Fastest Payout Online Casino NZ

Want to move your money quickly? Want to get your winnings instantly and start using them?

Then it’s time to check out the fastest payout online casinos!

Although it may sound too good to be true, these types of fast payout casinos are becoming more and more popular.

We’ve been using personally instant withdrawals casinos for quite some time now – and we couldn’t be happier!

So, to share our knowledge and expertise with you, we’ve created a kick-ass guide to inform you of all the latest features and facts about instant payout online casinos!

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Fastest Withdrawal Online Casino in New Zealand

So, what is the quickest withdrawal online casino? That, my friend, can’t be answered in just a single sentence.

Same day withdrawal casinos are all over New Zealand – and also every other country where iGaming is legal.

Over the last couple of years, online casinos have truly worked hard on reaching out to the best payment methods, while improving their limits and withdrawal request options.

This has created a payment method paradise for NZ players, who are looking for quick and trustworthy payment solutions in 2022.

Nowadays, instant payments are part of a huge trend on sites that call themselves the fastest payout online casinos.

So, if you just scored big in live dealer casino games or you were truly lucky enough to hit that gigantic jackpot, then it’s time for you to learn how to use an online gambling platform that’s willing to hand out your money – so that you can use it that same day.

Bonus Types

Factors that affect Fast Payouts at an Online Casino

Although it may look easy to offer same day payouts, the truth is that in iGaming, there’s much more to it.

For you to properly understand the entire procedure, we went as far as to analyze each element.

These are the three features that are crucial for the fastest payout online casino NZ and for players, to get the withdrawals done in no time:

Meeting Withdrawal Requirements

As with every other online casino NZ out there, there will always be wagering requirements when players decide to journey on the gambling site with a bonus like free spins.

These wagering requirements can’t simply be ignored, because they’ll decide if your bonus is worth anything, or not.

Luckily, since we’re talking about fast paying casinos, once those requirements are met, you’ll be able to use your favorite withdrawal method and start transferring that cash to your bank account.

But make sure that you’ve really met all the requirements because some will ask you to only play the bonus, while others include your own deposit as well.

Submitting KYC Documents

Although lots of people out there may think that NZ online casinos aren’t safe, the truth couldn’t be further from it.

To actually request a withdrawal request done, there’s always the KYC procedure.

This means, that although you may have some crazy casino winnings waiting to get transferred to your personal account, they won’t mean anything if you’re not able to provide the proper documentation.

Usually, instant withdrawal casinos will ask you for your personal ID, your driver’s license, or any other document that will reveal your identity.

This helps the instant payout casino to protect itself from any fraud, thus offering also a safe environment to its players.

Fastest Online Casino Payout Banking Method

Given that we’re talking about casino websites that focus on withdrawal time, it’s obvious that the fastest payout methods will always be involved in the scenario.

However, payment methods are as different and unique as the NZ casinos themselves, meaning that not every service will do the same for you.

That’s why certain methods such as e-Wallets and cryptocurrency have become incredibly popular among NZ online casinos.

What they offer are incredibly short withdrawal times, while giving players the chance to also remain anonymous (as with cryptocurrency), or safe at all times (when using methods such as Neteller or Skrill, for example).

payout casinos

How We Review Fast Paying Casinos?

Since anyone could simply start talking about the fastest payout online casinos and recommend a bunch, we decided to go the extra mile and really show you how we rate fast withdrawal casinos.

Not only will this help you to better understand what makes the fastest payout casinos that we recommend so special, but it will also help you to choose your own fast payout online casinos.

One way or the other, here’s what you definitely should know and learn, whenever you’re about to head to the fastest withdrawal online casino in New Zealand.

Payment Methods Supporting Instant Withdrawals

Payment methods are crucial – and in this case, more than ever.

That’s because same day withdrawal online casinos base their main feature on the payment methods that are willing to get the transactions done instantly.

However, there’s a huge variety of services out there and to play safe on an online gambling platform, you’ll need the most secure and trustworthy ones.

That’s why we carefully go through each cashier or payment method section.

To make it onto our list, each instant withdrawal online casino will have to provide a broad, innovative, and modern list of the most popular and trustworthy methods out there.

