Jungle Spirit Slot – NetEnt’s Classic adventures

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Jungle Spirit Slot

As one of the leading online slots providers, NetEnt publishes a new game based on wildlife theme – the Jungle Spirit Slot.

This game is unlike all the other wildlife-themed slots you can find on online casinos.

Moreover, it features some unique mechanics that make it as pleasurable as it is. The Jungle Spirit Slot is a great game for both experienced and novice players that provides enough winning chances.

Players should dig deep into this game to get to know the numerous game qualities.

The Jungle Spirit Slot Gameplay

The Jungle Spirit slot comes with a standard 5×3 reel configuration with astonishing 243 paying ways!

Players can also witness enlarged symbols that take the room for 2 or 3 regular symbols on a reel.

Among video slots, this game stands out for its appealing showcase of the wildlife. The graphics are on an expected level when it comes to NetEnt slots, while the variety of paying ways results in more wins.

The betting minimum is set at 0.2 NZD while the maximum stands high at 100 NZD.

Either way, players can hope for some big wins even on the minimum bet as the payout maximum is set high.

The Butterfly Boost feature shows up randomly both during the bonus game and the main game. Namely, this feature is among the most anticipated in the Jungle Spirit Slot as it expands the symbols.

Once Butterflies pass on the grid, up to three symbols expand to fill the entire reel. This way, players can achieve even greater wins as the winning potential is enhanced.

NetEnt keeps with the production of astonishing casino games especially in the slots sector and the Jungle Spirit Slot confirms it.

Additional potential in the bonus game

The bonus round in the Jungle Spirit slot is perfectly designed to suit the needs of all players. Namely, players are required to accumulate and land at least 3 lotus leaf scatter symbols in a single spin.

Afterward, the bonus round sequence is initiated and players are given a choice of 4 different bonus round types.

Depending on the choice that players make, free spins could last from 4 to 20 spins.

Right after the three scatters land, players are given a choice to select their preferred bonus symbol.

Players can choose between valuable symbols like tiger and elephant, middle-valued bear, or low-value crocodile and cobra.

The point of the Jungle Spirit slot bonus is to give players the chance to decide on the bonus volatility.

All the high-value symbols during the bonus round are changed into the symbol that players select.

The spin number is also awarded accordingly as players can get the maximum spins for the lowest-value symbol.

Respectively, players can get 4 spins with the tiger symbol, 8 spins with the elephant, or 12 spins with a bear symbol.

On the other hand, the lowest-paying symbols like crocodile and cobra come with 16 and 20 spins.

Ultimately, the Jungle Spirit slot is a great game to try when playing online slots designed by NetEnt.

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Lukas Mollberg

the author

Lukas Mollberg

the author

Lukas Mollberg

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