Complete Guide on Playing Money Train II Slot

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Money Train II Slot

If you are in pursuit of high-potential online slots in 2021, the Money Train II game by Relax Gaming is a great option. Still, the game utilizes the unconventional slot tone and theme which can make it a bit tough to understand.

Luckily, we are here to give you all the playing advice and knowledge to make you an expert in this game. Follow our lead as we introduce you to all the Money Train II slot benefits, features, and payout routine!

Basic Game Aspects

Once you load the game, you will instantly see the industrial background and loads of symbols in the same theme. Base game symbols include the card suit low-paying ones and the premiums that come in form of picture symbols.

These picture symbols act as special feature symbols during the bonus round which we will be discussing later on. However, the game potential in the base game is not exactly extraordinary. The game is primarily focused on an exciting and unique re-spins round.

The grid includes 40 pay lines and the game has an outstanding payout potential of up to x50, 000! The wild symbols substitute for all other symbols in the game and further add up to gameplay sensation.

There are also several in-game options that the provider included to make things easier for online players. Out of these options, you can choose from the buy spins feature, autoplay, rapid spins, and coin value adjustment.

How to set up the Game?

Setting up the game is rather easy once you get into it properly. With all the information you will learn from this guide, you will be ready to place some serious Money Train II slot bets!

There are several things you should focus on when playing this slot:

  • Rapid spins help you spin the reels faster
  • Set up the value of coins per line
  • Press the play button to spin the reels
  • Adjust the auto-play option as you please

You can make use of all the mentioned aspects of the game to make it an even better experience. Sophisticated online slot features are quite frequent in 2021, so this game doesn’t fall behind with the options.

The most important thing when playing the game is to set up your bet accordingly to your preferred win limit. This relates to the value of coins or the bet per line adjustment as you can directly affect these options.

Everything gets a whole lot better once you properly set up the bet for each of the game lines included. If you are one of those impatient players that just can’t wait for the bonus round, you can use several features.

Namely, the rapid spins will instantly drop a new screen after the previous one. It only takes a few seconds to land the next spin this way and the bonus buy feature allows you to skip the wait.

How does the Bonus Buy Feature work?

Like in most video slots for online play, the best potential of the game is displayed through the bonus round. You can either wait to land 3 golden bonus scatters, or buy the feature to initiate the free spins.

Either way, the bonus round can be incredibly profitable in this game, considering its payout potential. You can reduce the waiting period and buy the free spins as a secure method of getting the bonus.

If you decide to do so, the only thing you need to do is press the bonus buy button on the left of the grid. Once this action is complete, you will have to give up on x100 of the bet in bankroll value to purchase the spins.

Although it sounds like a good portion of your bankroll, in reality, it can be quite beneficial as the bonus can award you with stellar hits. Of course, this means that you will need an x100 win in the bonus round just to make up for the buy.

Still, it’s a good tactic to use if you have some bonus money or just don’t like waiting to hit the bonus in the base game.

Learn all the bonus properties to recognize big wins

By getting to know all the special features of the bonus round, you are getting closer to being an expert in the Money Train II slot. There are several important symbols you should be familiar with in the bonus:

  • The collector
  • The payer
  • Collector/Payer
  • The Sniper
  • Reset plus One Spin

To make things easier with these symbols, we will go through the bonus round gameplay first. The goal is to land as many of the multiplier value symbols on the grid. Initially, the 3 bonus symbols that triggered the bonus remain locked on the grid with their multiplier values.

You will have 3 re-spins from this point on, and every new hit of a multiplier symbol will reset the counter. However, the special feature symbols are the point of the game as regular multipliers only go up to x20.

If you succeed to land one of the mentioned symbols, you will get their special effects. The sniper will shoot the multipliers and increase them while the collector will add up all multiplier values and act as a keeper.

The payer will add up the additional multiplier values to the symbols and the mixed symbol act as both collector and payer.

Reset plus one will reset the counter and give you one additional spin as a prize.

Finishing Touch

Besides the mentioned special feature symbols, you can also run upon the golden symbols. These are also referred to as persistent symbols and they come in form of regular picture symbols with golden edges.

These symbols will remain on the grid and repeat their special effects with each spin that comes. This way, you can get the increase in value of your multipliers until you reach a great win.

All in all, the Money Train II slot may seem confusing at first, but it guarantees a pleasant gaming session. Not all the online slots are designed in the way that the Money Train II slot is, making it one of the most original games in the selection.