Online Roulette

Roulette is found in just about every casino across the world. However, as much as it's familiar to everyone, majority of players don't understand the rules and strategies used in the game. Roulette takes a lot of patience, thinking, and calculation to get on the winning route. For those reasons, read on to find out everything regarding one of the most popular casino games.

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Which are the best casinos for online Roulette?

The best casinos for online roulette are

  1. Dunder
  2. Casumo
  4. 888
  5. 777
  6. 22Bet
  7. Melbet
  8. Twin

How to play Roulette

Roulette is very easy to play. Players make a wager by placing their chips on the table. After they do this, the wheel part of the table will spin and the Roulette ball will start moving. Eventually, the ball lands on a number, and if a player's wager matches the spot the ball has landed on, then they win. Otherwise, the player can spin again.

Although it sounds pretty straight-up and easy, in reality, it takes much more than just basic rules to win on roulette.

There are so many bets to choose from and each one can bring a different type of profit. It all depends on the goal of the player.

Those wanting a safer bet can stake on double chance and double up their initial bet. On the other hand, those looking for a higher payout can stake low on numbers and get a considerable amount if the number lands.

Players can also combine double chances and numbers to form a very decent hand with lots of possibilities. Guessing the exact number can bring up to x36 of the stake on that number if playing European roulette. Double zero roulette pays out differently.

Nowadays, players can access roulette tables faster than ever before. Online casinos always have at least one table available and offer multiple roulette types.

Rules Of Roulette

As previously mentioned, the goal of Roulette is for the player to guess the number the ball will stop on after the wheel has stopped spinning. However, there are a number of bets players can choose from, and each bet has a different payout.

Also, the rule is that bets have to be placed before the dealer says no more bets are allowed. This is why players have to place their bets very quickly. If a player asks, the dealer will assist with placing a bet for them. This rule extends to online Roulette.

Bets in Roulette are either outside or inside bets. Inside bets typically have larger payouts than outside bets, but outside bets have higher odds of winning.

With outside bets, players can bet odd/even, black/red, or place column bets. With inside bet, players place their chips on a number that they are hoping will come up as the winning number. Inside bets allow players to win more money, but if players want to increase their chances of winning, then they should place a row bet.

Note: It doesn't matter if a player plays online Roulette or Roulette at a brick-and-mortar casino, they can make inside bets or outside bets.

Besides Martingale strategies, there are number series that can be used as efficient strategies as well.

The series strategy doesn't require doubling up the bet after each loss. The roulette wheel consists of 3 main sectors or series; series 5/8, orphelins, series 0/2/3, and zero game.

Each sector has a different amount of numbers going from 12,8,10 and 7 for each of the mentioned series respectively.

Using the series strategy is very easy; focus on one sector and play it over and over again. If the ball doesn't land in the desired sector in several spins, the player can replace it with another sector.

Roulette Strategies

There are many basic strategies players can use for Roulette. Some of these strategies include:

1. The Martingale Strategy: This strategy involves finding a Roulette game that has a high maximum bet and a small minimum bet. With this strategy, players start off with small bets on red or black, 19-36 or even or odd. If a player wins, then they want to make the same bet again and keep their winnings. If the player loses, then they want to double down on their original bet. For example, if the player loses $5 on red, then they will bet $10 on red again. However, if the player wins on their second bet, then they keep the winnings and then bet the original amount.

The process is repeated until the player has won an amount they are satisfied with or when they have lost all their money.

2. The Reverse Martingale Strategy: With this strategy, the player chooses a Roulette table that has a small minimum bet and a high max bet. Just like with the Martingale strategy, they place a small wager on even/odd, black or red, or 19-36, or 1-18. The player keeps their wager on the same spot until they win. Until they actually win, they will keep placing down small wagers.

When the player does win, they double their bet in the next round. If the player keeps winning, they will keep on doubling their bet or going back to their original bet when they lose.

It's important for players to understand that the Reverse Martingale strategy is very risky because timing plays a crucial role in whether or not they will succeed with it.

History Of Roulette

Roulette's history goes way back to the 18th century. Hence, the first form of the game was created in France, and many believe the inventor Blaise Pascal created the first version of it. Also, the game is a hybrid of Biribi (An Italian game) and a gaming wheel that was created in 1720. Its present form has been played since 1796.

In the late 1790s, the Roulette wheels found in Paris casinos had black, which symbolized a double zero, and red, which symbolized a single zero. However, this confused many people and eventually, green was chosen for the zeros. Therefore, in 1843, the Roulette wheel featuring a single zero was introduced and started appearing in Ban Homburg in Germany.

It wasn't until the 19th century when Roulette started to gain popularity throughout America and Europe. It quickly became one of the most popular games found in casinos.

Whether players go online to play Roulette or they go to a casino, they can use the basic strategies previously discussed. The rules of the game are also the same, and just as fun to play.

These days, roulette is certainly one of the most popular live casino games. Moreover, its availability online made it even more popular and major online casino content providers have their version of this all-time casino favorite.

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