Online Baccarat Casino Game – How to Play and Win?

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Online Baccarat Casino Game

There’s a variety of exciting gambling options for NZ players in 2021, but rare is the simple, yet engaging games like online Baccarat. Based on the well-known myth about the game, we can safely assume that it has distant roots in the past.

Perhaps it was one of the first genuine live dealing games in the world and now the online casinos in NZ offer it. Online variants are certainly much more convenient and easier to play than the in-person versions. So, join us in the mission to describe the online Baccarat game in its true light!

How did Online Baccarat become so popular?

One of the break-points in the history of online Baccarat was probably the initial release of the game by Evolution and Ezugi. These providers are among the most recognizable live casino games suppliers in the field.

Surely, online Baccarat comes in its true light only with the live dealing version. Some variants feature automatic online Baccarat operated via the RNG. However, the experience and the gameplay in the live dealing variant are unprecedented.

Not only do players get to live through a real live Baccarat experience, but they can do so from their home comfort. Another impressive trait lies in the HD cameras used by quality providers to stream the feed.

Over the years, more renowned providers of online casino games like Real Time Gaming, Betsoft, and NetEnt made their releases. The game made such a large impact on the industry thanks to its overall simplicity and swift gameplay.

General Online Baccarat Rules

Right from the start, the NZ players will spot the conveniences involved in online Baccarat. Its swift gameplay makes it perfect for those that don't like to spend too much time waiting for the next round.

Another relieving fact is that anyone can play online Baccarat, even the novice players! All it takes is to understand several simple rules. First off, the whole game is much like other plain live dealing games like Dragon Tiger.

Players are competing directly against the dealer here, unlike many other known card table games. Online Baccarat is about hitting a hand that is closest to the total value of 9. Since it’s a two-card game in terms of the dealt cards, players can win against the dealer by hitting a value of 8 or 9.

Although these two values guarantee a win, hitting values of 6 or 7 mean a stand for the players’ hand. The dealer will afterward draw two cards as well and the round plays out by the closest value for the win.

In the case of players getting a value of 5 or lower on the initial two cards, a third card is drawn for the final value.

Unique card value calculation on online Baccarat

Unlike some poker games and other card games where high-value cards are the best, online Baccarat is different. In this game, players are hoping to get two low-value cards to hit the value closest to 9. So, hitting an ace will bring you a Baccarat value of 1, while 10s and higher count as 0.

Another important thing to have in mind is the evaluation of the total hand value. In online Baccarat, if you strike a two-card value of 8 and 9 is best, and values of 11 and above count without the first digit.

So, if the total value is, let’s say 18, the result is in fact 8 for the value of that particular hand and so on.

Benefits of playing Online Baccarat

Now that you're familiar with all the relevant rules of online Baccarat, you'll easily see its benefits. This variant of the game comes with its beneficial traits when compared with in-person Baccarat:

  • Online Baccarat is played via mobile platforms, PCs, and tablets
  • Offers a complete Baccarat game thrill from home comfort
  • Pleasant live dealers accompany the online players
  • Variety of different releases for NZ players
  • Fast-paced gameplay that allows multiple rounds

Aside from these general traits, there are some benefits for specific online Baccarat releases as well. For instance, Playtech variants of the game offer several game types with various side bets.

Overall, depending on the exact title played, online Baccarat players can enjoy several side bets.

Player engagement in online Baccarat and Side Bets

With all the mentioned aspects in mind, online Baccarat offers much less engagement from players than Blackjack and Poker.  The tactics in the game are close to none, making it perfect for players with no experience.

However, understanding the rules and the bets involved can help at least knowing the outcome when the cards hit. Roadmaps can help players in that mission as they allow somewhat of statistical game overview.

It's also helpful to know the cases when the dealer gets a third card. Such situations include a two-card value of 6 or less drawn by the dealer. When the player stands, the dealer can draw on a total of 6 or fewer.

Situations, where the dealers draw a third card in online Baccarat, are a bit more complex than for players. So, the Baccarat charts could help players get the best understanding of this rule, depending on the provider.

When it comes to side bets, online Baccarat comes with several including Big and Small, 3 Card Wins, and Even/Odd. Small values are counted for the total card value of 4, while 5 and 6 are counted as Big values.  Besides betting on even and odd and the chance of 3 cards used for the winning hand, some providers include Perfect Pairs.

Online Baccarat – Final Thoughts

Overall, online Baccarat is one of the rare live-dealing games with such simple and fast gameplay. It's one of those games that all players could try without having to know complex rules.

Considering the lack of strategy involved in the game, its playing convenience made it last in a long run on online casino sites in NZ. It's undeniably a great online casino release for players that wish to sit back and have some live-dealing fun.