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In this guide, we’ll delve into the fascinating realm of cashback bonuses, dissecting their inner workings and weighing their pros and cons. We intend to help players of all expertise levels make the best decisions at online casinos by using the most interesting bonuses!

Top 10 Online Casinos with Cashback Offers - 2023 Rankings

Welcome bonus

100% Up to 2000 NZD + 150 Free Spins




Play NowWazamba Review

18+ New Customers only | T&C apply

Welcome bonus

100 % UP TO NZ$1000 + 20% CB




Play NowCasino Universe Review

18+ New Customers only | T&C apply

Welcome bonus

100% Up to NZ$123 + Always 10% Cashback




Play NowFun Casino Review

18+ New Customers only | T&C apply

Welcome bonus

NZ$500 + 600 Free Spins




Play NowJustspin Casino Review

18+ New Customers only | T&C apply

Welcome bonus

NZ$99 + 99 Free Spins




Play NowYako Casino Review

18+ New Customers only | T&C apply

Welcome bonus

100% up to NZ$500




Play Now22BET Casino Review

18+ New Customers only | T&C apply

Welcome bonus

NZ$2700 Bonus + 150 Free Spins




Play Now1XBET Casino Review

18+ New Customers only | T&C apply

Welcome bonus

100% Up to NZ$800 + 100 Free Spins




Play NowNomini Casino Review

18+ New Customers only | T&C apply

Welcome bonus

100% Up to NZ$1500




Play Now1xSLOTS Casino Review

18+ New Customers only | T&C apply

Welcome bonus





Play NowBetwinner Review

18+ New Customers only | T&C apply

How We Rate Online Casinos with Cashbacks

Our staff at has a wealth of knowledge in reviewing cashback bonuses at online casinos. We carefully evaluate many important criteria to guarantee that our readers are only presented with the best selections. We consider the following factors in our ratings:


When choosing a cashback casino online, trustworthiness is essential. We only recommend reputable casinos for our users’ security and peace of mind. Different factors, such as rules and regulations, are considered. Casinos must get licenses from recognized regulatory bodies to prove they follow the business’s rules and regulations. 

We also use user reviews and comments to determine how to improve the game. Fair games, safe deposits and withdrawals, and responsive customer service indicate a reputable online casino. We put our users’ privacy, security, and happiness first by only recommending legit online casinos.

step 1

Mobile-Friendliness & User Experience

Today’s most important factors to consider while ranking online casinos are mobile friendliness and a smooth user experience. We extensively test a casino’s website and app’s responsiveness to guarantee that players can access their favorite games from any mobile device. 

Players may easily access their accounts, move around the games, and collect cashback benefits from any location via a mobile-friendly website or a specialized mobile app. Users will have a good time with the game because of how well it is organized and how simple it is to get to the needed features. 

Our dedication to mobile casinos and their user satisfaction guarantees that our readers may have a fun and satisfying gaming experience regardless of where they happen to be.

step 2

Cashback Amount and its Terms & Conditions

When weighing cashback bonuses, the quantity and terms and conditions of the cashback are essential. We scrutinize all of these factors to see whether or not the cashback offer is reasonable. The casino’s cashback percentage should be a top priority. A greater percentage suggests that a larger fraction of a player’s net losses may be refunded in cash. 

We also examine the methodology used to compute the cashback total. Some casinos calculate it based on the total amount gambled, while others use a loss-per-period metric. We guarantee an open and honest process of calculating the results. 

We check out the cashback bonus’s associated wagering requirements, as well. With reasonable wagering limitations, players can turn their rewards into hard cash. We also determine whether games are qualified for the cashback offer. 

To guarantee that players may enjoy their chosen games while getting the most out of their cashback bonuses, a wide variety of games are eligible. Our team extensively researches each cashback bonus we provide to ensure it provides real value and a positive experience for our users.

step 3

Diversity of Games & Game Providers

When comparing online casinos that give cashback, it’s important to look at the variety of games and the reliability of the game suppliers. We understand that gamers have diverse tastes and appreciate various genres and gameplay styles. 

We consider several aspects to meet these demands. We begin by analyzing the casino’s selection of games across the most popular genres, including slots, table games, live dealer games, and specialty games. 

It’s essential to have a wide variety of games so players may pick ones that suit their tastes and deliver engaging experiences. The casino’s relationships with software providers are also assessed. 

