French vs American Roulette – What’s the Difference?

Lukas Mollberg

French vs American Roulette

All kinds of online casino players worldwide enjoy one unique casino game – online Roulette. Although the game is well-known in almost every casino, rare are the players that know the difference between French and American games.

After all, it all depends on the region where you play, but in 2021, NZ players have access to both. So, to truly make the most out of the online Roulette play, the punters need to know these differences.

Luckily, we'll go through every detail that separates these two variants and explain their aspects!

Main Differences between French and American Roulette

In essence, the French and American roulette games are somewhat matching in the gameplay terms. In both versions, players are betting on where the ball will land on the wheel. There can be only one winning number, and players can bet on red, black, even, odd and other options as well.

Even so, there's one big difference – the two games come with a completely different layout. To explain it in further detail, here're the main differences of French vs. American roulette:

  • American Roulette has double zero, while French doesn’t
  • The RTP of the two games widely differ
  • House edge is higher on American Roulette
  • Number order is specific for each game
  • The Red/Black layout is different
  • Even/Odd layout varies

Outside these differences, there're no further factors that aren't matching for both games. However, when choosing the variant to play, the NZ players need to know which game to select. All in all, the French roulette is much more convenient for the everyday player, but we'll dive into details respectively.

Standout Aspects of French Roulette

Out of the games available in the live casino selection of NZ gambling sites, the French roulette is one of the best to go with. Not only is the house edge in this variant reduced to just 2.7%. Either way, the first visible difference of French roulette compared to the American variant is a single zero.

As in most cases, the zero eliminates all other bets outside the single number straight zero bets, this is a good thing. The NZ players will have better chances with just one zero in play, rather than having two.

Moreover, the French roulette layout seems somewhat more balanced than the American roulette layout. For the debate of French vs. American roulette, it’s clear that having some sense of order is an advantage.

French roulette table layout

One thing that makes the difference in this comparison is the layout. Namely, the French roulette interchanges the red and black numbers. So, the sequence of number pockets goes periodically one color at a time.

Another impressive trait of the French roulette is that high and low numbers also follow the same sequence. So, players can expect to see a high, even, and black number 26 after zero. The next number would be a low, odd, and red 3, and so on.

The same goes for even and odd numbers, therefore making the game much more understandable.

French Roulette has unique sectors

One of the ways to bet on the French roulette is to use the native sectors designated in French. Here’re the main sectors of the French roulette wheel:

  • Tiers
  • Voisins du Zero
  • Orphelins

Tiers are the numbers right across the zero in the range from 27 red to 33 black. This sector includes 12 numbers, making it one-third of the whole table. On the other hand, voisins du zero are centered on zero itself and range from 22 black to 25 red.

This sector includes 17 numbers, making it the largest on the wheel. Finally, betting on orphelins can result in the greatest payout since it involves just 8 numbers – 1, 20, 14, 31, 9, 6, 17, and 34.

The difference is that the American roulette layout comes with a chaotic layout, without these sectors. In the American variant, it's also possible to run upon two consecutive red or black numbers. The same goes for even/odd and high/low, which is impossible for the French variant.

Aspects of the American Roulette and Layout

On the contrary to French roulette, the American variant includes a higher house edge that goes over 5.2%. This is due to the existence of the double zero on the layout.

When compared to the French roulette, the American version comes with 1 more number pocket. Payouts are mostly matching for both types of games, but it's more convenient for the players to go with the French version.

Another point of difference between the two-game types is the zero game rule.

Zero Game En Prison

This is one of the aspects that make the total difference between French vs. American roulette even greater. The en prison rule relates to the ball landing in the zero number pockets. Most French online roulettes have this option, while only land-based American casinos offer it.

Players can benefit from this rule since betting on this option eliminates the chance of losing double bets in case zero lands. So, if the bets are placed in prison, zero landing won't eliminate the red/black or high/low bets.

Instead, the stake will remain open for the next spin which will determine the outcome.

The La partage rule

The La Partage rule relates to the even/odd and other double bets in case zero pocket lands. In this case, half of the bet is forfeited, while the other half is returned to players.

French roulette games offer this option, while American roulettes with this rule are rare.

French vs. American Roulette – Final Verdict

Ultimately, it all depends on the risk a player is willing to take while enjoying a round of online roulette. While the RTP is higher for French roulette because of the single zero, American roulette has an appeal as well.

Even so, it gets much more convenient for players to strictly go with the French option for making safer bets. The zero rules included and the convenient order of number pockets in French roulette only make it better for online play.

Lukas Mollberg

the author

Lukas Mollberg

the author

Lukas Mollberg

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