Payout Processing Time

The fastest payout casinos can’t simply rely on the payment methods themselves, they’ll also have to do their best to give the customers what they want.

We’re talking about the payout processing time here, which will determine if players get their money within a few minutes, or after an entire day.

That’s why we always dig deep into the general terms & conditions, to learn everything there is about the processing time and limits.

The best online casinos will always do their best to transfer the casino winnings instantly, without stockpiling them unnecessarily.

Valid SSL Certificate

It’s great having instant payouts, but without the proper technology and security, it’s all useless.

Apart from transferring winnings quickly to your bank account, the best online casinos must also have a valid SSL certificate.

SSL encryption technology keeps the casino players’ personal and financial data safe, meaning that they won’t get into any danger just for depositing or withdrawing some cash.

Unfortunately, many online casinos still aren’t able to provide their casino players with the proper certificate or technology, and those won’t ever make it onto any of our lists.

Casino Adapted for NZ Players

Let’s say you just found the perfect reputable online casino that also offers fast casino payouts.

If so, there can be one more thing stopping you from enjoying your favorite casino games, and that is, the fast payout online casino isn’t actually adapted to New Zealand.

From our experience, we can tell you that this scenario is terrifying.

That’s why we always make sure that all the different online casinos we evaluate are 100% adapted for NZ players.

Plus, we don’t only check if the online gambling sites are accessible from New Zealand, since we also make sure that you can safely pay with NZD.

Same Day Transactions

This guide is called fastest payout online casino NZ, meaning that supposedly fast withdrawal casinos that take over a day to transfer the money simply won’t cut it.

We focus exclusively on instant payout casinos that do their best to hand out the winnings instantly.

We also take care to personally separate each same day withdrawal casino that simply uses that name and the fast payout casinos that are happy to get the withdrawal process done immediately.

Free Spins

Types of Fast Payout Casinos

As with all other types of NZ casinos, same day withdrawal online casinos also have different subgenres that depend mostly on their payment methods.

If you’re looking for the fastest payouts but you’re rather unsure which method to use, then check out these different withdrawal methods.

Plus, each withdrawal method also has its unique features.

This means that each one will have different pros and cons, depending on your own preferences.

Fast Payout with e-Wallets

On casino sites, there are quite no other withdrawal methods like e-Wallets.

Although they may look extremely modern, e-Wallets have been around for over two decades now.

The first e-Wallet was PayPal, right before the turn of the millennium.

Since then, e-Wallets have become a staple of same day withdrawal online casinos, given that their biggest advantage is same day payouts.

To better understand e-Wallets, you have to look at them like a middleman that takes care of everything.

Usually, they are connected to your bank account, and whenever you’re looking to withdraw money or pay at a website, they take care of the entire transaction.

That’s how e-Wallets such as PayPal, Neteller, or Skrill have become so incredibly popular.

So, if you’re looking for same day withdrawals that are safe and extremely fast, then this is the best choice for you.

Quick Withdrawal with Crypto

Crypto started to make it into our modern online world back a few years ago.

Although Bitcoin dates back to November of 2008, it wasn’t until recently that fast payout casinos really took notice of these virtual currencies.

Since then, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and even Dogecoin have become a huge element within the iGaming industry.

What makes crypto so special when loading up or emptying your casino account, is that the transactions are anonymous, extremely fast, and also very safe.

Nevertheless, players must be well aware of two crucial aspects when paying with crypto at casino sites and that is the crypto fluctuation and that the online casino players themselves are in charge of getting the transactions done.

Instant Bank Transfers

So, you’ve got some hefty winnings lined up on your casino account and now you want to get them as fast as possible onto your bank account, right?

In this case, instant bank transfer options can be your best solution.

What an instant bank transfer can do for you is the same as a regular bank transfer, but without having to wait up to 7 business days (or sometimes even more).

An instant bank transfer works similarly to the classic procedure, although the difference is that you get your money from the casino NZ in no time.

High rollers tend to use the instant bank transfer option for big withdrawal requests, given that it’s a very reliable method that usually has not only great withdrawal times at fast payout casino sites but also higher limits.

critera for quick payout

Withdrawal Pending Time at Online Casinos

Something that a lot of players are unaware of is that online casinos do have pending time for each withdrawal request.

