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If you are reading this article, you are either new to online gambling and you’re puzzled on how slots work. You may have come across a banner advertising a fancy slots game or you may have stumbled across a slots game with a humongous jackpot. Or your casino may have just offered you free spins on slots and you may be wondering how you go about it. Well, let’s leave behind the reason as to why you have visited this page and let’s turn our attention to the elephant in the room.

What are slots?

For ages, slots games have always been at the center of attention in a casino; an online casino or a brick and mortar casino. If you have ever been to a land-based casino, you must have noticed the bulky machines where players have to insert a coin and pull a lever and if lucky, they win sizable amount of cash. Well, those bulky machines are slots machines. In the face of vastly improving technologies, the bulky machines have been replaced by online software for convenience and flexibility.

Playing Online Slots

As I mentioned earlier, you can now enjoy a few rounds of pokies online. You are no longer restricted to only one payline and 3 reels. Modern online slots are far more advanced with 5 reels and multiple paylines, not to mention catchy animated sequences modeled around popular Hollywood films.

Regardless of the pokie you choose to play, the gameplay remains the same with the only difference being extra features which are subject to change from one developer to another.

Have you ever requested the pit boss in your local casino for a demo round?  If you have, I bet the masculine guy either had you tossed out of the establishment or he gave you one of the “get a life” glances and went on with his/her business like nothing happened. Fortunately, one main upside of online slots is the fact that you are given an opportunity to test a game in the demo version before playing with real money.


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Game play

Keeping in mind that modern slots have multiple paylines, you have to specify the number of coins to wager on selected paylines. In online slots, for a slots game with 25 paylines, betting usually ranges between $0.01 and $1.00 a coin and you can wager up to 10 coins per line. If for instance you decide to wager $1 a coin for the maximum number of coins per line (10) and 25 paylines, your total wager will be $250 ( 25 x $(10 x 1)).

However, in specific slots, you have to place a fixed wager. For instance, you may be allowed to only place a $20 wager on a single spin.

After placing a wager, you are required to hit/click the “spin” button at the right-hand corner of your screen which sets the virtual reels in motion. The reels come to an automatic stop after a few seconds. However, in select slots games, you may be required to hit the “stop” button to stop the reels.

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