Spin Slots Casino Review – Bonus & Free Spins

NZ$100 Bonus + 25 Free Spins

Looking for something exhilarating and thrilling? Look no more, Spin Slots Casino are here to satisfy the daily needs of amusement and excitement through a variety of games.

About Spin Slots Casino

The casino is closed since January 2020!


Looking for something exhilarating and thrilling? Look no more, Spin slots are here to satisfy the daily needs of amusement and excitement through a variety of games. Whether customers are looking for standard slot games, table casino games, jackpots, or live dealer games, Spin slots has gotten it all covered from top to bottom! There are games to cure everyone’s hunger. There are many opportunities to explore the endless amount of fun and adventures ahead.


Spin slots use advanced technology and up to date interface to make the graphics and animations look surreal! When visiting, customers can see how devoted and committed Spin slots is to serving the individual needs of each participant. That’s the great thing about Spin slots, it’s diverse and has something satisfying for every customer’s needs and gratifications.

So why not come join Spin slots today and see what all the talk is about? There is nothing to lose, but everything to gain in the end. Endless opportunities for entertainment, payouts, and the best customer service in the business. We look forward to serving all of our current clients and new customers in the near future. Come have some fun with us today!


When You Visit Spin Slots Casino


With its easy navigation system, Spin slots are very user-friendly. When visiting Spin slots, everything needed is directly on the screen. It’s super easy to operate and find a way to the different links provided. Whether trying to sign up, log in, contact customer support, visiting the FAQ, and etc. Everything customers desire is laid out on the homepage screen for easy operating.

As customers enter through the main portal to all the games, it may seem like it can be a bit overwhelming with all the different games that pop up on the screen. It’s a Great thing that Spin slots provides a categories section on the left side of the screen for easy access to the games customers are interested in. With this category section on the left, clients may click on which type of games they’re interested in playing and it will filter out the rest of the games that they don’t want to play.

Still having issues navigating through games or have a quick question that comes to mind? Down below in the right-hand corner you can live chat with our very active customer support agents and they may further assist with any issues that are being had. Spin slots care for our customers and want to be sure to provide the best service making sure nobody feels left out. When visiting, you are family. You become our first and main priority to making sure you have a great first experience.


Bonus & Promotions at Spin Slots Casino


Spin slots are always offering bonuses and promotions for our dedicated customers and those who are newcomers. Just to name a few of our promotions, we have a welcome offer, a free spins frenzy, a weekend bonanza, and etc. Each of these offers has a different set of rules and regulations, so it’s best to read the guidelines thoroughly to make sure you’re qualified. As for the bonuses, on your second deposit, Spin slots will match it up to $150 in bonus funds plus extra spins for the slots. For your third deposit, Spin slots will give a 50% match bonus of up to $250 with extra spins for the slots. Sounds like an excellent deal right?

As an example, for the welcome offer, it’s worth up to NZ$100! When customers make their first deposit, Spin slots will give extra funds to play more games. If the customer were to deposit $100, Spin slots would match that 100% and the customer would also get 25 spins for one of the slots. As stated before, each bonus and promotion are completely different and have their own terms and conditions. Please read the rules and regulations carefully and contact us if assistance is needed with understanding what the bonus or promotion is offering.



In the Mobile at Spin Slots Casino


One thing about online casinos is that once the customers get hooked, they’re always wanting to play no matter where they are or what they’re doing. Mobile casinos have become very popular throughout the years because it’s a very convenient way for those with a tight schedule. It allows you to have your fun on the go no matter the time of day.

Customers tend to attract towards Spin slots due to us having this cool feature. Spin slots give the options to play slots on tablets, desktops and mobile devices. Who doesn’t want to be able to play slots whenever they feel like it? Spin slots provide our customers the freedom to play slots however they’re comfortable with doing so.

Just like on a desktop, the mobile slots are also easy to navigate through and have amazing graphics. If any issues occur, customers may reach our service team through the app, tablet or desktop. Spin slots want customers to be able to get their excitement in without being limited.


Games at Spin Slots Casino


With Spin slots, there are a variety of games to choose from. There are a few games with great high paying jackpots. Not into those, try looking into our live dealer games. Spin slots offer Roulette, Blackjack, Double ball, and etc. There are numerous games to choose from to satisfy the customer's wants.

With all the success of the slots, most of it would be impossible without our wonderful providers. Some include Evolution, Blueprint, Rising Entertainment, Big Time Gaming, and etc. With all these providers we are able to give customers once in a lifetime entertainment.


Deposits and Withdrawals at Spin Slots Casino


Once customers set their accounts up, making deposits are such a simple process. All customers have to do is decide on an amount they’d like to add to their account. It must be a minimum of $10. Navigate your cursor to the right side of the lobby and there you will find the deposit button. Simply follow the instructions and fill in your card information. Once the payment has been processed, it will be applied directly to your account and you then may begin playing games and having fun. Spin slots accept Visa, Mastercards, and all major Ewallet providers. This ensures that your transactions are safe and securely handled.

Once customers are satisfied with their winnings or just want to withdraw their money for other reasons they can do so anytime they please. Simply go to the main menu while logged into your account, you will see a window that states “transactions” please click on that, next click on the Withdraw tab. You will then be required to input your password and the amount you’d wish to withdrawal. You must withdrawal $10 at least! In order to ensure the accuracy of the withdrawals, they typically are not processed back into your bank account until 72 hours. Again, this is to ensure the safety of the clients' accounts. In some cases, our fraud department may get involved and may require you to provide additional information to be sure the correct person is making the withdrawal.

We try to make the deposit and withdrawal process quick and easy for our guests. If there is confusion, please reach out to our customer support staff so we may assist you and get you n your way to the playground.


Getting Help at Spin Slots Casino


Remember, Spin slots are always here to help no matter what the circumstance is. We are just a phone call away. Call us anytime at +44 203 968 0700. Don’t feel comfortable talking on the phone just yet? No worries, you can contact our customer support by email as well. Please feel free to email us at [email protected] If you feel you need assistance immediately, please do not hesitate to reach out to one of our customer service representatives through the live chat. Customers may find the live chat box in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. We have multiple customer service representatives ready to answer your questions and fulfill your dreams and desires.

Spin slots take it one step further. Sometimes individuals may feel they are losing control of themselves and are spending through their funds' way too quickly. If you feel like you are becoming addicted to gambling, please call or email one of our customer specialists so we can discuss a solution about your gambling habits, allow you to take a temporary or permanent break from the site, place deposit limits on your account, and etc. We want you to take precautions and gamble safe and smart. We have highly trained staff in this category and can assist to help with the best possible outcome.

Here at Spin slots, we are a family. We take our customer's requests very seriously in any situation. Please do not be frightened to reach out. There are various ways you can reach us so we may assist you and address the possible issue. We want to help!

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