There are several reasons why online casinos do this, being the most obvious one the fact that most of them want you to cancel the withdrawal request and keep playing with your winnings.

In fact, some outdated online casino NZ sites still have tiresome procedures that can take days, stating that the casino NZ has to make sure that the withdrawal gets done correctly.

However, over time, online casino players stopped falling for this trick, which made more and more of them hunt down the fastest payout online casinos to avoid this inconvenience.


Criteria for Online Casinos to Payout Quick

There’s more to it than just avoiding the typical procedures that stall withdrawals or some limits.

The fastest payout casino does more than just that – it actually has a lot of criteria that have to be met, to call itself a fast payout gambling site.

A very important aspect about the fastest payout casino out there is that it has to be truly modern.

The casino NZ itself can’t simply emulate what others have done, since things have changed drastically in the iGaming industry.

Online casino players are always on the lookout for new and better features, thus putting a lot of pressure on the criteria that instant withdrawal casinos have to fulfill.

Let’s go further into the withdrawal method options that this type of payout online casino is willing to offer you.

Online Casinos, real money

Fast Casino Payment Methods

As you can see, it’s all about how the online casino pays.

In our review fast payout casinos, there are certain names that keep popping up, and that’s because they are the gateways to get fast payouts done.

Up next, we’ll share with you everything there is about the instant withdrawals you can get from the different payment services.

Here’s what you should know about the different fast payout casino methods in 2022.

Skrill Withdrawal Speed

The e-Wallet king out there is the hugely available Skrill e-Wallet.

Apart from maybe PayPal or Neteller, no other e-Wallet is as famous and widely accepted as Skrill in same day withdrawal casinos and even mobile casinos.

Skrill offers some amazing features to its customers, placing their main priority on safety and full convenience when paying at an online casino NZ.

That’s exactly why Skrill is considered to be the most sought-after e-Wallet in the fastest payout online casino sites, with most of them also offering promotions like the welcome bonus or free spins when depositing with this method.

Fastest Paying Skrill Casino

Are you interested in finding out what those free spins or welcome bonus offers are?

If so, then check out our favorite Skrill Casinos in New Zealand, which not only offer the fastest payouts, but also some incredible welcome bonus promotions and all sorts of free spins for the best pokies.

Neteller Withdrawal Speed

Right next to Skrill there’s Neteller.

Neteller is another outstanding e-Wallet that’s popular in the entire iGaming scene.

Once you visit your first online casino NZ, it’s extremely probable that you’ll find Neteller within the most popular payment method options.

Apart from ensuring the fastest payouts, Neteller is also a fully secure e-Wallet that offers the latest and most modern payment features.

That’s why more and more casino players are starting to use Neteller in online casinos, with free spins and welcome bonus offers as part of the sweet casino deal.

Neteller Casino with Quickest Withdrawal

If you have your Neteller account lined up and waiting to be used at a casino NZ, then check out the dame day withdrawal online casinos with Neteller that we’ve tested personally for you.

Apart from fast payouts, get your hands as well on the best free spins and welcome bonus deals that will take care of one kick-ass casino session!

Paysafecard Payout Speed

If there’s one type of payment method that’s different from all others, then it’s prepaid cards.

Prepaid cards are the perfect option to play anonymously at the fastest payout online casinos, without having to miss out on the free spins or welcome bonus fun.

Paysafecard is the most popular prepaid card worldwide, being available as physical cards at shops and local gas stations all over New Zealand.

The biggest perk of using Paysafecard for your casino NZ deposits is that you only have to use the actual code on your code.

Simply enter the digits and choose the amount you want to transfer onto the fastest payout online casino NZ.

Since we’re only talking about depositing, the online casino NZ won’t ask you for any further details, thus keeping your identity 100% anonymous and safe at all times.

Paysafecard Casinos with Fastest Payout

Perhaps you’ve noticed the different Paysafecards in New Zealand and now you’re interested in claiming those free spins or welcome bonus offers with them.

If so, then check out the best online casinos with Paysafecard and claim some truly amazing promotions.

Poli Payment Speed

There’s nothing better than using a local payment method that has proven time after time to be the perfect and instant payment solution.

