Pip’s Quest is the newest slot release from OneTouch

May 11, 2021 Posted in News, Slots by No Comments

Get ready to roll the dice on a slot grid and achieve sky-high wins with the latest Pip’s Quest slot by OneTouch. The latest game by the relatively new provider of online casino games seems like a pleasant surprise.

Pip's Quest

NZ slot lovers will rarely get the chance to experience anything like this game. It widely differs from all the other online slots. In essence, the game represents a multi-game slot that creates an additional thrill for players. So, make sure to stick around for more details regarding this incredible new slot!

What makes Pip’s Quest slot stand out from the rest?

The thing with the latest OneTouch game is its impressive design and layout. Namely, the Pip’s Quest slot includes all the necessary ingredients for a superb online slot experience. Perhaps some players will feel disappointed by the lack of a free spins bonus.

Even so, the game still includes one of the most specific slot designs while the Quest Bonus seems impressive. Once the players enter the game, the hero of the slot series named Pip will join right in. Afterward, the hero disappears, leaving the players alone with the game for some time.

All the game symbols are different colored dice faces with dice points ranging from 1 to 6. It somewhat seems logical that a dice side with 6 points pays the most.

On the other hand, the players will get low payouts for a side with only one point. Still, the payouts of the Pip’s Quest slot and the Quest Bonus make it as special as it is.

Scoring great wins get easy with Quest Bonus

Another thrilling fact about the Pip’s Quest slot lies within its payouts. The payout system differs from other slots as this one comes with a 9×9 reel configuration.

Three rows are consisting of 3 separate 3×3 grids. However, if the players can land 9 matching symbols across the grids, it will count as a single hit. So, it's possible to strike some outstanding payouts thanks to the unique game mechanics.

Moreover, the Bonus round is in a league of its own with the masterfully designed Quest route. A unique red bonus symbol can only land in the center of the mentioned separate 3×3 grids. Each scatters symbol awards the players one dice roll on the Quest route.

Afterward, the hero of the game Pip shows up once again to take on the Quest route. Among the options involved, Quest spots include numerous options.

If Pip lands on the random win value field, the winner will be added to the player's account. The extra roll awards another dice roll, while the cash wins spot guarantees a payout.

Players can also strike the spots that allow Pip to skip several points and the back-to-start field restarts the feature. The bonus round of the Pip's Quest slot truly seems like a board game, giving the game a unique thrill.