial transaction.


Mobile casinos are gaining much popularity today due to the fact that it's mobile. Most competitors would enjoy being able to wager and have the chances to make money from the corners of their home. This is one of the chief reasons why mobile gaming, placing bets and having a comfortable experience are so fascinating. Being able to make money on any smart device, tablet, or computer from the comfort of my home or anywhere else for that matter makes the Online gaming experience that much more fun and adventurous. Ikibu has contributed to the success of online gambling by having a vast array of playing styles, playing options, as well as the payment structure itself. Gamblers the world over love the experience off winning real prizes without having to travel to a live casino to do such.

GAMES at Ikibu Casino

There are some very interesting Games available as well as jungle runs. Each one will provide the gambler with a chance to win money. From the Daily Chase which consists of 20,000 seeds you have the Weekly Quest as well that goes up to a hundred thousand seeds The crowd favorite, is the exciting Jungle Run. These three are classified as races but not races where you race to reach the finish line. No, these are races where you seek to win prizes and real money. Some of the biggest online game creators are involved. Who doesn't recognize NetEnt or Microgaming? I'm sure we've all heard of Play'N Go or even Yggdrasil as a top online gaming creator. Well, these are just some of the all-star gaming providers that have joined in to provide such a magnificent experience in online gaming with Ikibu Casino. Knowing the background of these companies and brands will add to the luster and grandeur of Ikibu as a relevant online casino provider. Without the household names, it's very hard to achieve the status as being relevant today. Obviously, Ikibu has done just that with this amazing online casino.


As expected, with deposits and withdrawals the currency that you use to place your deposit will be the currency in which you receive a withdrawal. Traditional ways via credit card are acceptable, such as Visa, Mastercard. If you prefer to use NetTeller, Zimpler, EUteller, or Skrill you may place your deposits and receive withdrawals as well. A Paysafecard can be used as well as Sofort. What must be understood is that the speed of withdrawal will be dependent upon the speed in which your method of payment takes place. Traditionally, as with any bank institution, the speed of the withdrawal will be contingent upon the bank itself.
The bank has a different release of funds time from Ikibu in that, Ikibu will take care of a withdrawal request, and will send the funds to the chosen bank but then the bank will go through whatever method of release is available for you. Another variation that must be noted is that if you wish to use a different method to withdraw your funds you must first make a minimum deposit through that same method. These measures are set in place to make the online gambling experience much more fluid. For any other forms of deposit listed, there is a 0% deposit fee and a 0% withdrawal fee.
Now this will make any gambler excited because you don't have to pay the casino to receive your money and you don't have to pay the casino to deposit your money. That attribute alone sets Ikibu casino apart from many online competitors. For players who want to know whether or not the bonus money can be withdrawn, yes, the bonus money can be withdrawn but that is only once the minimum wagering requirement has been met. A very easy step. Knowing that bonus money can be withdrawn is simply something new because most online casinos do not offer such a luxury. To offer this means that Ikibu is dedicated to generating money for the gamblers that play the wonderful games.


One amazing feature of Ikibu casino is the ability to receive help. There is a wonderful live chat option. For anyone, the ability to chat with a live representative in real time to receive real-time help is an excellent feature because your issue can be usually solved within the conversation itself without needing any extra steps to take place. If you prefer to communicate via email Ikibu has that option as well. Sometimes a gambler may forget their username or password. If this ever happens you just simply click the forgot username and password link on the login page. At that time you will receive further instructions on how to reset the username or password. More times than not live help is a good thing and this is where you can contact Ikibu casino customer support team or do everything they can to help you solve your issue. Most often than not though, the average issue can be resolved by looking on the website itself at the help tab and look at the frequently asked questions. The answers are there as Ikibu has taken the time to notate common issues that arise and allow gamblers to see the results.

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