VIP Bonuses in New Zealand Online Casinos

Lukas Mollberg

Online casinos are looking for something more than just hit-and-run players.

For this reason, in addition to welcome bonuses, online casinos in New Zealand host extra reward programs for their players to encourage them to stay and play more.

One such reward program is the VIP and comp points program, which are meant to make the players feel at home.

What are Comp Points and VIP Bonuses?

New Zealand online casinos award their players exclusive rewards for their loyalty.

This simply means that the most frequent players in the casino get to enjoy extra benefits for being constantly active.

VIP bonuses come in many forms including free spins, reload bonuses, cashback and leaderboard tournaments.

Some online casinos in New Zealand have also gone a step further to introduce comp points in the VIP program.

Basically, players receive comp points every time they play and these points can be redeemed for extra rewards.

So the more you play, the more comp points get credited to your account.

Different Types of VIP Programs

Just like deposit bonuses, VIP programs differ depending on the casino.

In some New Zealand online casinos, eligibility for VIP treatment is automatic after a successful registration.

This means that all new players become entitled to VIP bonuses immediately after joining the online casino without being obligated to do anything first.

Plus, of course, you'll get to enjoy sign up bonuses as well.

Other online casinos in New Zealand may require players to meet certain criteria before becoming eligible for a VIP program.

There are also a few New Zealand online casinos that offer invite-only VIP programs.

In such casinos, players can only become members of the VIP club by being invited in by other existing members or the casino's staff itself.

How to Get a VIP Bonus

As mentioned earlier, the VIP bonus is mostly a loyalty bonus.

While some New Zealand online casinos will enrol you into the VIP program as soon as you register, you will probably have to start from the lowest level and work your way up to a certain level before you can start enjoying the real special rewards.

In other words, New Zealand players have to prove their worth by playing significantly before receiving the VIP bonus.

The good news is that VIP players not only receive countless exclusive bonuses but also get to enjoy better cash exchange rates and fast withdrawal times.

VIP Extra Tips for New Zealand Players

While all VIP programs have different rules and different rewards, most of them share the same basics.

The first thing to take note of as a New Zealand VIP player is the inner structure of the VIP program.

Different New Zealand online casinos place different VIP bonus offers on different games.

Take note of the included games in the offers and their conversion rates.

This way, you can predict the number of comp points you can earn from playing different games.

Some VIP programs in New Zealand online casinos also come in tiered levels.

Typical tiers are bronze, silver, gold and platinum levels.

The higher you get in the tiers the more access you gain to better rewards and promotions.

Pay close attention to your casino account level and seek to upgrade for better offers.

VIP bonuses are great for New Zealand players who'd like to earn some extra rewards and unlock the full benefits offered by New Zealand online casinos.

Lukas Mollberg

the author

Lukas Mollberg

the author

Lukas Mollberg

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