Big Jackpot at Casumo Online Casino

August 6, 2019 Posted in News by No Comments

Recently, the jackpot was won at Casumo Casino during a Wild Elements game. This occurred on July 19th. The jackpot was at nearly 260,000 pounds. A woman named Sadia who is a sales assistant hailing from Swansea managed to hit the jackpot on a 4-pound bet. 

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The way it happened was like this, she started out playing from home through the video slot on Wild elements. She was actually just hanging out in bed at the end of the day. In the end, she decided d to play a little longer before finally going to sleep for the night. This is when she hit the jackpot. The game was only available to Casumo players specifically.

She was so excited that she ran into the room where her kids were and hugged all of them. Then, she went and hugged her husband. Apparently, he kept shouting and asking whether the jackpot was actually real or not. He was just that excited to at the prospect of actually winning the jackpot. He does this over and over again for a while before accepting it.

Sadia loved that Casumo responded so quickly to everything. She also said that she was fond of the name Casumo and loved all the weird games and how beautiful they are. She said that she used to love the Vikings game the most, but obviously, her huge Jackpot win changed her mind here. This isn’t surprising as it’s easy to imagine an event like that changing absolutely anyone’s minds in the direction of loving a game like Wild Elements.

The game that Sadia won on, Wild Elements, has 7 reels. It also has the special jackpot called Must Drop. You have the super symbols in the game, though that will only last for a few more months. You can choose what sort of approach to playing when it comes to the game as well since you have the four elements to choose from. Players that get three mystic spin symbols in a row will get a random amount of Free Spins. At this point, you can get even more Free spins or multipliers so that it’s possible to win even more. 

Sadia now plans to go on a trip with her husband to explore their romance. They are also planning on possibly moving into a larger house or at least fixing up the one that they are in now. This is what they plan to do with all of the money that they won during Sadia's big jackpot win after playing Wild Elements. Sadia said that she had a house that she loved, but they weren’t able to afford the deposit before. Now, they may go back there to go to the house and meet the deposit where they couldn’t before. 

Jackpots can change people's lives as is seen in the example of Sadia and her family since they were able to buy things they could never afford before, and that's certainly exciting.