All about the Best Online Blackjack Games and Providers

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Best Online Blackjack Games

Even if you have great knowledge of Blackjack as a game and its types, you can come by poor variations online. Naturally, some providers invest more efforts into making exclusive live casino games and today we’ll be focusing on those.

Usually, live dealer online Blackjack makes the best choice for those that enjoy a genuine casino experience. This also helps to narrow down the search to several Blackjack releases that encourage the complete game sensation.

If you happen to be looking for online Blackjack games like these, you’ve come to the right place!

Qualities of the Best Online Blackjack games

Among the games we will mention, some standout traits tend to repeat in different titles. Experienced Blackjack players will know just what to look for to find the accordant releases.

However, if you are not that much of a Blackjack expert, we will do the tough part for you. Here are some of the game properties that you should be focusing on:

  • Live casino streams
  • Games that include HD camera coverage
  • Availability of all the standard Blackjack bets
  • Side bets to expand the betting options
  • Tables without waiting for the seat

Ultimately, the best online Blackjack games should even include all of the mentioned highlights. Also, finding a game that involves an even larger selection of side bets or different Blackjack types is crucial.

It's always best to keep an eye on games that offer the complete package in terms of Blackjack gaming benefits.

Blackjack Live by Ezugi

This game is a perfect instance of the genuine Blackjack release as it offers all the options you could ask for. Originally, each table includes seats for up to 7 players, but there are options to still play with the full table.

Options like bet behind enable you to follow the game first-hand and place your wagers behind a seated player. You can also decide to double down or play side bets at any point as the game is rich in features, as Ezugi always delivers.

Standard Blackjack rules apply in this installment and side bet choice offers a great perspective in-game. Among the mentioned additional betting options, the game offers perfect pairs and 21+3. The first relates to guessing the draw of two cards with a matching value.

On the other hand, this bet brings even more of a boost since the payout for suited pairs pays more. Besides the standard bets, it seems exciting to have this option to perhaps avoid losing with a bust.

The other option is also convenient as 21+3 gives you a whole another dimension of the game. You can match your two initially dealt cards with the dealer's face-up card. Every table is available at all times so you don't have to worry about waiting to play.

Exclusive HD stream adds up to the overall game quality combined with friendly dealers at your disposal.

Evolution’s Live Blackjack selection

Although we are trying to narrow down the choice, it's barely impossible to leave out any of Evolution's Blackjack titles. Speed Blackjack enforces a competitive atmosphere as the player that chooses an option first gets the next draw.

Initially, cards are dealt as normal but the fastest-responding player will get to have the next card first. Another version of Evolution’s Blackjack is one of the most popular releases so far – the Infinite Blackjack.

It's surely one of the most convenient versions that you can find online since an unlimited number of players can join. A sharp video stream makes it all even better and the choice of side bets is unprecedented.

Some of the best options to go with are Hot 3, Bust It, and Any Pair side bets. The Free Bet Blackjack includes an additional delight for players in form of a free double down bet on values of 9 to 11.

Ultimately, the Power Blackjack hits in strong with the chance to make a double, x3, or x4 bet at almost any point. You can also split the hand and still be able to use these options to boost the results.

Live Blackjack by Vivo Gaming

Another stunning live casino Blackjack release for the online market is the Unlimited Blackjack from Vivo Gaming. This version enables the players to skip the wait and join the table whenever they please.

There will always be a free seat as countless players can enter the game at the same time. The game is also rich inside bets with some of the most popular Blackjack options. For those that enjoy a bit of a premium experience, Vivo Gaming has found a solution as well.

Namely, the 7-seat Blackjack is an exclusive variant where you can enjoy all the genuine Blackjack properties. Even the number of seats is set up for 7, but there is also a chance to use the bet behind option.

X Pro Gaming Live Blackjack

If you are looking for an online Blackjack variant with an unlimited number of seats, this one could be a perfect choice. The provider has invested great efforts into making the game as realistic as possible. Also, you can make use of the side bet options and enjoy the premium experience.

A true Blackjack sensation is guaranteed with this one as the provider found a way to revolutionize the game. It’s surely the version not to miss out on, so keep an eye on this one!


Hopefully, this guide can make your pursuit of the best online Blackjack games a lot easier. It takes an experienced eye to find the games that make it all count when playing the game online.

Of course, you can play virtual versions of Blackjack in many forms, but the live dealer titles are the real deal. Besides the mentioned providers, there are other games like Microgaming Blackjack or the Betsoft variant.

Still, you should always stick with proven providers, so don’t let the choice fall on the inexperienced Blackjack providers. Keep following our guides for more gaming info and feel free to explore the listed games!