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Guts Loyalty Squad is an online casino that accepts selected membership. It invites members who are exclusively the best gamers. The squad has some set guidelines that help its management to pick out members that they need to send a request. The instructions are observed even the people who have acquired membership.

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The following are the things that one needs to fulfill before they get an invitation to the Guts Loyalty Squad.

1.Complete an account sign up and ensure that you are ready to start gaming.

2.You become a loyal and a regular player. Your chances increase with the increase of the times you play.

3.Be a frequent visitor to Guts casino. You also need to make regular deposits and raise your play frequency on your favorite games.

4.Keep your account active at all times. Let your gaming frequency rise each day.

5.Ensure you engage in a wide variety of games as all Guts Casino products are ever monitored. Variety increases your chances.

6.In case you feel that you meet the threshold requirements or maybe you are a member of another VIP group, then you are free to contact Guts Casino through e-mail at [email protected]

Gamers who love Guts Casino products, promotions and the variety they offer are likely to join Guts Loyalty Casino. Guts Loyalty Casino loyally treats their customers. Members have a privilege to enjoy various outstanding benefits.

The following are the benefits that people who acquire Guts Loyalty Casino membership enjoy.

1.Instant payouts

Guts Loyalty Casino members enjoy benefits of receiving their winnings immediately they succeed. They do not have to wait any longer. Cashing out is guaranteed the very moment a customer win.

2.Squad offers and bonuses

Members who have attained higher or no limits of betting and have low wagering requirements are entitled to receiving exclusive offers and gifts that are only awarded to the VIPs. These offers and bonuses are tailored to high performing members of Guts Loyalty Casino.

3.Personal squad management

The unique club has members who are specially trained to engage VIPs. They take calls, e-mails, and chats from VIPs on all aspects of your gaming experience.

4.Birthday gift bonus

Guts Loyalty Club offers its members birthday gifts that are specially prepared for them during their special day. Members receive birthday gifts from the squad. The tip is also accompanied by some compliments.

5.Special events for the team

Guts Loyalty Squad members have privileges of enjoying special events and concerts. They experience top class sporting events, luxury holidays, shows and city breaks.
It should be noted that the club is exclusively reserved for the casino gamers who show outstanding performances in various games that they play. No one can join the club without having attained the threshold requirements. After enrolling, every customer is expected to observe all the club’s rules that govern the site.

Membership can be revoked when a member does not uphold the stipulated guidelines. Members who fail to place any bet for three consecutive months and do not respond to any follow-up message sent by the club are likely to lose their membership. It should be noted that all Squad offers and bonuses are exclusively meant for recreational players. Any non-recreational player who gets detected by the management automatically loses their membership.

Guts Loyalty Squad membership may be refused, revoked or suspended in a case where a customer shows intentions of abusing bonuses. Situations that indicate that a particular member has plans of abusing gifts include instances when a player signs up and intends to cash out all the offers to benefit from them. Such cases lead to automatic revocation, suspension or refusal of the player’s membership.


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