BGC Strikes Back Against Illegal Online Ads


There is no better way for a new online casino to attract players than by advertisements, but now BGC lands a new code.

The regulation will apply to those ads that aren't clearly stating the 18+ gambling age restriction.

The Betting and Gambling Council this way strives to protect the under 18s and reduce casino influence on them.

From now on, all such advertisements will have to be strictly aimed for persons above the age of 25.

BGC – Rules of the New Code

Nowadays most casino sites use ads for their web page promotion.

Many new players are coming into the game this way and, unfortunately, many under 18s as well.

The BGC takes the matter into their own hands by announcing the new age-related gambling code.

The main reason for this new code becoming active is the result of special control run by the Advertising standards control body.

The audit showed unsatisfying results as several online casinos were advertised with no clear 18+ designation.

Not even bingo games can be advertised without clearly stating that gambling is for persons above the age of 18.

This new code brings significant changes to the online gambling industry. Casinos will now have to be more careful with advertisements and age restriction information.

Pop-up ads in the search engine will have to carry an easily visible mark of the age restriction.

These ads are accessible by the young ones, so new changes will at least prevent them from entering the industry too early.

BGC with this code takes a great step towards making internet platforms protect people under the age of 18.

Situations that the Code refers to

Besides search engine ads, several more ad types are under ”investigation”.

YouTube ads will also have to clearly state the gambling age restriction as the platform is frequently visited by the young.

BGC doesn’t only protect people from casino site promotional ads. Advertisements offering online casino bonuses such as free spins will also have to contain the required elements.

Social media ads are counting in here as well. All social media ads have to clearly state the requirements.

The BGC shows how respectable it is for an organization with this new regulation.

There are always those casinos looking to find a hole in the code for the benefit of their web advertising.

That's where the new regulation steps in; all sites that are members of BGC will have to honor the new advertising requirements.

As much as it is a rare situation, some casinos can justify not meeting the code in case their ads are specifically targeting the 18+.

Gambling should be exclusively for fun and that is exactly what the BGC strives to.

In the modern age where information is accessible by everyone, gambling ads should honor the new regulation.

Hopefully, this code will protect young people at least until they turn over 18.


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