Poli is known all over New Zealand, and our NZ casinos are happy to offer this method to ensure the best withdrawal time you can get while paying safely from your debit account.

What Poli does, in comparison to all other payment methods, is take money straight from your debit account and transfer it instantly to the merchant – in this case, the NZ online casinos.

The huge advantage that Poli has over all other payment method options is that it’s a local service, meaning that the availability and support are much better than any other method out there.

Poli Casinos with Instant Withdrawal

If you’re part of the Poli community and you’re dying to know what the best same day withdrawal online casinos are, then sit back and relax.

We’ve got you covered with some fantastic fast withdrawal casinos that are safe, offer outstanding withdrawal times, and plenty of welcome bonus offers and free spins to go around when paying with Poli.

These are the best Poli casinos of 2022:


Fast Crypto Casino Payouts

Apart from all the standard or regular payment options, there’s also the highly regarded crypto universe out there.

For some casino players, cryptocurrencies may seem like a long stretch, just to play some casino games.

However, crypto has some remarkable advantages in fast paying casinos.

That’s why we’ve tested the most popular currencies of 2022, to show you which are the most interesting ones that you can use in the fastest payout online casino in New Zealand.

Bitcoin Casino Payout

The most famous and popular cryptocurrency in the NZ casino business is BTC.

This doesn’t apply only to our iGaming industry but also to all other legal gambling sites that offer crypto as part of their payment method program.

Bitcoin attracts an astonishing number of players, with plenty of them taking also advantage of the constant exchange rate.

Over the last couple of years, Bitcoin Casinos have grown massively – with most of them offering exclusive free spins for BTC games and even crypto welcome bonus offers.

Tether Casino Withdrawal

Although Tether doesn’t have the same cult status as Bitcoin, it still is part of the huge iGaming crypto universe.

Up until 2019, Tether was under the USD wings, although this has changed since then.

Nowadays, Tether is reaching its all-time highest rate, which makes it more and more attractive to use this specific cryptocurrency in the fastest payout online casino.

The only drawback that Tether may have in comparison to all other currencies is that it had some media backlash.

Apart from that, Tether is becoming a staple in the crypto gambling scene.

Ethereum Casinos Payouts

The world’s second-biggest cryptocurrency is also a huge element in fast withdrawal casinos.

Investors and gamblers alike are using Ether for their only transactions, given how safe and technologically advanced the currency is.

Right now, Ethereum is climbing back to reach its highest exchange rate, which makes it very interesting for casino websites and their players – especially when using free spins and other offers.

Litecoin Casino Withdrawals

Perhaps not the second most popular, but definitely the second oldest cryptocurrency is Litecoin.

Using similar blockchain technology to Bitcoin, Litecoin has become a trustworthy and growing currency that has never failed to impress.

Similar to all other cryptocurrencies on this guide, Litecoin also guarantees an amazing withdrawal time, allowing players to do their own transactions – thus, not depending on the online casino.

Bonus Types

Benefits of Fastest Payout Online Casino NZ

With so much to talk about in our review fast payout casinos, we wanted to make this very long story a bit shorter.

That’s why we now want to explain to you each benefit that the fastest payout online casino NZ has to offer.

Check out if these benefits match your playing style and make sure to use them the next time you’re enjoying a good slot machine or table game at the fastest payout casinos:

  • The withdrawal time at the fastest payout online casino is much shorter.
  • There’s no need for manual flushing or any proofing on behalf of the online casino NZ.
  • Players can choose between several payment services such as e-Wallets, cryptocurrencies, or bank transfers.
  • Casinos that offer same day withdrawals are usually much more advanced and modern.
  • Most instant withdrawal casinos offer exclusive bonuses like free spins when paying with selected payment method services that offer fast payouts.

How to Choose a Casino with Fast Payouts?

To actually get started at same day withdrawal online casinos, you’ll simply have to know which one to choose.

