Top 10 Highest Wins on Slot Machines Ever

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Highest Wins on Slot Machine

If you are a fan of online slots, you probably can’t help but wonder about the top 10 highest wins on slot machines. Truly, worldwide players have achieved some pretty incredibly-looking wins over the past decade.

Besides getting proof on how much the online slot games can pay, these wins also state the highest-paying games. To find out which games are best suited for high wins in 2021, take a look into our list of top 10 highest wins on slots!

The Top 10 Choice of Highest Slot Wins

Although these wins are not the best indicator of the volatility of games played, they state their maximum win potential. Some wins will surely blow your mind with unprecedented cash rewards won by the lucky players.

So, to help you get a taste of these wins, we’ve decided to bring you the top 10 list of the highest wins on slots. We’ll be taking a look into some regular-looking slot wins, as well as the Jackpot slot games that paid out staggering wins.

Without any further delay, let’s get started with the list to give you an insight into the highest-paying slots!

1st Place goes to Las Vegas casino player

It kind of makes perfect sense that the highest slot machine win ever took place in Las Vegas, doesn’t it? After all, no other casino in the world can cope with one of the most iconic gambling places in the world. The Excalibur Casino paid out an overwhelming sum to the lucky player – over $39 Million for a slot Jackpot!

The lucky player decided to take his chances with the exciting Megabucks slot and achieved a staggering hit. You could probably assume that no other player ever managed to break this record, at least so far. As much as it sounds incredible, just wait until you hear about the stake!

The incredibly lucky punter managed to hit this huge Jackpot while only betting $100 per spin. Of course, the bet itself fits among high bets, but the win states otherwise; the player won x390.000 of the bet!

2nd Place – Megabucks slot strikes again

The second highest slots win ever also happened on the Megabucks slot as the lady winner achieved a $34 Million prize! It just confirms that the Megabucks slot is one of the best slot games to play in the world.

The Jackpot values of the game never seem to disappoint, so we could easily spot a pattern between the two top wins.

3rd Place a Charm

And yet again we face the Las Vegas win and again it’s the Megabucks slot! A lady winner has managed to turn her previous profits earned at the casino into an enormous $27.5 Million prize. It seems unreal that the Megabucks slot awarded so many great wins.

This only proves that the classic slots never get old, considering that the Megabucks slot makes sheer early slots relative.

4th Place makes a Statement

If you've ever wondered if the small stake bet can result in a giant win on online slots, here's your proof. This was the exact method that the Finnish Texas Holdem player used to win a $24 Million prize!

The prize was achieved on the Mega Fortune slot, making it a fairly more popular game after the win. It’s also one of the biggest slot wins achieved in a bonus round of any slot game ever so far.

5th Place – Megabucks strike back

After a quick detour on online slots, we are back again on real-life slot machines in Las Vegas. Again, the winner hit a staggering hit on the Megabucks slot by winning a $22 Million prize via Jackpot!

It’s one of the four greatest Megabucks jackpots ever, so there’s no doubt that the winner was thrilled. This also proves that online casino games can pay you far less in the jackpot values than real slots.

6th Place confirms the Pattern

Well, we've finally concluded that the Megabucks slot is the best game to play in the hope of great wins. The sixth-highest win on slot machines was also struck at this machine in particular, so it makes perfect sense.

This time, the Jackpot value was set for $21 Million, making it one of the highest wins on slot machines. After all this information, it gets clear that the Megabucks slot can pay out some impressive Jackpots.

7th Place for a stunning scenario

Another winner on the Megabucks slot achieved a $21 Million prize for the Jackpot won at a Las Vegas casino. Still, this story is one of those that seem like from the movie, as the lucky player donated most of the funds to hurricane victims.

It sends a nice message out to the world that sometimes we have to line up with others and help each other out.

8th Place – the Mega Moolah saga

What Megabucks slot is in the world of real-life slots, the Mega Moolah games represent in online slots. The greatest winner on the game achieved a jaw-dropping $20 Million on the Absolootly Mad slot from Microgaming.

It is a part of the Mega Moolah slot series that come with incredible Jackpot prizes that will rock your world!

9th Place – Yet again Mega Moolah win

As for 9th place, we have the Mega Moolah slot again with the incredible $16 Million Prize! The UK player hit this achievement by only betting 25 cents on the game.

Still, since the Mega Moolah slot jackpot is connected to all players at the time of play, it had nothing to do with the bet.

10th Place goes to NetEnt player

The final place on our list is reserved for the player that used the free spins bonus on NetEnt slots for the best reason.

Having used a portion of free spins on the Mega Fortune slot, the incredible $13 Million prizes was hit. It only proves that the harder you try, the closer you get to claiming exciting Jackpots!