Complete Guide on How to Play Caribbean Stud Poker

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Caribbean Stud Poker

Out of the available online poker variants, Caribbean Stud Poker is one of the most underestimated ones. The name of the game may seem like something frightening for inexperienced players. In reality, this type of Poker is one of the most exciting variants.

It is not that difficult to master once you have learned all about the game. To help you in this task, we are here to bring you all the tips and strategies needed to master the game. We will focus on all the essential game aspects, so fasten your belt and get ready for action!

The gameplay of Caribbean Stud Poker

Caribbean Stud Poker is a rare variant of the game where no draws are needed. That being said, it’s clear that the game is rather simple when compared to Texas Hold’em and similar versions.

Although the game includes some more complex variants where there are a few draws, regular Stud Poker doesn’t. It is commonly referred to as just Casino Stud Poker, but the Caribbean game origins add up to the original name.

Either way, the true way of getting into the game is by placing the ante bet. This is the starting bet in a round of Caribbean Stud Poker and it takes place before the round begins. In essence, all players must make an ante bet to qualify for the main game round.

Also, there is one unique thrill of this game – it often comes with a progressive Jackpot round! So, to win the Jackpot, all you need to do is place the progressive side bet which is usually $1 for the lowest limit.

Of course, not all online variants come with this side bet, but most of the general Caribbean Stud Poker versions do. It makes a perfect combination of a frequent element of online slot games with an exciting round of Poker!

Beginning of the Round

To get to know the game in full, you must understand how the gameplay works. So, the start of each round holds the key to moving on to more complex game segments. Right at the start, you will have the first betting round of the game.

This is the single moment where several decisions are made as players proceed with placing ante bets. Moreover, you can also place the additional side bet for progressive Jackpot at this point. Once all the bets have been made, the dealer announces the play round.

Every player seated at the table will get 5 individual cards and you will be exclusively betting against the dealer. There is no need to worry about the cards that other players have as the sole point of the game is to beat the dealer.

This is not an easy task as you will have little clue about the dealer's cards at first. One thing that could certainly help is the single card that the dealer has to place facing up. It doesn't make a major difference, but this aspect can help you in some cases depending on the face-up card value.

Once you have seen the face-up card of the dealer, it’s time to make another bet; you can either raise or fold at this point. If you raise the bet, the amount of the raising bet needs to be at least twice the ante bet value.

In case you decide to fold, you will lose your ante bet, but if the game has any additional bet options, those still count.

Know when the Dealer Qualifies

To become a true expert in Caribbean Stud Poker, you will need to know when the dealer qualifies. There are several scenarios where the dealer doesn’t even qualify for the play round. In this case, you get an even payout on your ante bet, and the additional bets are considered as push.

Here are the minimum conditions for the dealer to qualify:

  • At least a combination of an Ace and King
  • And, the dealer’s hand forms a pair
  • The dealer gets a high-rank Poker hand

If one of these conditions is fulfilled, the dealer will proceed with the play round. If you wish to tackle the dealer, you will have to double your ante bet. If the dealer qualifies and you get a better Poker hand, you win.

In this scenario, you will win an even payout on the Poker round and the side bets are calculated normally. Still, side bet offering depends on the exact online casino that offers the game.

Prize Table for Caribbean Stud Poker

When it comes to winning prizes in the hand of Caribbean Stud Poker, the values are considered for a unique live casino game. You can count on getting similar payouts to some variants of Texas Hold’em.

Keep in mind that this game doesn't even come with the draw rounds, so the little strategy is in place. This makes the prizes even more valuable, considering the in-game efforts made by players. So, the prize table is focused on striking a Royal Flush or a Straight Flush for major prizes.

The highest win for base gameplay is x100 for a Royal hit, while the latter brings you a payout of x50. However, other payouts come in pretty handy in-game rounds with worse card combinations.

Four of a kind pays x20 for the win and the Full House value is set for x7. Other in-game prizes include x5 for a regular Flush while getting just a Straight pays x4.


Hopefully, after reading this guide you will have no further issues in deciding to try the game. Especially if you are a Poker lover, the game will impress you with in-game simplicity and plain strategies enforced.

By finding a variant with a side bet Jackpot game, you can strike even higher awards than x100 of the bet! All in all, Caribbean Stud Poker is yet another impressive type of online Poker game available for NZ players.