As a relatively young online casino software provider, Yggdrasil changes mobile gambling significantly.

The online gambling industry has evolved so fast that slots optimized for PCs have nearly gone extinct.

Mobile casinos are the next era, and Yggdrasil brings some unique perks to the market.

In this post, we're giving you a quick overview of what makes this company so special.

Popular Casinos with Yggdrasil Software

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Yggdrasil's Overview

Yggdrasil is creating disruptive gambling technologies.

Founded by Fredrik Elmqvist in 2013, Yggdrasil's offices are located across Europe.

The company’s vision was not one of quantity but a concentration of quality games.

While older game developers had dull graphics, lacked imagination and their games were too slow on mobile, Yggdrasil's technology is impressive, to say the least.

The Vikings

Vikings Go to Hell

Vikings Go to Hell is one of the company’s popular blockbuster slots.

This third instalment of the "Vikings" series delivers more significant battles and flaming demon hordes that are simply spectacular!

The game includes some exciting features with potentially monstrous wins:

  • Fight feature
  • Bonus free spins can be turned into sticky wilds with big win symbols
  • Hit two scatter symbols, and the fight feature activates
  • Each winning fight advances the rage collection meter, staying sticky for a re-spin
  • Treasure chests will land on the fifth reel with more regularity than in the previous Vikings slot
  • Free spins allow our Viking heroes to enter the underworld after fighting minions outside the gates of hell

Vikings Go Berzerk

The second slot of the series includes five reels, four rows and 25 pay lines.

Viking's rage is collected with each win, and more rage equals bigger payouts.

When the rage meter is full, you receive seven free spins, and the "berzerk" mode activates.

The berzerk Viking always wins the siren in the free spin mode.

You can activate a bonus round with all Vikings going berzerk, opening the Ragnarok Free Spins mode.

Vikings Go Berzerk is fully mobile-compatible.

Vikings Go Wild

Vikings Go Wild is the first game in this wildly popular series.

Published in August 2015, the slot has five reels and 25 pay lines.

In the free spin mode, Vikings turn into sticky wilds.

Similar to other Yggdrasil slots, the slot is optimized for mobile gambling.

Yggdrasil’s Technology

Yggdrasil is entirely driven by the user experience and provides casino games to the world’s most prestigious online operators.

The platform is based on several new diverse technologies.


One such technology is called the Source, and it's a dedicated interface for Yggdrasil’s clients.

This one-stop location serves as the client experience for each developer’s product.

Boost is Yggdrasil’s technology that drives retention.

Previously, online casinos were limited in promotional tools and had a poorly executed tournament play, but Yggdrasil changed everything.


Boost is a diverse software that transforms how casino operators promote their games.

Users can check leaderboards while playing without leaving the game window.

Yggdrasil is also the first game creator to offer social sharing: players can now share big wins with other gamers and teammates.


Brag is a subset of Boost.

It has always been hard to increase player involvement.

Brag lets players post their winning spins, and during tournament play, they get to share the results.

User retention and interaction drives the technology.

Easter Island

Easter Island is the perfect example of Yggdrasil’s progressive slot game.

With over 100 pay lines, the game brings a new spirit to progressive jackpot hunting.

As soon as players start the game, they can see all the technological developments.

The slot game is based on the actual Easter Islands, giving a delightful experience to players.

  • Symbol swap re-spin
  • Expanding reels, expanding wilds
  • Use the standard auto-play option, with a max bet of 8 available
  • Expanding reels feature: 4-of-a-kind gets a 5-tall re-spin
  • Sticky wilds on reels 2 and 5 expand to cover the whole reel

Gem Rocks

Published in February 2018, the game has taken off in popularity.

The slot game contains cascading reels, bringing massive wins in the base game.

After consecutive wins, larger icons create 4x4 symbol clusters.

Gem Rocks includes six reels and a massive number of 4096 paylines.

Rock-shaped characters race in a setting made of rocks and gems.

With great graphics and animations, this is a must-play slot.

  • A minimum bet of 0.002 to a max bet of 1
  • Any winning combo of symbols will disappear, with new symbols taking their place
  • Monster rocks are identical symbols, awarded after a 2, 5, and 9 consecutive dropdown wins
  • Monster rocks increase in size by 2 wins 2x2 blocks, up to 9 wins 4x4 blocks
  • Track all your winnings with a monster meter

Premium Graphics and Bonuses

Players widely respect Yggdrasil for its safeguarding protocols and impeccable customer service.

Players can reach customer service at all times regarding any potential questions related to the gameplay, bonuses, or issues.

Yggdrasil stands out for their bonuses too.

Major casinos with Yggdrasil game suite always offer free spins or a casino deposit bonus to motivate players.

Yggdrasil players can also enjoy tournaments for additional wins.

Valley of the Gods is one newly developed Yggdrasil slot that includes premium graphics and functions.

This game offers a different approach to online gaming as the grid is much different than a standard 5x3 slot.

Cascading wins will definitely improve the experience.

There are blocked symbols, and blue or red scarabs included that can upgrade the winning chances.

Scarab meters are placed on sides of the grid, and once filled, red ones give multipliers while blue ones give players additional re-spin.

Jungle Books is another excellent slot by Yggdrasil that focuses on the popular blockbuster movie.

The grid seems like a standard 5x3, however, the middle reel features four symbol places.

This results in over 50 pay lines, and famous characters award the players great base-game features.

Spreading wilds, wild multipliers, and bonus coins are just some of the features mentioned.


Yggdrasil changed the whole gambling industry with its breakthrough technology ISENSE.

Yggdrasil became the first major gaming developer to embrace the HTML5 standard fully, though now all others, including Play'n GO, Quickspin and Playtech, have gone down the same road.

ISENSE continues to be the leader in cross-platform compatibility.

ISENSE 2.0 combines several technologies, delivering truly unique game action to any size screen.

  • Automatic tools and assets are used to adapt the game version from desktop to mobile platforms. By applying these tools, the gaming server is balanced and the playing experience is much better for mobile users.
  • Yggdrasil has developed the best loading algorithm in the online gaming industry. Thanks to enhanced protocols, the games load much faster.
  • ISENSE blows away the competition with its advanced particle engine. Conventional gaming developers are no match to Yggdrasil’s character animations.
  • Pioneering Boost and Brag in-game promotional tools are player favourites and casino operators' tools of choice. Keeping the gamer engaged and supercharging retention rates is a win for everybody.
  • A very cool feature, the mobile video slot will not auto-sleep or revert to a screen saver when you choose auto-play.

Currently, Yggdrasil has 42 games currently listed but the number grows every month.

Yggdrasil UI will continue expanding and upgrading constantly.

Mobile gambling, great advancements and intrigue - that's how Yggdrasil delivers value to every online casino.

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