Becoming a High Roller – Expert’s Guide to Victory

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Becoming a High Roller

Being a high roller in online casino games makes you an expert in slot gaming. It also means that you are betting higher amounts than some other players on the games. It sounds simple and plain, but it takes nerves to become a successful high roller.

If you are thinking of placing high roller bets, this guide will give you everything you need to know. Keep in touch for the details and pay close attention to the tips. We won’t waste any of your time, so let’s get to it!

What does it take to be a High Roller?

Being a high roller isn’t as easy as it seems in 2021 as the stakes are going up on the required games. You have to respect the bet limitation to be eligible for becoming a high roller. Most games for high roller players require the lowest bet of $20 or higher.

Of course, you can bet the maximum amount as well, if you can afford to do so. Everyone should manage their bets depending on their capabilities. It takes being a high bettor in a long run to be a true high roller.

These are the main focus points of being a high rolling player:

  • It takes frequent high stakes
  • Requires the minimum high roller bet in play
  • A long period of being a casino member

To be a real high roller, you will have to stay at a certain casino site and play for a long time without bigger breaks. Once this condition is filled out, you can even get to experience the benefits. One of the biggest benefits of being a high roller is the entry to the VIP club of the site.

Making it to the high roller status

If you are a faithful player that is loyal to the site, you will receive an invitation to the VIP club. It’s always a good idea to join the club as it only offers greater benefits in return. This is the way of the house of expressing gratitude for your loyalty.

Once the VIP status is achieved, you can start enjoying the benefits like frequent no deposit bonus offers. Other than that, you can expect to gain access to reloading promos specific to VIP members.

Another benefit is that if the slot tournament is organized by the site, you will be the first to know! Usually, the high rollers get access to unique tournaments that are not available to all players.

The betting requirement will often be high, but the prizes should also be enough to satisfy your game plan. With all the details in mind, it can only be beneficial to achieve the VIP status on one of the NZ sites.

Conveniences of the VIP membership

Being a VIP member of the casino site could be of great help in everyday play. First off, you will gain access to the cash-back bonuses that will refund you a portion of potential losses. It’s a beneficial aspect that can prevent you from damaging your bankroll.

Besides, other things that could improve your play are frequent bonuses, VIP promos, and event invitations. There are some online casinos that are offering this kind of promotions, especially the ones with the Ezugi table games.

Without the VIP membership, you wouldn’t be able to access some events organized by the casino. This way, you can further improve your balance by using the given conveniences. VIP status has to be deserved, so the reward provided makes a great twist.

Of course, you can still use the remaining regular online casino promos that all players have access to. The VIP status only means that you are blessed with additional options not visible to regular players.

High roller game types

As you already know, it's possible to reach VIP status by playing slot games online. The way to do it is to wager the minimum amount for the game played. You can usually find such games in the high roller section and the bet limit will be visible.

However, you can also become a high roller by playing other games as well. The minimum bet limits vary from game to game and are usually the lowest for slots. That's why we recommend playing these other high roller games.

Online Blackjack

High roller Blackjack is a game that can be played with various bets. To achieve the high roller status, you usually have to bet $100 per round. It may sound like a high limit, but the requirements vary to even greater values.

It's crucial to always respect the betting amount to become eligible for VIP membership. High rolling players bet high on Blackjack frequently to maintain the position of high rollers.

Online Roulette

Like online Blackjack, Roulette is also a great game to play to be a high roller. It takes bets ranging from $50 to $500 per spin depending on the operator. It provides the matching privileges to the ones enabled to Blackjack and Slot players.

Still, the game of Roulette is fast-paced and it requires additional caution to not go over the limit with a loss. Responsible gaming is always the way to go if you wish to consider yourself a high-rolling player.

The Three Card Poker

One of the best games to go with for high rolling play is Poker, but the amounts necessary can be high. The minimum bet on Three Card Poker is usually lower but it gives you the same benefits and thrill in play.

It's a great choice to go with if you wish to maintain your balance while on the way to join the VIP club.

Being a High Roller – Conclusion

Being a high roller takes much time, skill, and money to achieve the status at a certain casino. That's why you should take the look into betting limits first. It may be too much to continuously stake large sums to achieve high roller status.

Still, sometimes it can even payout depending on the type of games you play and the bets you place. Of course, the Lady Luck also has something to do with your high roller success.