Pragmatic Solutions get a new online casino agreement


Pragmatic Solutions, an iGaming platform provider, strikes a significant new deal in the field of promotion and marketing.

The sub-brand of worldwide recognized Pragmatic Play software provider enhances its jackpot network.

A partnership agreement with BlueRibbon Gaming has been signed, and all that is left now is to implement the improvements.

The two partners will from now on work on the next-level promotional package for their iGaming platform.

Interested players can find all the relevant details right here, in this article.

What’s changing for Pragmatic Solutions?

Since the foundation of the Pragmatic Solutions sector, the whole company managed to mark sufficient growth.

Therefore, now Pragmatic Solutions is a separate organization with its team of industry experts.

Amazing results have been accomplished since the platform created by Pragmatic Solutions is used by major operators.

Furthermore, the platform includes all the required aspects to run the casino site, so operators have an easy task.

Nevertheless, the integration of the BlueRibbon Jackpot networks into the platform can result in major success.

BlueRibbon Gaming offers a specific promotional system for all kinds of bonuses, as well as the jackpots.

The integration of their system is fairly easy for any platform, so it makes a perfect addition to the Pragmatic Solutions offer.

The combined efforts of two companies can result in a significant change in players' loyalty.

Once all the changes are up, players will have the best and personalizing approach to all kinds of prizes. Changing the online casino site will, accordingly, become unnecessary.

Benefits of the combined platform for operators

There is truly a load of benefits for casino operators that choose to apply the Pragmatic Solutions platform with BlueRibbon additions.

Both sides of the deal have something to contribute, making the end product a perfect whole.

BlueRibbon manages all kinds of casino bonuses; from deposit bonuses to free spins and jackpots.

With their impeccable system, operators can form a firm and loyal player base.

On the other hand, the Pragmatic Solutions platform needs no specific introduction as it has been present for a while now.

The results speak for themselves, as the platform is already using the same by some of the best operators in the business.

Casino sites can benefit from multiple aspects of the designed platform.

Another confirmation of Pragmatic Solutions' product is the list of software providers included.

Operators that chose to integrate the platform also involved the best slot publishers in the process.

Therefore, major providers like Quickspin, NetEnt, Play'n GO and Blueprint Gaming are just some of the recognized brands.

Having all this partnership information at disposal, one could easily conclude how significant the product can be.

The online gaming market can change because of this and similar gaming platforms.

The players engagement is also improving, and the loyalty is up to a whole another level.

Still, we will have to wait and see the fruits of joined efforts invested by Pragmatic Solutions and BlueRibbon.


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