Neteller: Popular Payment Method In New Zealand

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Neteller is a name synonymous with online gambling as it is present in most virtual casinos.

As one of the most trusted and widely-used e-wallet providers out there, Neteller is almost a badge of honor for online casinos.

If Neteller is a featured payment solution for a digital gaming site, then odds are that site is completely legit.

Additionally, Neteller carries with it many perks that make utilizing it a benefit unto itself.

For players who are new to the world of online gambling, here is everything you need to know about Neteller's longstanding service.

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Neteller is what is known as an e-wallet.

E-wallets are virtual software that make electronic transactions for users.

They can be used for both buying and selling. Essentially, an e-wallet is like a physical wallet in your pocket only digitized.

The service you hire stores your money for you and then you use them much like a debit card.

Neteller, like most e-wallets, offers top-tier protection and security.

But an e-wallet is only as good as the institutions that honor it.

Neteller is popular because of its wide platform.

Numerous online companies utilize it for payment options so users do not experience many limitations.

E-wallets are hooked up to actual bank accounts or credit cards and that is how actual money is funneled into them.

They only contain as much value as is loaded into them.

Each e-wallet charges a minimal fee for transacting and this is how they make money.

The amounts depend on the financial source used and fluctuate depending on whether a traditional bank is utilized or a credit card.

Benefits with NETELLER

The benefits of using Neteller revolve mostly around saturation, customer service, and security.

First off, Neteller provides top-level security.

Users of Neteller never need to worry about their private information leaking out.

The company utilizes cryptography and constant updates to fully secure all sensitive information and keep accounts locked.

Neteller is also widely used.

As stated before many e-wallet services suffer from low saturation.

This means that they cannot be used for much.

Neteller is widely used so it can be used for many financial transactions.

Neteller also treats its customers right.

It is prompt, attentive, and provides easy to use service that is hassle free.

The other benefits to Neteller are its overall speed and bonus incentives.

Many online casinos offer additional bonus incentives for transacting with Neteller.

This bonuses are on top of their usual welcome and reload offerings.

This allows players to experience double the benefit just for using Neteller's service.

The service is also fast.

Neteller users can deposit money into their casino accounts almost instantly and get to playing right away.

No lag times or troublesome wait periods.

How to Get an Account at NETELLER

To make an online Neteller account, all you need to do is to visit the website and follow the guidelines.

You'll need to prepare your banking information and have an active bank account to register.

Still, some players may find themselves in an unbeneficial situation with the opening of the Neteller account.

Although you only need personal details and banking info to activate Neteller, some players might find themselves confused.

To ensure that you're on the right path when it comes to registration on Neteller, we're here to lead you through the process!

Filling out the online form

You will need an active Neteller account to be able to make online casino deposits with this payment option.

To accomplish this, all you need to do is to visit the website of the payment service provider and fill out the application form.

You will find all the essential details on the site, but we’ll guide you through it either way.

So, here are the main steps to take to register on the Neteller website as a new user:

  • Click on the sign-up button on the home page
  • Enter e-mail
  • Create your password
  • Verify the account
  • Attach your bank account with the Neteller account

Once you fulfill these items, your Neteller account will be almost ready for casino deposits.

You still need to include other details in the registration section, after you are finished with the account details.

So, you might be asked to submit other details such as first name, last name, country, currency, and confirm password.

The final step before you activate your Neteller account is to confirm that you agree with the terms of the site.

This is especially important, as you don't want any of the conditions that you've missed out on to affect your online casino gaming experience.

Go through the terms of use

Every player should first read the terms of use of the Neteller service, before using the method for real online casino deposits.

This can be important since the terms and conditions clearly state all the rules regarding the usage of this payment option.

Neteller is a method that lets you achieve fast and secure online casino payments, but only if you are aware of all the policies.

So, you should therefore be aware that Neteller is not responsible for any third-party uploads of the electronic money.

On the other hand, it's important to you are aware of the process of issuing Neteller cards.

Although you won’t need a physical card for online casino deposits, you’ll still be able to use your virtual card.

Also, you should know that Neteller won’t allow any payments to shady casino sites with poor security of the banking details.

This is due to the security protocols that Neteller uses, and these protocols allow it to prevent any transaction you wish to make to such sites.

Another important term of use lies with the fees included for using this payment service for online casino deposits.

Neteller Fees

The most important thing you have to know about online casino payments with Neteller is that certain fees may be involved.

This is due to the upload options you use to deposit the electronic money into your Neteller account.

Some fees only apply for international transfers, while others may apply for different types of upload options.

