Baccarat Dragon Bonus by Ezugi – Premium Game

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Baccarat Dragon Bonus

When it comes to live casino games, no other provider can keep up with Ezugi and the latest Baccarat Dragon Bonus ensures it.

Baccarat Dragon Bonus

This seemingly ordinary variant of Baccarat is everything but the regular. Multiple side bets are available to spice up the game and enable players to win massive payouts in a round of Baccarat.

The Baccarat Dragon Bonus is a premium version of the Baccarat game with enhanced side bets that make it so original.

As the majority of Baccarat players will want to know more regarding this game, keep reading for the details.

Gameplay aspects of the Baccarat Dragon Bonus

As for the gameplay of the Baccarat Dragon Bonus game, Ezugi included all the premium visual features.

The live video feed from Ezugi’s studios in Latin America is covered with the finest HD cameras filming from multiple angles.

This way, players always have eyes on the crucial game aspects, while the angles shift during the round.

Live dealers only make it seem more like playing in a real land-based casino. All the convenient gameplay features are included in the Baccarat Dragon Bonus game. So, it's a perfect choice for live play.

Ezugi also made the game eligible for mobile devices and tablets. The Baccarat Dragon Bonus is therefore a great game to stake on online from home comfort.

However, all these features wouldn’t be enough to satisfy the needs of players without the side bets.

As much as the Baccarat Dragon Bonus is a standard Baccarat variant, the Dragon Bonus makes it stand out from the rest.

How to play the side bets?

Players enjoying a round of the Baccarat Dragon Bonus can access side bets that are never seen before in regular Baccarat.

Ezugi thought of a great way to attract more Baccarat players by adding these additional betting options.

Besides the regular player and banker bets, there’s a tie bet and several Dragon Bonus side bets.

The Dragon Bonus bets include a number margin. Depending on the margin value, players will be betting on the non-natural victory by as many points as the margin shows.

For instance, for a non-natural win by 9 points, a massive payout of x30 of the stake is awarding. Likewise, there's the bet on the non-natural win by 8 points. Which comes with a slightly reduced payout of x10 of the stake.

For those that are not brave enough to bet on these two side bets. There’s a 6-7 points margin which awards players with 4 to 1 payout.

Finally, players can bet on a 4-5 points margin, resulting in a 2 to 1 payout. These days even slot providers like NextGen Gaming, Real Time Gaming, and Playtech also make live games.

Still, Ezugi remains one step further than the competition with impressive live dealing releases like this.

The Baccarat Dragon Bonus game is perfect for both beginners and experienced players. As Baccarat enthusiasts will love the added thrill.

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