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Silver Fox Casino has been founded on providing quality entertainment in a safe, fun, fair, regulated, secure, and enjoyable environment for all who enjoy online gambling.

About Silver Fox Casino

Silver fox casino has closed, we no longer work with them!

Bonus offers are eligible for new players and terms & conditions apply! 18yrs+ Only!


Gambling has been around for generations and with the new tech age, online gambling came in with a bang! One of the newer online casinos is Silver Fox Casino which was founded in 2017. Online gambling has been slightly risky in the past, but Silver Fox Casino has been founded on providing quality entertainment in a safe, fun, fair, regulated, secure, and enjoyable environment for all who enjoy online gambling.

There are many investors and companies that have worked together to make Silver Fox Casino possible. The website is operated by Progress Play Limited of Level 3. However, Tower Business Centre, Tower Street, Swatar, Birkirkara, and Malta also play a major role in the operations of Silver Fox Casino. There are many rules and regulations that must be followed to run a success casino that everyone can enjoy. Progress play is a limited liability company, they are licensed and regulated by Malta Gaming Authority.

Gambling can be exciting and really rewarding, Silver Fox Casino focuses their games on responsible gaming that is a way to unwind, relax, and unwind from a long day at work or from stress or just pure entertainment. To ensure that all rules and regulations are followed as well as consumers enjoying their time spent on the site there are online tools that will assist members in controlling the amount of money they use to play if chosen to use the tool, however, it is not required to play. Also, while following all rules and regulations, remember it is required to be at least twenty-one to play and this restriction is enforced.

Security and privacy are one of the most important aspects any website can provide as identities are stolen all the time on the internet. Silver Fox Casino takes the necessary precautions to ensure the security and privacy of their site as money is frequently transferred in and out and it would be unfortunate and bad business if members card numbers were subject to identity theft. So, to ensure the safety for their customers Silver Fox Casino utilizes the latest 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption as well as a firewall. On top of that their online transaction process is handled through several well renowned companies that specifically specialize in secure online transactions and fraud protection. Also, if a credit/debit card is not desired to use there is also a variety of e-wallet options available to those who desire to use other methods.

When You Visit Silver Fox Casino

When you first get to the site you are greeted with an astatically pleasing design. The logo of a silver fox and the name Silver Fox Casino across the top along with green tabs for register and login along with a drop-down menu to navigate the site. Currently below the logo, as I’m sure it changes, is a welcome bonus that features up to 200 NZ dollars for joining the site. The welcome bonus displays a fox in a suit with a microphone in the forefront with another fox in the background playing a saxophone with coins flying up in the air with hints of a crowd below as if they are playing a concert for the crowd and everyone loves them.

Once you get past the initial top section of the home page you begin to see the different types of games that are available that are categorized out for ease of use and navigation. Then again, if surpassed at the top, is another display of the welcome bonus featuring an older lady with a wood cane and a younger man that looks to be a fairy tale knight and a pot of gold with coins flying up in the air once more. Also, there is butterflies and a center image of a Las Vegas type setting where the fox is the conductor of directing people to the welcome bonus!

Below the available games and welcome bonus there is the site directory which provides the options of navigation to the home page, about Silver Fox Casino, the FAQ page, privacy policy, how to game responsibly, the terms and conditions, how to contact them, game payouts, deposit methods, who Olorra management is, withdrawals, self-limitation options, a site map, and the countries that are blocked from using the site. Below this directory shows all the companies invested into the site, layout, and security then all the different payment methods that are accepted on the site. Plus, a disclaimer including licensing numbers and the live chat icon that throbs to make the presence of available help.

The background of this site is solid black which allows for easy discursion of images and text. Within the menu is the options of viewing all games, new games, and other types of available casino games for easy navigation to the desired game play. The look and feel of this site is very appeasing and desiring for a casino setting.

Bonus & Promotions at Silver Fox Casino

Most sites offer many different promotions or rotating promotions. Silver Fox Casino offers the welcome bonus currently consisting of 200 NZ dollars for joining the site. There are also other promotions available within the site such as autumn action, heart burst tournaments, weekly surprises, live dealer cashback, roulette promo’s, Da Vinci’s treasure live dealer tournaments, and Wednesday wildfire. No matter the game that is desired to play, there is something for everyone on this site.

In the Mobile

Mobile versions of games have become have become more and more popular with the new tech age. It is unrealistic to transport a laptop or desktop everywhere you go compared to having a cell phone which is almost always on hand. By having a mobile option this provides the gaming to be on the go and during any lulls the day or just simply a more convenient way to game. Silver Fox Casino provides a mobile version of several of their website games. This is indicated by a mobile icon on the website on the bottom right corner of each individual game.


As far as games go this is not just a slots or mini-games site like you see on other sites. Silver Fox Casino includes scratch cards, table games, live casinos, and slots, plus new games being added frequently. There are easily hundreds of different slot machine game options that will appeal to anyone no matter the genre they desire.

Without even being registered with the site it is possible to see the game options available. This allows the chance to see if there is a game you would like to play before giving your information, making sure it is worth your time. However, there are so many games to choose from it would be almost impossible to not find at least one that you are interested in proceeding with.

Deposits and Withdrawals

To play any of the games that are on the website you must first register with the site. After you are successfully registered and logged into the site you can then deposit money with a few simple steps. First step is to click the cashier icon and then the deposit option. Once at this step a deposit method is selected, and a form will need to be filled out to finish the deposit method chosen, then click deposit, and the transition will then be complete. The transaction will be followed up by an email notification with the transaction details in its entirety. Again, as stated earlier there are many payment methods available to suit everyone’s needs.

Withdrawals are a similar simple method including again clicking on the cashier icon to begin. With a withdrawal through the withdrawal option will need to be selected versus the deposit icon. Then, similar to the deposit, a withdrawal method will need to be chosen of where the money is to be sent. Another form will need to be filled out to complete the withdrawal transaction. During the time frame when a withdrawal is in the pending period there is the option to cancel the transaction and return the money to your Silver Fox Casino balance. Depending on the withdrawal method chosen of the duration in which the funds will process and transfer.

The table games pay out slightly different than the other casino games such as slots. The deposit and withdrawal methods are the same though. With the table games you are paid out on a percentage rather than a designated amount that is shown right away as a win. The percentage amount varies depending on the table game that is being played, which a table laying out the percentages for each game can be found under the game payout tab.

Getting Help

Getting help on any website is important for when the need arises. Like the old saying it is better to have and not need then need and not have. For Silver Fox Casino they believe in this same philosophy. One of their main goals is to insure the highest level of customer satisfaction as they possible can. To ensure that this goal is maintained, or superseded Silver Fox Casino provides a knowledgeable and experienced support team 24 hours a day that can assist with any questions or concerns that may arise. Support is available via a contact form, email, or live chat which can be located on any screen in the bottom right hand corner.

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