How to Play Different Types of Online Slots in 2021?

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Different Types of Online Slots

Most players of online casino games in 2021 are familiar with the choice of slot game types. They come in various forms and you can even suit the games for your needs and bankroll limits. However, do you know how to properly play the exact online slot categories?

Truth being said, little strategy can be applied to slots because of the RNG principle. Nevertheless, you can implement several exclusive tips to make your gaming session much more convenient. At least, you can prevent major losses and learn how to operate with your balance, so stay tuned!

What divides Online Slots into Categories?

To get to know the playing routine for every slot game, it’s time for you to learn the differences in online slots. Some may only appear different because of the colorful layouts and specific reel configuration. Others may include superb side features that you can't even spot at first.

So, here are some of the main differences among online slots you should know about:

  • Number of paying lines
  • Reels and Rows included
  • Bonus rounds
  • In-game special features
  • Progressive Jackpot prizes
  • RTP and Payout potential

Hopefully, you can now see the difference that splits the online slots into several categories. Don’t worry, even if you didn’t spot these instances at first, we will do our best to help you with playing.

There are certain limits and boundaries that you should always stick to with different kinds of slots. Without any further delay, let’s jump into action and try to describe the mentioned playing routines.

How to Play Classic Slots?

In some happier times for online slot games, classic slots were easily distinguishable. Nowadays, we have just too many games that come with ridiculous layouts that include over 100 pay lines. Back in the day, only slot games with 3 or 5 lines were considered classic.

Even some single-line slots are still being produced today! Nevertheless, playing classic slots is easy. First, you need to figure out the total payout potential to calculate how many spins on the game you can make.

So, if you play an old-school slot with 5×3 grids at most, make sure to know the maximum payout. If the game can only pay up to x200 of your bet, there is no point in staking over x100 of your stake.

Truthfully, classic slots don't come with payout potential higher than x500 of the bet. So, you can't rely on hitting a Jackpot-level prize with these games. That means that you need to have a clear plan on how much you will stake in the game.

You should also place a winning limit and exit the game as soon as you reach it. Luckily, it’s easy to understand classic slots as you can easily do the entire math based on payout limit and the RTP.

What about the Jackpot slots?

Playing Jackpot slots is not always a good idea. As much as you can win incredible payouts if you get lucky with the Jackpot, the potential of these games is often limited. It is not much you can do in the base game of these slots, which is somewhat logical.

Games like Divine Fortune by NetEnt or Mega Moolah slot award incredible Jackpot values, but only one player can win. Other players are just there to make the event suspenseful while you can lose serious amounts while pursuing the Jackpot.

So, the best idea is to play these slots with extra money or perhaps with some initial profit. Keep in mind that one portion of your total bet on these games is only required to qualify you for the Jackpot.

To make it simple, let's say that your bet is NZD10 and the Jackpot requires an additional NZD2 to qualify. In this case, base game wins would only relate to the NZD10 stake value. In other words, winning x100 on such a bet would not be the x100 of your total bet that includes the mentioned Jackpot qualification.

Tactics for Playing Slots with many Lines

In the era where slots with Megaways™ and similar mechanics just blossom, you need to have an appropriate tactic. Besides the Megaways™ games, there are also regular slots that come with 20, 30, 40, or even 100 lines! For starters, playing Buffalo King Slot is a good idea.

Playing these games can be very fun, but in reality, these games are the ones you should play with a big bet. Betting as low as NZD1 can surely bring you some profit as well, but the number of lines affects the stake.

For instance, if you bet NZD1 on a game with 10 lines, you have an NZD0, 1 bet placed on each line. A line hit would bring you a quality payout at this point, but it's different with the mentioned slots.

Let's say you are betting the same amount on the slot with 100 lines; this would make your bet per line be NZD0, 01. That being said, you will get lower payouts with a single-line win. The point is – always decide on the number of lines depending on your balance and desired bet.

Go for the Slots with as many in-game Features

If you play a slot with several base game features, you can place lower bets and still hope for great wins. Of course, you should also check the payout potential first before you place a bet on the game.

If the payout potential is massive and lots of in-game bonuses are available, that's the perfect game to play on a low bet.

Also, make sure to go over the features before you start playing to get at least the picture of the feature operability.

Final Words

Even if the slot games are RNG-operated, there are still some tricks to apply in-game. For instance, it’s worth knowing the type of game you are playing. Some games are riskier than others but can award you with large wins on smaller bets.

On the other hand, some games are specifically designed for high rollers as they can’t pay up that much in stake multipliers. However, such games can be played with lower risk on high-value bets, so any win would make a big win depending on your stake!