Variety of Different Slot Machines to Play

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When you first sign in to your favorite online casino you are immediately confronted with a variety of different slot games. The first decision you must make is which slot you want to choose to play. Of course, you can always change the slot you are playing, but, choosing the one you are most attracted to is the best place to start. We are going to look at the five different types of slot machines you will most likely discover once you are online.


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The first slot we want to take a closer look at is the Three Reel Classic Slot. These slots are also referred to as classic slots. This is because they have been around since 1899. Even so, they still are a very popular choice to play today. If you want something basic and simple to play then this might be your best match. The classic slot offers an intricate mechanism system. It contains physical wheels and symbols.

Each reel may contain from 10 to 32 symbols. These are referred to as stops. Naturally, the number of stops per reel affects the odds of your payout. All of the original slots offered a lever on the side for you to pull. Nowadays you simply press a button. Either of these causes the machine to begin.

There are still machines around which have the pulling lever on the side of the slot. These are referred to as the “one-armed bandit.” Once the machine has been set in motion you wait, with some excitement in the pit of your stomach hoping to have three of the same symbols line up. If you have three cherries, for example, you will receive some coins back.

Today these slots often have five reel slots or even seven reels. These are very popular. These machines offer the same basic principles of the three-reel slots. However, they offer more variety which results in more excitement while you play. Naturally, the additional reels offer more of a challenge to win. The other side of the coin – the more reels equates to a bigger jackpot. If you have not played one of these classic slots before you might look for one to play today. They can be a lot of fun!

The second slot we want to take a look at is the Multi Payline Slots. In the early days of gambling machines, the slots had just one pay line. This didn't take much investigation to determine if there was a win or not. However, today, with five-reel slots offering multiple paylines, you can place bets on one line or up to 20 multiple lines. Generally, one wager means the pay line will be on the middle line. When you wager the maximum bet, or anywhere in-between, there might be two or three symbols as well as different lines involved that will offer you a win. These wagers increase your odds of winning because you have so many ways to win. Some slots allow you to increase your bets on each line.

Once your game ends you might feel a bit overwhelmed with the reels, symbols, and lines all flashing. No need to worry, if you cannot figure out if you have a winner the slot will figure it out for you.

Video Slots are a third type of game that came about in the 1970s. This is when they changed from electronics into the era of video. The first video slot was given the name, “Fortune Coin.” Invented by Walt Fraley, it first entered the casino floors in 1975. People were a little skeptical of these slots. It was not until the early 1980s they finally started to find their way with gamblers. The video machine revolutionized the gambling industry.


Video slots offer different line counts as well as graphics and options to bet. These slots became overwhelmingly popular and today they remain so in land casinos. These slots also introduced bonus games as well as free rounds. They also introduced the concept of linking machines resulting in progressive jackpots. Some of these progressive jackpots played in online casinos, can hit jackpots today worth millions of dollars. That sounds very inviting!

We also want to include Progressive Jackpots when we look at the variety of machines. These slots followed up after video slots were invented. The concept behind these machines is that the jackpot grows each time someone plays one of these slots. This continues until some lucky sole hits the big jackpot. Originally this was found as a cumulative jackpot found in just one machine. Then it was discovered that several machines could be linked together thereby creating huge jackpots.

New Zealand Progressive Jackpots

Later modern technology allowed the progressive slots to join together in one machine. Finally, we reached the point where they can be globally linked resulting in huge jackpots. The linking of these jackpots, including both online and land-based, create the opportunity to win multi-million dollar jackpots. This is certainly a challenge to look forward to!

Finally, we have the 3D Slots. As we have seen the fantastic transformations slots have gone through, during the years, we must wonder what more can be developed after the 3D Slots have come into play. These slots offer three-dimensional narratives and characters to the games. These slots have resulted in causing tremendous competition among designers to continue to push the creative boundaries.

3D Slots at Online Casinos

When you begin playing one of these slots you will be amazed at how some of the symbols move about and jump around. There are also animated cartoon symbols and games. These are the result of creations from your favorite films or TV programs. If you look around you will most likely discover a dynamic slot to fit every genre. These range from adventure to action to romance. The developers are also coming up with new characters and narratives they individually create.

Gambling, in some form, has been around for 1,000s of years. Slots have been around for decades. As times change so do the slots. There is always something new on the horizon when it comes to slots. You need to get online and go to your favorite casino to stay up to date with what technology is now bringing you. While you are at it you might just win a huge jackpot.

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