Live Dealing Online Casino Games suitable for Beginners

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Live Dealing Online Casino Games

Among the live casino games in the offer of major operator sites, there are some live dealing games suitable for beginners. Today, we will be focusing on those games as they allow novice players to get the taste of live casinos.

In essence, the games we will discuss don't require any tactics, strategies, or pre-game knowledge. Still, you could benefit by knowing at least some details about some of the releases. To help you get the most out of your new live casino experience, we'll cover both the games and guide you through some rules!

Main aspects of Live Casino games suitable for beginners

Of course, there are some common factors that all of the simple live casino games include. Besides regular live dealing releases like Texas Hold’em or Blackjack, games suitable for beginners include rather a simple set of rules.

You don’t even have to know the rules to play some of the games as they are quite straightforward. Also, the games have to be at least somewhat exciting to attract the players that perhaps haven’t tried live dealing games before.

Altogether, here are some of the aspects you can count on these games to include:

  • Simple and understandable set of rules
  • Fast-paced gameplay
  • Ability to play several hands in short periods
  • Complete game handling by the dealer
  • Straightforward betting options

By combining these factors, online providers can develop live dealing games suitable for beginners. Nevertheless, some of the games could lead you into more complex variants of the live dealing titles.

It's, therefore, a good choice to play these games either for the instant live casino excitement or to learn more about complex games.

Best Live Casino Games for Novice Players

If you are an NZ player looking for something new on online casino sites, we’ve assembled a complete list of games for you! Even beginners will be able to easily play the following games and make some initial winnings on the way.

Follow our lead and hopefully, you will find yourself enjoying at least one of the games that we will show you.

Dragon Tiger game

One of the games that you will be able to easily play without any pre-game knowledge is Dragon Tiger. This release consists of a plain betting field with just 3 options – the dragon, the tiger, and the tie.

The dealer will draw two cards and put each one in their respective Dragon Tiger fields. You can either bet on the dragon card or the tiger card for an even payout, while the tie bet would result in an x8 win.

Still, some variants of the game include side-bets like the drawn card suit, color, or even/odd options. Even novice players can easily place their bets on the game as it only takes about a minute in total for each game round.

Betting in the game seems quite simple and all you have to do is bet on the higher card to win. Another impressive trait of the game is that even if you don’t include the tie bet and the tie occurs, half of the bet is returned!

Asian masterpiece of live casino – Sic Bo game

One of the most exhilarating, yet simple live casino games is the traditional Asian dice game, Sic Bo. The game is played with 3 dice and the betting session is simple and easy. Namely, all you need to do is bet on your prediction of the dice value.

You can bet on the total small value of the 3 dice in the range of 4 to 10, or the big value that ranges from 11 to 17. Also, you can bet on different options such as any doubles, any triples, or even specific triples for maximum payout.

You can place a bet on the specific triples to get the x180 payout or decide to go with much simpler options that come with even odds. Overall, there is no need for any strategy in this game, considering its simple layout.

Three Card Poker

Another impressively easy game to master in short periods is the Three Card Poker for online casinos. The game is played with ante bets and play bets placed respectively depending on the given cards.

Players are given just 3 cards and three-card combinations count for the round winners. The highest possible win is ensured with a straight flush made out of 3 cards at an x40 rate. Also, three-of-a-kind and straight award payouts equal to x30 or x6, respectively.

This type of online Poker can be perfect for mastering the game and moving on to some more complex variants of Poker.

Auto Roulette

As live Roulette can be a bit complex for novice players with the limited betting time, Auto Roulette is whole another area. This game will allow you to play tirelessly for as long as you please and place some quality bets.

The main trait of the game is that it can be played by complete beginners as you are playing the game alone. The absence of live dealers and other players can make it a perfect game for novice players that hadn’t played Roulette before.

Andar Bahar Game

One of the simplest games for the online casino field is the Andar Bahar title. This game is usually hosted by Ezugi software.  It relates to a game much similar to the Dragon Tiger game both in terms of gameplay and easiness of play. A joker card is placed at the center of the field.

There are also two designated card fields named Andar and Bahar and the goal is to guess which side will match the joker card. It's a straightforward live-dealing game that will excite you with uniqueness and playing sensation.


Overall, there are considerable options for novice live casino players in the iGaming world. No matter the seemingly complex appeal of the games, these titles can be played by every player.

All it takes is to have at least minimum knowledge of the game in terms of bet placement and options. Hopefully, we will be able to help you find a perfect game for you in our selection of the best live casino games for beginners!