The Best Gambling Related Manga

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Gambling as a popular activity that is practiced all around the world is nothing something to be taken lightly.

This kind of hobby lets you have fun, be social, and make money in the process.

That’s why so many people love it; the casino rooms are full all the time.

Plus, it’s in every aspect of our everyday lives.

Whenever you look, the casino is present.

And that means in our private intimate hobbies as well; take the books for example.

Or manga.

Gambling-related manga is something that is widely popular in the last period.

And these few mangas are some of the most popular of its kind. 


Kaiji, also known as Ultimate Survivor Kaiji or Tobaku Mokushiroku Kaiji is a pretty popular manga series.

Even though the title may not suggest it at first, believe me, the gambling is described as art here.

It has 6 parts, and the first one was released in 1996.

But, dont let the year fool you.

This manga is about a young man named Kaiji who fights his way into the word.

He has no money and can only earn them from cheap tricks and gambling, and it doesn’t go well for him either.

How doe gambling help him stay in life?

Find out by reading the rest of it! 

kaiji manga

Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler

Another one of the classic mangas that got the world by storm.

The plot of Kakegurui may not be such a good idea in real life, but as a manga plot, it rocks!

This one is based on a typical high-school girl named Yumeko Jabami who is a transfer student in an elite school academy.

In this academy, there are wealthy and influential children who dont know anything about life.

So, Yumeko tries to take that as her advantage by gambling and tricking the system.

Sounds good enough already? 

kakegurui manga

Liar Game

Even though Liar Game is a finished manga, it still keeps breaking records.

This manga has also been adapted to a tv series, live-action adn is translated to Dutch and Chinese as well, but wait, the awesomeness doesn’t stop here.

The real deal is the plot itself.

A college girl by the name Nao Kanzaki one day receives a $1 million package.

Along with the money, there is also a note that states that she has entered the Liar Game contest.

Her purpose is to keep that money in order to win the game.

But, in the meantime, her money is stolen dn she makes a deal with Shinichi Akiyama, a conman that is willing to help her find her money and take the Liar Game down. 

Even though this list looks small, believe me, it has everything that you need.

But, these are only a small fraction of what can the gambling mangas offer, and its nowhere near disappointing.

In fact, many people have started reading manga just because of these few that are on the list.

Whatever you choose to begin with, you won’t be let down!