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Gambling is one of the entertaining activities that are more popular than ever before. The reasons why people gamble now are various. Some people just want to have fun. They need something that will help them recharge their batteries after a tough day at work. On the other hand, others have only financial goals. They want to become professionals one day and ensure a comfortable life. Of course, the second goal is much wider and it requires knowledge, personality, and skill improvement. 

Anyway, another reason why gambling has experienced a popularity growth is the development of technology. People can now play a wide range of games in an online casino with a stable Wi-Fi connection and decent smart device. You can play baccarat, Blackjack, Texas Holdem, and other popular games from the comfort of your room. 

But, are all the gamblers the same? Do we all have the same habits and tastes? The owners of online casinos are aware of the requirements and expectations they have. Despite that, they are also aware of the differences between all their customers. That is the reason why they will try to meet the needs of different groups of people and ensure them a pleasant gambling experience. 

Online Casino Are Following Latest Trends 

Gambling sites simply have to follow the latest trends to remain competitive in the gambling market. That is the reason why you will manage to see new games, payment options, designs, and other relevant features for every gambler. 

Of course, the tastes and requirements of people are changing over time (just like any other trend). Because of that, the latest research done by BGaming may give answers to all the people that run a gambling site. Despite that, it also helps customers make some better choices and find the games and way of gambling that suits them the most. Let’s find out together the results of the latest research done by BGaming. 

5G Has an Essential Influence! 

As you probably know, the majority of gamblers are enjoying this activity on their smartphone. It is much easier and more flexible to play different games that way. You can play it on your couch, in your office, at a bus station, or anywhere else. However, you are probably not aware of how popular mobile gambling actually is. 

According to the research done by Bgaming, more than 95% of people are playing slots on their mobile. In the previous quarter, that number was around 94% which only confirms that this form of gambling is experiencing popularity growth. We will see whether the same trend will continue until the end of the year. 

On the other hand, there is another interesting fact that we should mention here. The desktop-to-mobile ratio is around 77%. The reason why desktop gambling is becoming less popular is the lack of speed. On the other hand, the reason why mobile gambling is becoming “quicker” is the development of 5G technology. 

Most gambling game developers invest more of their energy in mobile gambling. When they develop some of the gambling games, they are mostly focused to make the animations, effects, and graphics content more suitable for mobile screens.  

Video Games and Online Slots Are Closely Connected

Free spins and other forms of bonuses convince people to play online slots more often. However, according to the latest research, slot lovers do not limit their gambling journey to this online game only. That is a fact that most online casino owners need to be aware of. 

The studies confirm that around 40% of respondents equally like online slots and video games. This confirms another fact – more and more people are dividing to gamble for fun and entertainment. As mentioned, not all people do this to make money. Some of them simply want to recharge their batteries after a tough day at work, and this study confirms that. 

Despite that interesting fact, there is another one that is worth mentioning. Believe it or not, almost 37% of customers that previously played video games mostly bet on eSports. This confirms that their tastes and habits have not changed a lot. These people only decided to move to another industry that can bring them entertainment as well as additional income. 

One Slot Experiences a Global Popularity

Different software solutions such as Netent, Real Time Gaming, Red Tiger, and others ensure a pleasant experience for gamblers. Despite that, they ensure that all the games are honest and legit while the personal data remains safe. However, according to the latest research, Elvis Frog in Vegas slot is the game with the most traction. More precisely, it is the most recognizable game among players. 

The reasons why these games are popular are various. Before everything, its theme is unique and different from the ones that other slots can offer. Despite that, people have more chances of getting an amazing reward. There are three types of jackpots that you can fight for which makes the gambling journey even more entertaining. 

Is Elvis Frog in Vegas slot the only one that grabbed the attention of the people? Not at all. There are many of them that will probably seem interesting to you as well. According to the statistics, the most popular ones, including Elvis, are Book of Cats, Dig DIg Digger, and the Aztec Magic slot. All these games offer some amazing bonuses, features, designs, and other relevant things for every gambler. 

Final Thought 

After reading this research, you now know the tastes that other gamblers have. Despite that, you now know that mobile gambling is becoming more and more popular. It can potentially replace personal computer gambling in the next couple of years thanks to the improvement of 5G. 

So, how to become good at gambling in general? Well, you primarily need to decide whether you want to play luck-based or strategy games. If you decide on the first one, then your success directly depends on your self-control. You need to know how to say “enough is enough” and log out from your account. \

On the other hand, if you decide on playing Texas Holdem, Three Card Poker, and other strategic game, you will need to learn how to bluff, predict certain things, and develop a strategy that no one will understand. Of course, being able to do that requires time and patience. If you are willing to learn from your mistakes, then you will gain the necessary experience and reach your goals. Doesn’t this seem amazing?