Standard Online Casino Games versus Virtual Reality Casino Games

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Online casino gambling is a multi-million dollar industry, offering an extensive selection of games similar to what you would find in a block and mortar casino. The trends that are going to define the online casino in the future include the emergence of Virtual Reality gaming, Live gaming and gamification.
The gamification concept allows the player to engage in an online game while fully immersed. In the setup, the players have an opportunity to earn a host of rewards, including a chance to have their name inscribed on the Leaderboard. The concept borrows a lot from mobile gaming and the traditional console based video gaming. Live gaming is a digital live gaming platform, where you can sign up to play or watch other people play under the guidance of live dealers.

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Virtual reality Casino, on the other hand, is a computer created casino a kin to the brick and mortar casino. With the help of the 3D environment and interactive features, the casino simulation aims to bring the entire casino atmosphere into the client’s reach. The origins of the VR Casino concept can be traced back 20 years ago when software companies like VFX1 and Nintendo unsuccessfully developed the VFX1 virtual reality and Virtual Boy headgears respectively. After a long lull, things began looking up in 2016 when VR gaming gears were released enmasse into the market. The new VR devices include HTC’s Vive, Facebook Oculus Rift and Stream VR from Valve. Since the iGaming industry is constantly changing, thanks to cutting edge technology, online casinos are quickly stepping up to exploit the market.

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VR Casinos VS Online Casinos

From a first look, VR casinos come with a fantastic choice of avatars or characters; voice and chat functionalities and real time multiplayer games. The player also gets the opportunity to experience a casino environment that stimulates and engages both their visual and auditory senses. Virtual Reality casino is ideally a mesh between the online and on-ground casino. The other benefits of playing at VR casinos include:
• Wide array of games
• Live Chat feature
• Opportunity to win money from the convenience of your home
• The system is capable of detecting the presence of a player

There are a few disadvantages of playing at a VR casino. In the first place, the gambler is tempted to spend too much money compared to betting at an online casino. The immersive nature of the VR casino also makes it easy for the player to spend too much time and be insensible to the situation around them. Online casinos are generally convenient, more private and easy to access. The casinos can easily be accessed by visiting a casino website, and creating a user account.

Online casinos also offer players better odds and a chance to play for less. The odds offered by online casinos are typically larger because the operators incurs far less in terms of overheads. Unlike the brick and mortar casino, the operator doesn’t have to pay for electricity and property taxes. The most popular online casino games comprise Slots, Poker, Blackjack and Live Dealer games. Online slots operate in a similar fashion as the real world casino slot.


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The player simply places a bet, and then pulls a virtual lever that spins the drums. Due to its complexity, online poker is a game preferred by experienced gamblers. The online poker rooms feature rich graphics designed to enhance player interaction. The downside of online casinos is inability to cash out the winnings faster; higher deposit and withdrawal charges and technical glitches, which may arise as a result of unexpected system malfunction or casino disconnections.

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