The Relationship Between Bipolar Disorder and Gambling

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In this article, we will be looking at mental health.

The intent of this blog post Is to spread awareness of bipolar disorder and inform the readers as to how it can affect your casino life.

It is a fairly common mental illness and a lot of online gamblers do suffer from it. 

By learning more about this disorder you may improve your online casino gameplay.

What exactly is Bipolar Disorder?

It is a mental issue that is known as a manic-depressive illness that can in fact affect a giant part of the global population, most commonly within the US.

It involves intense mood swings that can lead to hyperactive or depressive behaviors.

As the term may imply, you are never aware or sure at when any or each of them can occur.

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There are a lot of scientific symptoms that you can analyze and detect in certain places that you might find yourself into.

The Hypomanic episode involves the following issues:

A sudden burst of energy, such as being hyped or doing a lot of things at the same time while not being able to sleep at night, issues with speech, like talking too fast while others do not understand you as your thoughts are faster than your words, compulsive shopping and addicting gambling, or really, anything that has to deal with gambling.

Another symptom is high levels of emotion, such as arrogance.

The Depression episode involves the following issues:
You might feel down and like you are not worth anything, are lonely and lose hope in any situation or even have a lot of trouble sleeping which can lead to you feeling tired all the time or even in the worst-case scenario become suicidal. 


There are 4 types of this disorder:
Bipolar I – Manic episodes that last up to a week and people with this type of disorder need immediate hospital care in some cases because of the severe symptoms.

They usually last far longer than the others and need medical help.

Bipolar II – When a person has this disorder it is accompanied by a lot of depressive and hypomanic episodes.

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Which can be dangerous as they can lead to suicidal thoughts and actions.
Cyclothymic Disorder – A stage at which the disorder can be observed in children or adolescents and even adults, as when you have cyclothymia you experience a lot of hypomanic and depressive episodes that can last for several years. 

Other – This is the category where you can not match any of the mentioned symptoms and cannot detect the issues while the episodes keep repeating and you do not know why.

How it Affects Gamblers

When people struggle with depression, they will look for distraction to help them cope and calm down, this includes gambling.

Even when they have a manic episode, they are full of energy and make impulsive decisions, like gambling on slots.

Gambling or excessive gambling is not always connected to these episodes but can also be triggered by other needs.

In any case, they see it as a way to calm down and forget about their issues for a while.