Top-tier software providers are noted for their ability to create games that are both original and enjoyable to play. If a casino is willing to work with established companies, it shows it is serious about providing its customers with high-quality services. We also take into account the casino’s release schedule for new games. 

The casino’s ability to keep up with industry trends and supply players with new and exciting gaming material is shown by the frequency with which new releases are added to the library. 

We’ve made it our mission to guarantee that all of the casinos we suggest have a large selection of high-quality games available to its players by working with reputable game producers and placing a premium on game variety.

step 4

Minimum & Maximum Stake Limits

When deciding between online casinos, it’s crucial to consider the minimum and maximum bet limitations related to cashback bonuses. We recognize that players have a wide range of betting capabilities and preferences. We review these aspects to ensure they are approachable and adaptable to various requirements. 

The cashback offer is accessible to gamers of all financial means because of the low required minimum investment. Because of this, gamers of various financial means may profit from the cashback bonus. 

The maximum bets may vary widely, making the site suitable for low-stakes gamers and high rollers. It allows players to adjust the stakes to their liking, so they may play at a level that suits their budget and strategy. 

We also check that the wagering requirements are consistent with the casino’s cashback. Our goal is to provide a fun and welcoming environment for all of our players by recommending cashback bonuses that are accessible, flexible, and appropriate for normal players and high rollers.

step 5

What is a Cashback Bonus?

Online casinos often run promotions in the form of cashback bonuses. Cashbacks are based on your losses rather than your deposits, unlike free cash bonuses like welcome bonuses, free spins, and no deposit bonuses

As compensation for your losses, they provide a certain rate of cashback. Players may get some of their money back if they lose, which keeps them in the game longer and can soften the blow of bad luck.

What is casino cashback

How Does Cashback Work?

With a cashback, the player receives a cashback on their net losses. The computation is based on the player’s actions across a set period, which may be anything from one day to one month. If a casino gives a payback bonus of 10% and a player loses NZD 500 within the promotional period, the player will get NZD 50.

It is common practice to consider cashback credited to a player’s account as bonus money. This might imply limits on what games can be played with the cashback or a minimum wagering requirement before the cashback can be withdrawn. Players may need to meet certain restrictions to pay the cash bonus or any wins accrued.

Cashbacks provide players with financial security by allowing them to recoup some of their losses. It enhances the fun and value of gaming by giving gamers more money to keep playing their favorite games.

Why Do Online Casinos Offer Cashbacks?

To attract and keep customers, online casinos provide cashback. It shows how much they care about their customers and is a perk for sticking around. By offering cashback, casinos try to make their customers feel secure in the knowledge that they would be compensated for their losses regardless of whether or not lady luck was on their side when playing.

Providing gamers with cashback is another way to reward their loyalty. Players may stick around a casino if they can earn back some of their losses. It’s a win-win since the players are made to feel valued, and the casinos get to keep their patrons for longer.

It’s also possible to use cashback as a marketing strategy for drawing in new customers. A casino that offers a payback bonus may stand out from the crowd. Players who want the extra safety and value of cashback benefits will find this a compelling selling feature.

Online casinos employ cashback bonuses to reward loyal customers, attract new ones, and improve the gaming experience.

How to Claim a Cashback Casino Bonus

The procedures necessary to get a cashback casino bonus are as follows:

Select Online Casino

Select an Online Casino With a Cashback Offer

To get started, choose a reputable online casino with a cashback bonus. It’s important to choose a reliable new online casino that offers cashback rewards that are both honest and straightforward. provides a hand-picked selection of trustworthy New Zealand online casinos offering cashback promotions – whether it’s for slots or live dealer games.

Deposit and play casino

Deposit & Play

After deciding on a casino, sign up for an account and add funds to start playing. To be eligible for the casino’s cashback offer, a minimum deposit with PayPal, POLi, or other deposit methods may be required. Go ahead and spend the allotted time at the casino indulging in the thrills and amusement that your preferred games provide.

Get Cashback

Get the Cashback

The casino will total up your losses from play throughout the specified time frame when the period ends. Your account will be rewarded with the cashback amount, often a proportion of your net losses. 

The cashback amount will typically be credited to your bonus account. Wagering limits or other limitations may be associated with the cashback promotion, so read the bonus conditions. After fulfilling the conditions, you may withdraw or use the payback amount for further gaming.

