UK Gambling Commission prepares new measures for Online Gaming safety


UK Gambling Commission

We can see the instances of problem gambling more and more, so the UK Gambling Commission sets new casino regulations. The new measures will protect the players and prevent them from wagering more than they can afford.

Some specific gameplay aspects have been discussed by the council and we can expect these changes soon.

Most of the new regulations are valid for online slots, while other casino games now have restrictions too. However, all the changes will benefit players and create a safer online gambling environment.

UK Gambling Commission – About the new gambling regulations

Having in mind the nature of the changes, UK players will shortly be able to see the measures. Moreover, these measures will be valid for all the casino sites in the UK.

This way, the UK Gambling Commission strives to ensure better risk-assessment. Many players suffer from problem gambling and it’s not something that should be taken lightly.

When it comes to slot aspects discussed, the prevention of several features will take place. Most importantly, each slot spin will now have to last for at least 2, 5 seconds.

It’s an important change since numerous online slot mechanics allow faster spinning. Now, players will have more time to understand the current situation and make decisions. The autoplay options will also be drastically affected.

Namely, options like turbo spins and other swift spinning mechanics will be eliminated. The auto spinning options will only be available if they don't affect players losing track of the game.

The new set of regulations enforced by the UK Gambling Commission will take place before the end of the year.

Therefore, slots and other casino games will go under sufficient changes.

Improving the game and preventing gambling problems

The new set of regulations brought by the UK Gambling Commission makes the situation better for players. Not only are problematic slot aspects out, but some clever new ideas are here now.

For instance, slot providers will from now on be restricted to use some in-game visual and sound aspects. Namely, these aspects that sometimes create the illusion of winning will be removed from the game.

We've all seen a fair share of those over the years since most slots come with such animations. Even if the return to the player is lower than the initial stake, the illusion of winning could be created.

Without the sound and graphic options that highlight returns and losses as winnings, the game can change. The whole point of the UK Gambling Commission is to make a secure environment for players.

Therefore, the regulations can only improve the whole iGaming scene in the UK. It’s left for us to see how the situation will develop once the measures are set.

Even some online variants of Blackjack, Baccarat, Caribbean Stud, and other feature the same speed mechanics. So, it's also possible that new regulations will affect these games as well.

Some players will perhaps miss the old regulations but one thing’s for sure – the market needed a change.


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