Online Three Card Poker

Three card poker is a fun game to play in the casinos and at home with friends. It is one of the easiest card games to play. The rules and parameters of the game are very easy to understand. Probably the worst card player could actually win at three card poker. There is no bluffing, there is no playing against the other people's cards at the table. If a person is not comfortable with bluffing, this is the perfect game for them. The only person a player's hand plays against in three card poker is the dealer's. Here are the simple facts about three card poker.

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How to Play Three Card Poker

There has to be a bet on the ante to start. Then when the cards are dealt the player either plays or folds. Two additional bets called the pair plus or prime can be made. Before the player looks at their cards they decide whether to put bets on the pair plus or prime. When the player looks at their cards, they put money equal to the ante to play. Then the dealer flips their cards to determine winnings. The dealer has to have at least a queen. So does the player. The following cards and their rank will determine whether the player wins or loses against the dealer. Players are only playing against the dealer. An example would be the dealer has a queen of diamonds, 4 of spades, and a 6 of hearts. Let's say the player's hand is all hearts. They have a queen of hearts, a jack of hearts, and a 2 of hearts. This means the player wins the ante and their ante bet to play. Then the player also wins the prime bet, because they have all the same suit. But if the player bet on the pair plus, they will lose that bet. They lose, because they did not have a pair. Here are more rules about the game and betting. Some of the details are repeated for clarification.

Basic Rules of the Game

There are four possible bets to be made. One is mandatory, the ante. The minimum and maximum bets are set by the house. Three bets are optional and one is mandatory. The mandatory bet is the ante. The two optional bets are the pair plus bet and the prime bet. The fourth bet determines whether a player plays or not. The ante bet is the bet that the player will match when they get their three cards and decide to play or fold. If a player folds they will lose their ante bet. The least a player can lose is the ante bet after a fold. If a player plays they match the ante bet. The dealer's hand will determine whether a player wins or loses this bet. Even if a player loses the bet, they could win if they bet on the prime and pair plus. A player will win the pair plus if they have a pair. The player will win the prime if they have all the same suit even if their numbers were lower than the dealers. A player will win the ante if they win against the dealer by having a queen and their other two cards are higher than the dealer.

Basic Strategy in the Game

The basic strategy of the game three card poker is simple. If a player has anything stronger than a queen,6, and 4 of any suit, then the player should bet. If the player has anything lower than a queen, 6, and 4 the player should fold. It is mathematical. If the hand is lower than a queen, 6, and a four, the probability of winning is so low.

Play Three card poker in New Zealand

History about the Game

Three card poker, as it is now, is fairly new to the gambling scene. The game derived from an old British card game called Brag. Brag is similar to three card poker, but not exactly the same. In 1994, a British man named Derek Webb was bored with the long often boring games of poker. He basically combined old poker and Brag to form the current version of the three card poker. Webb went through a major process to convince casinoes to accept his new game. They eventually came around and this new quick fun card game is finally played all over the world in casinos.

Three card poker is an exciting quick casino game that moves fast. Gamblers have fallen in love with the game ever since Derek Webb set out to have casinos include it in their card table line-ups. Both dealers and players enjoy the simplicity of the modified poker game. It is possible to practice three card poker a bit at home with family and friends. When it is time, going to a casino and playing three card poker can be a winning experience.