Entain PLC is the new GVC Holdings


Entain PLC

One of the leading online gambling foundations, GVC Holdings, sets a new corporate course as its name gets switched for Entain PLC.

The company, therefore, looks to include several refreshments to its already successful business.

As one of the main operators in the online gaming field, Entain PLC will take in a new set of corporate goals.

Since GVC Holdings was a leader in the online betting and gambling industry, big results are expected from them as its successor.

As major changes are awaiting to happen, continue reading for a better comprehension of this rebrand.

What made GVC switch to Entain PLC?

GVC Holdings was known for the creation of unique betting and online casino platforms and solutions in over 20 countries worldwide.

The brand now known as Entain PLC includes some of the world’s largest gaming chains.

Betting brands like bWin, Ladbrokes, and Gala are just some of the betting sites under operation by the them.

On the other hand, major online casino sites are also members of their lineup.

Some reputable online casinos like Foxy Games, Party Casino, Party Poker, and Gala Spins are sub-brands of Entain PLC.

Nevertheless, along with all that great success, there is a great responsibility as well. Not all the brands operated by them run in regulated areas.

Entain PLC now wants to make all of its revenue coming from strictly national-regulated sources.

Unfortunately, this might mean that some of the brands require revising, while most of the major sites under Entain PLC will still be in function.

Making better conditions for players

Certainly, the main goal of Entain PLC will be to make better playing conditions for its players.

Security of personal player information will be different as the company now enters strict markets.

Plenty of new casino deposit bonuses will be available for players on Entain PLC sites as well.

The goal of the company is also to provide support to communities where sub-brands operate.

A better corporate structure is surely the main goal as the business strives to provide better conditions for players and employees.

Although the GVC Holdings brand was one of the most successful in the field, Entain PLC picks up from where it stopped.

With new and better structural goals that the company is focusing on all levels, astonishing results are coming soon.

Nevertheless, Entain PLC continues to support most of the brands operated by the company.

Players in regulated areas will experience no sudden changes since only improvements are possible.

As for those that stake on sites outside of regulated jurisdiction zones, they will find another solution.

New sub-brands are certainly on the way as Entain PLC always works on crafting new partnerships.

Ultimately, this change and rebrand of GVC Holdings can only result in positive changes in the industry.

As the company operates major betting and gambling sites, the improvements should be present in no time.


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