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Those gamers looking for a more prestigious experience and the thrills typically found in the casinos of Las Vegas and Monte Carlo may desire something more than the software casino games often found in an online casino. Live dealer games are being offered in any online casinos and feature next-level services on an exclusive Live Dealer platform.

This brings all the fun and excitement of your favorite card and table games to the convenience of your home or office.

Unlike the software versions of these games, there is no computer-generated graphics to display the cards, roulette wheel, dealer and table. There are no automated aspects about the game. Rather all players will be participating in a game with an actual flesh and blood dealer playing with real cards. This is possible even if the dealer and all players are located on different sides of the globe.

How can this be? Modern communications technology allows these games to be played in real time. A land based casino will have special game rooms set up with state of the art equipment capable of producing a crisp clear image of the game in progress and delivering this footage in real time to the various players anywhere in the world.

Players in various locations will participate in the game through a user interface that allows them to control their game from their personal device.

Live Dealer Casinos –the Technology Behind the Game


Obviously the most important component of a Live Dealer Casino will be the Cameras that provide the live video feed across great distances. This is done by streaming the video feed to player’s devices. Modern Live Dealer Casinos use the most cutting-edge technology to perform this small miracle and smaller yet more powerful cameras are being applied to the process.

Let’s take the popular game of roulette for an example. Typically, you will see the Live Dealer version of this game there will be three different cameras providing the overview of the gaming table. One provides a shot of the table and all bets, the other is on the wheel itself and a third one provides a special picture-within-picture display.

Game Control Unit

This is the most integral part of the game and makes the whole Live Dealer games possible. Every table has a GCU installed. The device is no larger than a shoebox and contains all the circuitry and programs that encode the video and prepare it for broadcast. This device is the true specialist that allows the casino to run this game and ensure that everything is fair. In a few words the GCU is what makes the Live Dealer game a reality.


Different games have different components. In roulette the wheel is an important component of the game. Casinos work with the suppliers of top-quality casino equipment and modern appliances have sensors and the like built-into them to allow for casino software to keep records of all actions.


The dealer is at the table to ensure that the look and feel of the game is exactly the same in a Live Dealer setting as they will experience in a physical casino location. No serious casino will employ dealers that are inexperienced or unfamiliar with the task and rules of the game. This is why every dealer you will find in an online casino has received special training. The development of special technologies allows each and every move to be tracked by smart cards.



The monitor will display whatever it is that an online player can see in their screens. If you don’t want to appear on screen you can simply change your seating position, or take advantage of “blind spots” that most cameras have.

The presence of the monitor is essential to the dealer as well. The monitor allows the dealer to keep track of all the bets that are being placed and which have been closed. The monitor will also allow the dealer to see which players are online.

Players and dealers can also engage in a live chat; this ensures that all issues are handled quickly and effectively.

The Live Dealer Game in Progress — Optical Camera Recognition Technology

The casino industry has been revolutionized with the introduction of Optical Camera Recognition. To put it simply, the Optical Camera Recognition is a technology that allows every small detail of the gaming room to be recorded and sent to the player's display through a video link.

Players can interface with their game through their console or computer screen. They can also use this interface to engage in a live chat with dealers, other players or casino operators.

The OCR ensures that every small detail affecting the outcome of the game (or not) is transformed into electronic data. This is especially important to hard-core gamers who rely on the details of every action to decide when and where to place their bets.

Players will receive crisp and clean imagery of all gaming actions including the shuffling of cards, distribution of hands, spinning of the wheel and bets being made. This not only makes the gaming experience more reliable it adds a life-like realism to the dynamics of the game and allows the player to feel as if they were in a physical casino location.

The Gambling Process

There are many different games available to the online gambler. Depending on the game you play you may find the progressions or stages are slightly different from each other or from what you are used to experiencing in a physical casino. Let’s assume you are playing the classic game of casino roulette.

In this game, players will see a visual feed of the dealer and the gaming room. All the footage taken of the gaming table and dealer along with all the software used to control the game will be delivered to your user interface on a console or computer.

This information and live feed will be fed to the various players in their remote locations. The game and the available data will be available for observation so that players can make the best betting decisions based on the information provided.

Players will then be able to place their bets and the dealers can communicate with them for more information or clarification. Then the players will place their bets and the information entered will be processed by the software the casino relies on for precision gaming.

There will be “No More Bets” announcements made and all players are notified over their individual interfaces. Once this happens no bet will be accepted.

Then the dealer can spin the wheel and the results will be displayed for all to see. The results will be unequivocal as they will be displayed on HD cameras for all to see. The results of the play will be provided across great distances simultaneously and in less than a second.

This is when players who choose to go on in the game will be allowed to place new bets or make whichever moves the game allows.

In conclusion — Perhaps the biggest reason for the unprecedented popularity of the Live Dealer casino game is the great variety of gaming option available in a single convenient location. You will find Baccarat, roulette, Blackjack and Casino Hold’Em. All of the options available in a classic casino now at the convenience of your office or home.

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