The Most Profitable Casino Games

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If you are a gambling enthusiast, you certainly aim for the big bucks.

And that’s how it is for all gamblers.

Gambling software developers aim to create games that are fun and engaging.

Even so, it is not enough. All players like to invest their money at games that offer the highest casino returns.

But the question is what games provide the best results?

To answer this question, a lot of experts highlight the Return to Player (RTP) feature.

Return to Player

This phrase refers to the percentage of stakes that each casino game eventually returns to the players.

It is important to note that these numbers are calculated in the long-term.

Besides, the term ‘players’ refers to the total number of gamblers after approximately a million plays.

So, it doesn’t apply solely to you, as an individual.

In continuance, we will use the RTP to explain the difference in returns between table games and online slots.

Which games offer superior winning opportunities?

big stacks of poker chips

Even more, is there a beatable casino game?

Table Games Returns and Profitability

It is a widespread opinion that table games are more profitable than the slots.

A lot of players bet their money on poker, roulette, or blackjack, with the thought that they will beat the house.

Table games offer a Return to Player of approximately 95% to 98.94%.

Considering the narrow span of this interval, table games offer acceptable payouts.

The risky part is that you can earn a lot, but also lose a lot of money in a short period.

For example, betting on red on blackjack provides less than a 50% chance of winning.

So you will either double your funds or fail twice as fast.

The most profitable table game is blackjack.

It is a player-friendly game that offers the highest possibility to beat the casino.

Online Slots Returns and Profitability

Contrary to players’ opinions, online slots provide high-end winning opportunities.

There are countless theories on the Internet that you cannot earn money on online slots.

Anyhow, numerous individuals have won cash prizes, or even hit the jackpot.

To be more specific, the Return to Player of online slots is between 88% and 99%.

However, you can research the RTP of each particular slot before you bet your money.

That’s why it is important to understand this concept. Higher RTP doesn’t guarantee you winnings.

It is calculated on a wide-player base over a longer time.

poker table with poker chips and playing dices on it

Even so, it significantly increases your chances of earning a return.

As a player, you should focus on slots that offer an RTP of 95% or more.

What’s more, online slots offer enormous jackpots even for extremely low bets.

Numerous gamblers managed to become millionaires from betting small wagers on the online slots.

Thus, if you are playing for fun, you may as well aim for the progressive jackpot.

You can never know when your lucky day is.

Final Thoughts

Both table games and online slots are profitable and may lead to a high-end prize.

However, you should consider which game is more appropriate for your skills and finances.

If you are a strategic person with developed analytic skills, you should focus on the table games.

But, if you tend to bet low, the online slots are a suitable game for you.

Apart from having fun, you may as well hit the progressive jackpot.

After all, the rule in gambling is to have fun – no matter the result.