Best Strategy for No Zero Roulette in Online Casinos

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Best Strategy for No Zero Roulette

Out of the live casino games, only a few games are as addictive as Roulette, but the No Zero Roulette makes a difference. The new version of the roulette game excludes the biggest enemy of Roulette lovers – the zero pockets.

Not only can you benefit from the exclusion of the zero, but you can also enjoy the double chance bets in a true sense. If you love the game and would love even more to learn about the No Zero Roulette, keep scrolling!

About the No Zero Roulette

The No Zero Roulette game makes a masterpiece of live casino gaming in 2021. It stands for everything contrary to the regular Roulette games that feature one or two zero pockets. It may seem surprising for a Roulette game to come without zero.

However, it’s only in your best interest to play the roulette game with even payouts for double chances. The reason for this is that the zero pockets made all the difference before, while now you can escape the danger.

By betting on double chances, you earn a 2 to 1 payout while having a 50% chance of winning the bet. Either way, No Zero Roulette gives you the chance to use the double chance options to their maximum. No wonder why Evolution is ensuring No Zero Roulette available in most casinos now a days.

The first casino to offer No Zero Roulette game was Betfair, but the other operators decided to go with the flow too. So, now you can access the No Zero Roulette game from various NZ casino sites. All it takes is to have the knowledge and determination to win the game.

What changes in the Payouts?

Without a zero pocket, the whole point of the Roulette game changes for the bettors. Now, you can be carefree that the zero will land and take your entire stake away.

Before, with the regular Roulette games, you usually had to put at least some chips on the zero fields. It would be a shame that you make a high-value wager and avoid putting something on zero. This way, you would ensure to at least return the stake and prevent losing it.

Now, the situation changes as the No Zero Roulette makes things a bit more exciting. Without a zero, you can now be more relaxed in a game of Roulette. Moreover, you can rely on the wagers that pay even money to their full potential.

Even the sector bets were tricky to place before since the zero could take it all. Of course, unless you put bets on the zero game numbers, every other sector would make a losing bet in case zero lands.

The best Wagers to place on No Zero Roulette

As in the regular type of game, the No Zero Roulette comes with a variety of betting options. Some of the possibilities include betting on double and triple chances.

These bets pay 2 to 1 and 3 to 1, depending on the exact option chosen. Double chances include betting on red/black option, even/odd, or high/low bets.

Other betting options of the No Zero Roulette involve betting on rows that include 12 numbers each and pay 3 to 1 for a hit. You can also bet on 1st twelve, 2nd twelve, and third twelve options. Well, those are mostly the betting options for the game that include easy understanding bets.

When it comes to more complex bets, the No Zero Roulette offers it all. You can benefit from the sector bets that include the Big Series, the Small Series, and the Orphelins. The Big series includes numbers ranging from 25 red to 22 black. On the other hand, the small series starts with 33 black and finishes with 27 red.

The orphelines include numbers 34, 6, and 17 and another racetrack series from 1 to 9. By betting on the sectors, you can place ranging bets on the numbers. Therefore, every number results in a different payout, making things more exciting.

Why Choose No Zero Roulette Before Regular One?

The No Zero Roulette makes a stunning release that threatens to endanger regular roulette games. Because of this, you can benefit from using this game for roulette bets instead of regular ones. European roulette includes single zero, while the American variant includes two zero pockets.

With this in mind, let’s mention the RTP ratio and compare it between the games. As the European Roulette involves a 2,7% house edge, the American one involves a rate of over 4%. It’s a big edge on the house, so it makes it more difficult to place quality bets.

The game variants with two zero spots make the entire betting much more difficult. You would have to at least occasionally put something on the zero spots to get the insurance. With the European Roulette, it's also the case.

Although the single zero spot makes it less risky than the American variant, it's still almost the same scenario. You would have to stake some money in each round on the zero if you wish to avoid going bust.

That’s where the advantage of No Zero Roulette is – it has no house edge on the zero bets. The zero bets are a game aspect that results in the biggest wins for the house. That being said, it's reasonable that the No Zero Roulette is the perfect game type to play online.


As much as the traditional variant of the game is exciting, the No Zero Roulette makes an even better choice. It comes with no house edge on the zero spots, making it much more pleasurable for the play.

All in all, the No Zero Roulette makes a stunning release that awards every hardcore Roulette lover. The game provides a better gaming experience while the losses on zero spot landing are reduced to none.

That’s why it makes a perfect game to play if you are a fan of live casino titles in 2021. Hopefully, all the NZ casinos will soon offer this masterpiece of a Roulette game!