Here are a couple of steps you need to check, before choosing your next fast payout gambling site:

  1. Make sure that the fastest withdrawal online casino is safe and legit.
  2. Create your first casino account, once you’re sure that the site has all the payment method options you may need.
  3. Take a look at the casino games, to see if the site has all the titles you may want to play or check out.
  4. Don’t simply pass on free spins or a good welcome bonus.
  5. Contact customer support to see if your chosen same day withdrawal casino is professional and willing to help you out.
Online Casinos, real money

NZ Online Casino Withdrawal Restrictions

Even the best online casinos do have certain restrictions – especially when it comes down to withdrawals.

That’s exactly why you can’t simply ignore the terms & conditions.

Before registering a casino account or requesting a withdrawal, make sure that the restrictions aren’t too harsh.

You’ll want instant payout casinos that have high limits (daily, weekly, and monthly), as well as fair bonus conditions that allow you to withdraw your bonus money without spending weeks fulfilling the wagering requirements.

Yet, what are the fairest online casinos that allow fast payouts?

Here are our top 10 of the best platforms that are happy to offer you same day payout online options.


Top 10 Same Day Withdrawal Online Casinos

If you want to know on what casino sites our own experts play, then check out the following online gambling sites that allow their players to withdraw money instantly:

Spin Casino – Fastest Payout

Each time we visit Spin Casino, we’re not only impressed about the number of slot games and free spins, but also the incredible same day withdrawals.

Spin Casino is fully licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority and other gambling authorities.

This means that no matter if you’re going to use bank transfers or e-Wallets, you’ll always be in the safest hands possible.

On top of that, Spin Casino has been on the market since 2001 and over the last two decades, this instant payout casino has always done its best to stay on top of the iGaming industry, offering amazing withdrawal time and payment options.

Zodiac Casino – Quick Withdrawal

All of the best software providers and games are waiting for NZ players at Zodiac Casino.

This site was also brought to life back in 2001 when the industry was still learning how to cope with the sudden change towards the online environment.

However, since then, Zodiac Casino has shown to be an SSL-certified oasis for players who are looking for the best casino payouts.

The biggest perk of Zodiac is in fact its withdrawal time when using methods such as eChecks, MuchBetter, Neteller, Skrill, and tons of other payment services.

Captain Cooks Casino

Salute the captain and his endless number of payment method services in New Zealand.

With up to three different gambling licenses, Captain Cooks Casino is not only legit but also the perfect place to claim free spins and other juicy promotions.

Currently, Captain Cooks Casino offers a staggering amount of high-quality games and some great payment conditions.

Therefore, no matter if you’re just getting to know the iGaming industry or you consider yourself a big dog – the Captain will surely fulfill all your needs.

SkyCity Casino – Same Day Payout

Looking for the fastest payout online casino NZ that has 500+ games, a $100 bonus for new customers, and a solid Malta Gaming Authority license? Then definitely check out SkyCity Casino.

We’re always impressed with the high-end gambling platform that is SkyCity Casino in New Zealand.

This site not only focuses on free spins and bonus money but also on its mobile casinos and instant payments.

Therefore, players who are searching for an all-around trustworthy yet fun casino NZ can rely on SkyCity Casino and all of its withdrawal methods in 2022.

LeoVegas Casino – Fast Payout

LeoVegas is not only one of the most famous and top-rated online casinos out there, but it’s also an incredible sports betting site that caters to all sorts of iGamers out there.

The site is perhaps one of the most popular fast payout casinos out there, which has its own native casino app – thus making it a great platform for NZ players who want the best mobile casinos in 2022.

LeoVegas is also incredibly safe, thanks to its multiple gambling licenses.

If we had to say one negative aspect about playing at LeoVegas, is that there aren’t enough hours in a day to enjoy every feature of this reputable online casino.

Dunder Casino – Instant Withdrawal

The first thing that you’ll notice about Dunder Casino is that the site is happy to throw up to $600 and 200 free spins at you.

This is quite a hefty welcome bonus for an instant payout casino.

On top of that, you also get all sorts of withdrawal methods with some great conditions.

The online casino is obviously also completely safe and trustworthy.

Royal Vegas Casino – Instant Payout

For those out there looking for that Las Vegas vibe, there’s no better online casino than Royal Vegas.

This fast payout casino has every type of game you could ask for, going from pokies to video poker, blackjack, roulette, and jackpot games.

