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Meet the BestBonus monster. It will give you a proper introduction of each page and guide you through our site. The monster for us is gambling personified. One side that is funny and joyful but also with a dark side and the risk of loss constantly present.

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Experience & Knowledge

We are an experienced team of experts with first hand experience dating back to 1994. Our passion for gambling ranges from the classic table games and slots to traditional sports betting. For five years we have worked full time to serve content around the online casino industry.


Research & Review

Our long term passion for sports betting has made us information maniacs. This is the background to our very comprehensive casino reviews where our ambition is to cover everything that is relevant. Our internal experience covers more than 1 000 casino reviews which speaks for itself.


We share

We are constantly adding new gambling sites and do our best to review new games and betting features. Everything we do is share with our visitors and we hope you to benefit from the result of our work.

Our story

The history and milestones of Bestbonus.co.nz

The idea was born

The idea of creating a website is born. Pierre & Lukas start to draw the first lines of what later would be Bestbonus.co.nz



Site launched

With high level of nervousness the first version of the site get launched. We had made ten casino reviews so far.



100 Players in a month

One hundred players found a new casino through Bestbonus.co.nz



200 Casinos reviewed

Finally we reach 200 reviewed online casinos with NZ Dollars.



50.000 Opened Accounts

Our recommendations seem to be appreciated by our visitors. The milestone of 50.000 opened accounts are achieved.



New Webdesign

Bestbonus.co.nz get a new fresh look. The current design and identity welcomes the first visitors.



About us

We started out as a simple blog with bonus codes in August 2017. The blog was a result of a long term passion for online gambling and its thrill.

In 2018 we began to earn enough money from advertising to start working with the website full time.

We are now a small business with a team of six people that work with Bestbonus.co.nz on a weekly basis.

Our team of experts


Lukas Mollberg

Head of Content

Lukas Mollberg, 41, is an industry veteran with over 20 years in the iGaming sector, currently leading as the Head of Content at BestBonus.co.nz. A stalwart since the early 2000s' Poker Boom, he specializes in affiliate marketing since 2016 and has authored around 300 comprehensive online casino reviews. Lukas's keen eye for detail ensures that no aspect—be it game selection, customer service, or bonuses—is overlooked. His work has become an authoritative resource for both new and seasoned online gamers, offering unbiased and reliable insights. Beyond professional achievements, Lukas brings a wealth of personal interests, like reading and travel, adding depth to his industry perspective.


Max Larsen

Partnership Manager

Max serves as the linchpin for partnerships and exposure at BestBonus.co.nz, leveraging his networking skills and industry insights to forge valuable relationships. His role is pivotal in expanding the site's reach and influence, as he masterfully negotiates collaborations with key stakeholders in the iGaming community. Known for his strategic mindset and business acumen, Max ensures that all partnerships align with the site's objectives, while also providing added value to collaborators. His efforts have not only increased the platform's visibility but also enriched its offerings, turning it into a go-to resource for both partners and users alike.


Pierre Lundgren


Pierre Lundgren is a seasoned SEO expert with 15 years of experience, currently working at BestBonus.co.nz, a premier platform in the iGaming industry. His deep understanding of search engine algorithms, keyword strategy, and content optimization has made him an invaluable asset in driving organic traffic and improving site rankings. Pierre has mastered the art of blending technical SEO skills with an understanding of user behavior, ensuring not just visibility but also meaningful engagement. His expertise has significantly contributed to BestBonus's reputation as a trusted and easily accessible online resource for gamers. Pierre's seasoned skills make him a cornerstone in the competitive landscape of iGaming SEO.


Dragomir Ivanov


Dragomir is a web development virtuoso with extensive experience in crafting high-quality websites that excel in both performance and user experience (UX). His mastery of front-end and back-end technologies ensures that websites are not only visually stunning but also lightning-fast and highly responsive. Dragomir’s keen eye for design is matched by his technical prowess, making him an expert in creating sites that captivate users while adhering to the highest performance benchmarks. His approach is rooted in a deep understanding of UX principles, resulting in intuitive navigation and optimal user engagement. In a digital landscape where user satisfaction is paramount, Dragomir’s skills set the gold standard for web development excellence.


Sarah Laurence

Casino Reviewer

Sarah is a dedicated casino reviewer with an impressive portfolio of over 300 brand evaluations under her belt. Her in-depth reviews have become a gold standard in the iGaming industry, helping both newcomers and seasoned players make informed choices. With a keen eye for detail, Sarah scrutinizes everything from game variety and software quality to customer service and payout options. Her analyses are thorough, insightful, and unbiased, earning her a reputation as a trustworthy authority in the casino review space. Her work goes beyond simple ratings, providing players with a comprehensive understanding of what to expect from various online platforms.


Viktoria Krus

Quality Assurance

Viktoria is an exceptionally talented and well-educated researcher and quality assurance specialist known for her meticulous sense of detail. With a unique skill set that blends rigorous academic training with practical industry experience, she ensures that products and services meet the highest standards of quality and reliability. Viktoria's keen eye and analytical mind are invaluable in identifying areas for improvement, making her an indispensable asset in any project. Her work is characterized by thorough research, meticulous testing, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. In an industry where attention to detail can make or break a project, Viktoria's contributions consistently elevate the final output to a gold standard.

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