Terms & Conditions of Cashbacks

The criteria and advantages of cashback bonuses may only be completely understood by familiarizing oneself with the terms and conditions of these programs. Here are some crucial factors to think about:

Minimum Deposit

There is usually a minimum deposit needed to get a cashback bonus. This rule guarantees that players actively participate in the casino and contribute meaningfully before being eligible for the cashback program. 

To ensure you are eligible for the cashback bonus and can take advantage of its perks, check out if it’s a $1 minimum deposit casino, a $5 minimum deposit casino, or more.

Percentage of the Cashback

The proportion of your net losses will be refunded to you as the cashback percentage sets a cashback bonus. The rates offered by casinos may range widely, from 5 percent to 25 percent or more. 

It’s crucial to check the percentage granted by the casino when thinking about a cashback bonus. If the cashback % is higher, then more of your losses will be compensated in cash. Your cashback bonus may be increased by playing at a casino that offers a larger cashback percentage.

Max Cashback Amount in NZD

There may be a limit on how much you may get in cashback bonuses. This cap establishes the maximum cash you may get back from the casino. This maximum cashback amount is often expressed in New Zealand dollars (NZD) and should be considered. With knowledge of the cashback cap, you may adjust your expectations and play style appropriately.

Game Contribution

There may be a certain proportion of games that count for cashback bonuses. Each game’s % contribution to the total cashback is shown below. Checking the rules of each game to identify which ones have larger contribution rates is essential. 

Some casinos may emphasize games like online slots or not allow some games. Knowing how much each game contributes to the cashback total, you may prioritize playing the games that give you the most bang for your buck.

With this information, you’ll be better equipped to choose which games to play and earn the most cashback bonuses.

Types of Casino Cashback Offers

A wide variety of cashback bonuses are available at online casinos to meet the needs of different players. The typical casino cashback promotions include:

Cashback on All Losses

In this cashback promotion, you will get a certain proportion of your total net losses from all games played. It’s a complete safety net for gaming that covers your cumulative losses over a certain time frame. Thanks to the cashback policy, you may get some of your money back in the form of a cashback award for your losses in each game you play.

Daily/Weekly/Monthly Cashback

Daily, weekly, and monthly cashback bonuses are offered by several casinos. Players that put in a lot of hours will be rewarded often with these cashback deals. Players that are active and devoted to the casino are rewarded regularly with cashback, whether it’s daily, weekly, or monthly.

VIP Cashback

High rollers players often get cash bonuses as part of VIP or loyalty programs. These premium cashback benefits are an extra perk for our most loyal customers. High rollers might benefit from VIP cashback since they are designed with them in mind and provide greater cashback percentages or higher limitations on cashback sums. The VIP player’s gaming experience is improved by these special cashback bonuses, reflecting the player’s higher status and worth.

Benefits of the Casino Cashback

Cashback bonuses improve players' gaming experience and provide value via various benefits. Key advantages of cashback bonuses include:

Used As a Surprise By Many NZ Online Casinos

Online casinos in New Zealand often provide unexpected promotions, like cashback bonuses. For players, the possibility of an unexpected financial reward for their efforts increases the fun and excitement of the game. This unexpected cashback adds an air of excitement and gratitude to the gaming experience.

Reducing Losses & Lengthening Play

Cashback bonuses are a great way to cut down on losses and keep you in the game for longer. Players may get some of their money back if the casino gives them a cashback equal to a certain proportion of their net losses. 

This lessens the blow of unfortunate sessions and extends gamers’ time to enjoy their games. Cashback serves as a safety net, giving players a second opportunity to transform a lost session into a profitable one.

No Wagering Requirements

Cashback bonuses are unique because they often have no or low wagering requirements. The player can do anything with the cashback money; no strings attached or wagering requirements. 

It removes all restrictions on how or where gamers can spend their cashback rewards, so they may use them for anything they choose. The lack of wagering limitations for cashback bonuses allows for more versatility and ease of usage.

Online Casinos Could Offer Them Regularly

Online casinos may provide players with cash-back bonuses. Casinos recognize the allure and value of cashback for players. Therefore, they may include them as regular promotional offerings. 

Players are assured of continual bonuses for their loyalty and involvement thanks to regular cashback offers’ steady prizes and advantages. The possibility of getting cashback benefits regularly improves players’ entire casino experience and makes them feel valued and appreciated.

Disadvantages of the Casino Cashback

There are positives to cash-back bonuses, but you should also think about the negatives. Several drawbacks are listed here.

