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Classic Roulette

There’s nothing more appealing for online roulette enthusiasts than taking a shot on a new and exclusive game variant like Classic Roulette.

The latest online roulette game is developed by NetEnt, further expanding the growing collection of the provider’s casino games.

As NetEnt was initially solely focused on slot games, it is a remarkable discovery that they also make high-quality roulette.

Moreover, they also work on other variants of famous casino games to become a unique brand on the market.

In that favor, NetEnt already made a giant leap ahead with the amazing Classic Roulette that players should check out.

Player’s corner in the Classic Roulette game

If you are a faithful online roulette player, you will certainly love all the convenience that comes with Classic Roulette.

NetEnt did a great job making the game respire with all the necessary game aspects and simplicity at the same time.

Newcomers will also have an easy time configuring the game and all the wagers available.

The Classic Roulette is a single-zero wheel-game that offers a nice statistical overview of the previous rounds.

Players can therefore get information of all the latest numbers to land, the hot and cold numbers, and much more.

Everything is covered by live studio coverage with experienced dealers running the game.

However, playing convenience doesn't stop there. Players looking for a specific game will be able to switch between tables as NetEnt is looking to secure multiple tables for its lovely Classic Roulette.

Game aspects and betting options

The Classic Roulette game by NetEnt offers the majority of betting options available for single-zero roulette.

The minimum stake required for a single bet is reasonable enough to make the game eligible for all players.

While in the game, players can swiftly turn the betting layout from standard to race betting.

There are also additional game buttons for repeating the bet, doubling up, and erasing the stake.

Classic Roulette takes its time between two spins, while still featuring swift gameplay.

When it comes to the betting options, there are many available in the Classic Roulette game.

Players can choose from betting on double chances to numbers and neighboring sectors.

Red/Black and Even/Odd bets pay even money for a win while guessing the 1st twelve, 2nd twelve, or 3rd twelve sectors carry 3 to 1 payout.

Moving on to the number bets, NetEnt decided to make it interesting by giving players all the options.

Betting on a single number brings 36 to 1 payout, while it is best to include at least several numbers.

Players can use the race track to bet on specific French-type sectors like Orphelins, Zero Voisins, Zero game, or 5/8 series.

NetEnt’s Classic Roulette takes the gaming experience of online roulette games to complete another level.

Many other slot providers like Scientific Games and IGT also work on developing their roulette variants.

Still,  NetEnt made a significant step towards becoming a great supplier of live casino games as players will love the Classic Roulette.

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