Inspired Entertainment show great losses in 2020


As much as Inspired Entertainment spread its business in 2020, the accumulated loss troubles the casino company.

The shocking results were certainly unexpected during the first half of the year when revenue was great and growing.

The loss in land-based casinos is somewhat compensated by growth in revenue for online casinos.

Inspired Entertainment remains one of the leading casino game operators as it struggles to overcome the current crisis.

Inspired Entertainment Games

The casino software provider has issued a variety of casino contents for all kinds of clients up until now.

The partnership agreement signed with 888 casinos is among the greatest deals of the company.

However, the main point of focus for the company is targeting the land-based casinos and installing of their slot machines.

Inspired Entertainment also offers a considerable amount of casino games to its players.

Games like Inspired Roulette attract plenty of players and benefit the general content offer by the company.

Nevertheless, the slot game choice of the company is its main objective so online slots are upgrading to compensate on-land casino loss.

Unfortunately for casino game lovers, the company doesn’t offer Baccarat and Three Card Poker just yet although it is possible in the future.

Either way, the online casino market brought significant revenue to reduce the general costs of the company in the crisis.

Significant bonuses were available for online players like Free Spins, motivating them to keep playing Inspired Entertainment games online.

Solutions? What should we expect?

Solutions developed by Inspired Entertainment are widely accepted worldwide.

Their slot machines for land-based casinos are priceless in terms of graphics and proven features.

With setups like Valor, Prismatic, and Sabre Hydra machines, slot lovers always have something new to look forward to.

The Board of directors and executive personnel have already agreed on a 20% salary reduction while the crisis lasts.

Top bonus features and graphics of their games, as well as the GS2 based games, add up to today's game offer.

The biggest loss is here by the reduction in sold hardware gaming components.

Gaming machines produced by Inspired Entertainment offer multiple game choices, featuring some of the best Inspired games.

The main advantage of these games is just stunning graphics that will leave no player unsatisfied.

Moreover, Inspired Entertainment studios always work closely with players to bring up the best solutions.

Whether its volatility or specific features that players search for in the games, Inspired Entertainment offers it all.

We can only hope that in-object gaming will again bring massive profit to the company.

It is in the best interest of all players that Inspired Entertainment survives this shockwave of revenue reduction.

It is up to players to continue playing their online games and hope for the best when it comes to their annual report.


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