Plus, with all the withdrawal methods you can choose from, Royal Vegas is also a haven for high rollers looking to withdraw huge winnings, after having played the best live dealer games in 2022.

Oh, and there’s also a great mobile casino – meaning, you can play Royal Vegas wherever and whenever you want.

888 Casino – Fast Withdrawal

Known all over the world, 888 Casino is one of the iGaming juggernauts you’ll most likely stumble upon when looking for great NZ online casinos.

The great thing about 888 Casino is not only its solid online casino and sports betting program, but there’s also a huge amount of special promotions like free spins and even no deposit bonuses going around.

One thing that makes 888 Casino so unique, is that the site even offers special poker tables.

So, if you’re looking for the best games and fast payouts, then this is the casino for you.

Jackpot City – Same Day Withdrawal

One of the fastest-growing online casinos worldwide is the state-of-the-art Jackpot City Online Casino.

This gambling platform has made a name for itself with its multiple promotions, fast payouts, top-rated games, and licenses.

That’s why Jackpot City is becoming a household name, which simply can’t be ignored when looking for fast casino payouts.

Lucky Nugget – Quick Payout

Last but not least, we’ve got Lucky Nugget.

This online casino NZ is as unique and trustworthy as all others we just mentioned.

And although this fast payout casino hasn’t the same game portfolio as for example 888 or LeoVegas, players can claim a $1,000 welcome bonus which has amazing wagering requirements.

On top of that, you can enjoy their live dealer casino games from all devices by simply heading to the mobile casino.


Features of Fast Withdrawal Casinos NZ

Before we reach the end of this fast payout casino guide, we want to share with you the main benefits and drawbacks of these sites.

Here are the biggest ups and downs of fast paying casinos in New Zealand:

Drawbacks of Fast Payout Casino Sites

  • Not all online casinos give players the change of same day payouts.
  • Only a handful of payment options like instant bank transfers can be used.
  • Some payment services don’t qualify for the welcome bonus of free spins at instant payout casinos.

Benefits of Online Casinos with Instant Withdrawal

  • You can transfer your winnings onto your bank account instantly.
  • No need for manual flushing or any other procedures that delay the transactions.
  • Same day withdrawal casino sites are usually very trustworthy and safe.
  • Casinos with instant withdrawals tend to be more modern.
  • There’s a wider choice of fast payout methods like cryptocurrency or e-Wallets.

Best Fastest Payout Online Casino NZ Sites

No deposit bonus

No deposit bonus

21 Casino

21 Free Spins No Deposit

Get Bonus

18+. Play Responsibly. New players only | T&C apply

No deposit bonus

No deposit bonus

Slot Planet Casino

22 Spins No Deposit

Get Bonus

18+. Play Responsibly. New players only | T&C apply

No deposit bonus

No deposit bonus

Betzest Casino

NZ$5 No Deposit

Get Bonus

New Customer Offer - 18+ | T&C apply

$10 Deposit Bonuses

$10 Deposit Bonuses

Casoola Casino

Deposit $10 get 200 Free Spins

Get Bonus

18+ New Customers only | T&C apply

$10 Deposit Bonuses

$10 Deposit Bonuses

Casino Cruise

Deposit $10 get 200 Free Spins

Get Bonus

18+ New Customers only | T&C apply

$10 Deposit Bonuses

$10 Deposit Bonuses

Duelz Casino

Deposit $10 get 200 Free Spins

Get Bonus

18+ New Customers only | T&C apply


Both the fastest payout methods and the casino withdrawal times and limits make for faster payments that players can use to transfer quicker the winnings from their casino account onto their own personal accounts.

That depends on the casino. Casinos with instant payments tend to take under a day, although the chosen payment method is also a major part of the entire process.

The casinos that pay the same day are usually ones that are called same day withdrawal online casinos. These are platforms that have a wide arrange of payment services and special withdrawal times.

Normally, you can get your winnings between 15 minutes and 24 hours. In normal online casinos, withdrawals can take between 3 to 7 business days.

Because online casinos usually have withdrawal procedures with manual flushing to check each transaction or give players the chance to cancel requests.

Instant payout casinos usually don’t take more than a day to release the withdraws and place them onto the players bank account.