Gambling apps are now available in Google Store


Groundbreaking news strikes the online casino market in NZ as now players can enjoy wagering on Google Store gambling apps.

Gambling and betting permits will get additional regulations to provide players with online casino offerings.

It’s a huge step into making the gambling apps from Google Store accessible for NZ players.

NZ gambling apps will therefore follow the guidance of the UK, Irish, French, and Brazilian market.

Even more, countries will gain access to gambling apps on Google Store this way so stay tuned for details!

About the approval of Google Store gambling apps

Before the new regulations took place, players in just several jurisdiction zones had access to gambling apps.

Luckily, this year brings new regulations regarding the advertisement and availability of these apps.

More and more countries are making use of the regulations as Google Store will serve gambling apps.

Still, there’s much more to the deal than one can initially imagine. Namely, before this deal, online casinos offered their apps on their websites.

Players could download these apps that are made eligible for use on Android devices. However, this method causes several inconveniences, making the market figure out a better solution.

It’s clear that by downloading the gambling apps directly from Google Store, players can benefit the most.

Online casinos in NZ will offer all their premium slots and casino games on these gambling apps provided on Google Store.

Among the countries involved, they will become legal in NZ, Australia, Germany, Canada, Denmark, Mexico, and more.

Players will get to enjoy all their favorite titles with the minimum effort required to access the games from mobile platforms.

On the other hand, those that don't fit the conditions to enter the apps will be strictly prohibited. Prohibitions will mostly be based on the insufficient age requirement for those under 18.

A broad choice of games

Players on online casinos in NZ will be pleased with the provided choice of casino games and slots.

However, all providers will have to respect all the mentioned regulations and guidelines.

To do so, operators that offer their gambling apps on Google Store will have to comply with the standards.

Of course, all the Android gambling apps on the Play Store will have to comply with age restrictions.

Namely, players that are under age to explore the apps won’t be able to access the gambling choice.

The age restriction was one of the main concerns of Google Store experts and online casinos as partnering side.

Luckily, the solution is found and we’ll hopefully see insufficient problem gambling thanks to these standards.

Players will therefore get the best possible option for accessing online casino sites via mobile devices.

Tablet users will also be able to enjoy their preferred premium casino games from the home comfort.

The deal seems solid currently, but we’ll have to wait and see the initial results in the upcoming months.


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