Secrets of the Dragon Tiger Live Casino game

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Dragon Tiger Live Casino game

Thanks to all the advances in online casino software, we now have exciting titles like Dragon Tiger in selection. The game is one of the simplest, yet most convenient live casino releases in online casinos. It’s also the traditional Asian game with straightforward betting options.

Whether you decide to try the Dragon Tiger live game in land-based or online casinos, you will need advice on how to play. Rest assured, after going through this guide with us, you will have no more doubts about the game's appeal.

How to Play the Dragon Tiger game?

The best way of playing Dragon Tiger in 2021 is to do it via online casino operators that offer the game. Although playing live is the best choice with live games, Dragon Tiger rounds only take up to a minute. Because of this and the simple rules, playing online is a suitable option.

The majority of NZ casinos include games by the renowned Dragon Tiger providers. You can easily browse the sites to find the Evolution Gaming version which is among the most popular. Also, the variants developed by Pragmatic Play and Vivo Gaming are valuable editions.

Once you find the accordant game variant, the rest should be easy in terms of bet placement. It’s crucial to be certain that the chips amount you plan on staking is appropriate to avoid mistakes. Once you are ready, the dealer will join you in a live stream.

Up to 8 decks of cards are used for a round of Dragon Tiger, while only two are used for each round. The dragon spot gets one card and the same goes for the tiger spots.

Betting on the game is centered on guessing the greater value card between the two options.

Basic Rules and Betting

The main rule of the Dragon Tiger game is that you will be betting exclusively against the dealer. This makes things easier since the dealer does all the action but placing the bets. Once the cards are drawn, you can bet on the choice you find to be the best.

An even payout is awarded for a win in the round, no matter which card you have bet on. Betting on the dealer’s card also comes without commission on the winnings. This makes the game fair and ensures the regularity of each round.

There is also an option to bet on a tie. A tie bet is successful if both cards are matching in value and rank after the draw. For even more courageous players, there is an additional tie bet option.

Namely, the players can also bet on a suited tie. Since 8 decks of cards are shuffled and used for the round, this bet makes sense. It even comes with a splendid x50 payout as a much bigger prize when compared with the x11 payout for a regular tie.

Every round is usually finished within 30 seconds upon the game's start. Because of this, even beginners can repeatedly place bets to practice the skills.

Visual Appearance of Dragon Tiger games

The visual appearance of the prominent game editions is mostly matching in main aspects. Graphics are enhanced with HD cameras that ensure a quality live feed. There is mostly a single dealer for each Dragon Tiger game table.

Aside from the quality video transmission, the game also includes the following visual aspects:

  • Chip value selection
  • History of the previous rounds
  • Betting Options
  • Oriental theme
  • Simple game table with several clear card display

The two designated markings on each table are the dragon and the tiger card spots. They mark the spots where the dealer places the two cards after each draw round. After the dealer is finished with the draw, you place the final bets.

Most table card games include confusing layouts with the majority of table markings. The Dragon Tiger game, instead, is a rather simple game with a clear overview of the game. Every novice player can enjoy the round of Dragon Tiger on online casinos in NZ.

Because of the game's properties and visual appearance, many players consider it to be similar to Baccarat. The only difference is in the complex rules of Baccarat, while the Dragon Tiger stands for the simplest card game.

How to Use the Game Statistics Section?

While in the game, you will also see a section that appears to be a sort of a map. This is the Dragon Tiger statistical preview that is available in Evolution's variant and some others. It provides you with real-time statistical info of the previous game rounds.

Of course, the game is mostly based on luck alone, but statistics can sometimes help. The statistics can also serve as a great aid in finding the right moment for a tie bet. By following the percentage of a tie bet win, you can make a good investment hoping for a tie.

The statistics can also help in placing regular Dragon Tiger bets. You can either go with luck alone or rely on a statistical section to help you make bets with more logic. Either way, the Dragon Tiger game keeps track of the previous 90 rounds to provide you with all the info you need.


The Dragon Tiger game makes a perfect choice for every type of online player. Whether you are a beginner or a live-dealing betting expert, the game will show you its value in play.

The main advantages of the game are the simple betting options and a clear layout with the betting spots. Furthermore, the game seems like a perfect choice for the players in a hurry, thanks to its swift rounds.

Ultimately, the Dragon Tiger game is the right choice to break down the monotony of classic casino games. You can play it online or in a land-based casino by preference and equally enjoy the unique gaming experience.

Hopefully, this guide will tell you how to bet on Dragon Tiger and have a pleasant gaming session!