So, if you wish to play casino games with Neteller deposits, you better come prepared when it comes to deposit and withdrawal fees.

Neteller Deposit Fees

As far as deposit fees are concerned, Neteller will include a small fee to your transactions to casino sites.

When you use Neteller for deposits, you first have to deal with the fees related to uploading methods.

These fees can vary, but usually, they range between 2% and 5%.

Some upload options like bank transfers, MasterCard, and Klarna could end up resulting in a fee worth 2,5%.

On the other hand, you can use options to pay the minimum fee that is around 1%.

So, you better be prepared when it comes to the methods you use for making the Neteller uploads for future casino deposits.

Neteller Withdrawal fees

On the other hand, you could end up paying the fees for using Neteller as a withdrawal method.

In this case, the values of the fees change when compared to the deposit fees that we’ve discussed a while back.

You should understand that these fees are also related to the options you use to process your Neteller payments.

So, depending on the option, you could end up paying a fee in value of NZD10, while higher fees are rarely associated.

You will have to pay these fees to be able to withdraw the winnings from your casino account on any ATM using Neteller.

Of course, you can transfer the funds to your bank account directly from your Neteller account.

In this case, a fee in value of NZD10 will usually be included, depending on the exact bank that you use.

Making a Casino Deposit with Neteller

Now that we’ve covered the basics, it’s time to get into the real treat of this guide – using Neteller as a casino deposit method.

We’ll go over the most important aspects of making successful casino deposits with this method, and its overall value for casino deposits.

So, here are the main steps you should take to make a real money Neteller online casino deposit:

  • Find a site that accepts Neteller as a payment service
  • Sign-up and enter your account
  • Find the payments section
  • Select Neteller as a preferred payment option
  • Enter the amount you wish to deposit
  • Receive the funds on your casino account and start playing

You can therefore easily access your favorite slots and games to play with instant Neteller deposits.

The best thing is that your payments will be processed swiftly, so you won’t have to wait for days just to be able to use the deposit to play casino games.

Another great addition is that Neteller will automatically prevent you from making deposits to unreliable casino sites.

The protection methods used by the service provider will help you avoid online casinos that could only bring you harm.

On top of that, Neteller can serve as a perfect indicator of the casino site’s legitimacy.

Namely, only the reliable and trusted casinos offer Neteller as a casino payment option, which should suffice for new players to decide for using this option.

How do Neteller Withdrawals work?

It's a great thing to be able to use Neteller as an online casino deposit method, but what about the withdrawals?

Many new casino sites offer premium deposit methods, but without the option to use the same methods for withdrawals.

It can be bothersome to switch the methods over and over again, so it’s a great thing that Neteller can be used both for deposits and withdrawals.

Here are the main steps to take on a casino site when it comes to making a Neteller withdrawal:

  • Log into your account
  • Get into banking options and select withdrawals
  • Select Neteller as your casino withdrawal option
  • Enter the withdrawal amount
  • Receive the funds from your bank account

Nevertheless, Neteller could come with some fees, as we’ve discussed previously.

While the casino sites may not charge you any additional costs related to Neteller withdrawals, your bank may do it.

Depending on the bank of your choice, you could end up paying fees in the range of 2% to 5% for Neteller withdrawals.

Still, you get a completely safe withdrawal service for the small fee that you pay to receive your funds.

Because of this, Neteller is one of the most popular online casino payment methods.

It unites the deposit and withdrawal activities on your casino account and enables you to use it as a secure payment option.

So, you don’t have to worry about a thing when using Neteller to deposit, and withdraw your winnings on your favorite online casino!

Is it Safe at NETELLER?

Neteller is one of the better known e-wallet names in the market. It is vouched for by numerous online casinos.

It also carries proper licensing and credentials for operating its business.

Aside from being a legitimate financial source, Neteller has been recognized for its security.

Just looking at its reputation online is enough to prove that it is a one of the safest choices to make.

Final Thoughts on Neteller as Casino Payment Method

Overall, Neteller seems like one of the best solutions for managing online casino deposits and withdrawals.

Among all the e-wallets in option, Neteller will serve you great because of its rapid transfers.

Also, you will be completely protected on the casino site of your choice, which can result in much more convenient gaming.

The only downside of Neteller as a casino payment method is that you could pay some small fees on the road to receive the funds.

Still, it doesn’t make a big difference, since this option serves both the new and existing online casino players just fine.

With additional protection methods enforced by the service provider, you won’t have to worry about your banking info being stolen on any casino site!

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