Not Widely Available

Not all online casinos provide cashback bonuses, which is a major drawback. Despite the prevalence of cash-back bonuses, not all casinos will provide them. This may require players to actively seek out casinos that provide cashback promotions, reducing the number of casinos they may choose from.

May Apply For a Restricted Number of Games

The games that qualify for cashback benefits are only sometimes clearly stated. Certain casinos may offer cashback only on a small subset of games. Players whose tastes are broad or who have tried and loved games that aren’t on the list may find this restrictive. Read the bonus conditions to determine whether your favorite games are eligible for the cashback bonus.

Expiration Date

There is often a time limit on cash-back offers. This implies a time limit on when gamers may spend their cash rewards. The cashback will be forfeited unless it is claimed before the end of the promotional period. For the cashback benefit to be fully used, players must keep track of the expiry dates and strategically arrange their games.

Cashback Percentage is Relatively Small

It’s common for casinos to give a smaller payback % than they do for other sorts of bonuses, such as welcome bonuses or deposit matching. While getting some of your money back is always nice, gamers may discover that the percentage only adds up to a little compared to their total losses. Remember that cashback percentages are often intended to give a partial recovery rather than a total refund and adjust your expectations accordingly.

Cashback FAQ

Many elements, including individual choice, go into choosing the best cashback casino in New Zealand. However, we do highly recommend the casinos on our lists. They provide a good selection of games, outstanding customer service, safe payment methods, and a large rewards scheme. You should check out their website, where they have a cashback offer and plenty of other cool stuff.

Cashback bonuses may be used in addition to other bonuses offered by online casinos. It’s important to check the bonus conditions of each bonus to make sure they may be combined, however. It is vital to be informed of any conditions or limits before claiming numerous bonuses at once since certain online casinos may have restrictions or limitations on mixing separate offers.

How they are granted is the primary distinction between a reload bonus and a cashback. A reload bonus is a bonus given to players who have already made a deposit and are looking to add to their bankroll. When a player receives a cashback bonus, the casino reimburses them for some of their net losses. Reload bonuses encourage players to deposit more money, while cashback cushion players from financial setbacks.

Depending on the casino’s policies, not all games played there will be eligible for cashback. Cashback may be utilized on any game at certain casinos, but just certain games or game genres in others. To find out which games may be played with your money, see the terms and restrictions or contact customer care. That way, you can spend your cashback bonus on the games you really care about.

High rollers are just some of the ones who can get cashback. All skill levels may benefit from this offer. All players may benefit from cashback, while high rollers may get a bigger return on their investment owing to the greater sums they bet. With cashback, gamers may compensate for some of their losses and keep playing longer. They’re beneficial no matter how much you bet or how much you spend at the casino.

The typical cashback rate offered by casinos differs for each casino and each cashback promotion. Cashback rates for players’ net losses are typically between 5% and 25%. However, it’s crucial to remember that this varies widely across different casinos and offers. Some casinos, particularly those catering to high rollers or running limited-time specials, may provide larger percentages. You should check the bonus conditions of each cashback offer to see the exact percentage being provided.

The payback amount will often be applied to your account immediately. The casino will determine your net losses for the time period and add the cashback to your account after that time has elapsed. You should check the bonus conditions to see if there are any further requirements or if you have to submit a manual cash-back claim. If you have any questions about the casino’s cashback policy, don’t hesitate to contact customer care.

Cashback bonuses are only available at some New Zealand online casinos. Some casinos provide unique promotions, such as cashback bonuses. It is important to examine the promotions or bonus sections of each casino to verify whether they provide cashback bonuses, however, many reputable casinos do feature cashback promos as part of their bonus packages. To make it simpler for players in New Zealand to identify and take advantage of cashback bonuses, presents a list of recommended casinos that provide them.

Conclusion is a reliable resource for gamblers in New Zealand, providing them with information on cashback bonuses. helps New Zealand players find the best cashback casinos by comparing them based on several criteria, including but not limited to player reviews, mobile compatibility, cashback terms, game selection, and maximum bet sizes. 

Cashback bonuses have the possibility for stock availability in addition to benefits like surprise promotions, reduced losses, and no wagering restrictions. However, you should be aware of the limits, such as not being redeemable at all casinos, a limited selection of games, a time limit, and a lower payback rate. 

We at help Kiwis find their way around cashback bonuses and have a better time at online casinos. To guarantee that gamers always have access to the best cashback offers, is dedicated to regularly researching and updating its suggestions.

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