Online casino craps has quickly become one of the world's most popular live casino games.

Once only reserved for Las Vegas casinos, craps is now available in New Zealand online casinos and lets every NZ players try this unique thrill.

While there aren't as many craps versions available as there are roulette or blackjack tables, you can still find a splendid selection.

You can place almost every bet available in the live game of craps and do it from home comfort!

So, follow our lead as we break down the details of playing online casino craps.

Online casino craps overview

Online casino craps is a game played on a live dealing table with bet spots.

The dealer and one of the players are in charge of rolling in the standard version of the game.

However, the online variant doesn't provide such an option.

It rather gives you the chance to experience the game of craps in a simpler manner.

In most situations, the RNG determines the dice roll outcome in online craps.

Some games offer live dealing action, even for online versions, for an additional thrill.

These games use the live dealer for the rolls as there can be no rolling player in the online game.

Even if the online variant differs from the standard game of craps found in Vegas, it still provides enough thrills.

Online casino craps makes a fast-paced online casino game with various betting options and odds.

Every player can find a suitable bet to place as the payouts range from even payouts to 35 to 1 for some combinations.

The game mostly depends on luck alone, but tactics are applicable since craps has more betting options than some casino games.

That's why we'll give you all the necessary advice on online casino craps strategy.

Different online craps types

It takes a bit of knowledge of the game itself to be able to pick the best online variant.

The first tip on online casino craps strategy is to know the exact type of craps you are playing.

Considering that there are several types of craps games, you should know of the following versions:

  • Standard Craps
  • Reduced Edge Craps
  • High Point Craps
  • Simple Craps

Regarding standard craps or bank craps, players place their bets on the table with the bet sheet.

Once the dice are thrown, the payouts depend on the game's wagers and odds of the main bets.

You will usually run upon this type of online craps on different high paying casino sites.

Other craps types, like the reduced edge one, are far more rare.

The reduced edge craps are there to provide additional support to players as the house edge rarely surpasses 2.8%.

On the other hand, the high point craps make use of a more exciting gameplay.

Dice results of 2 and 3 are eliminated in this game and the dice are thrown again.

Once the point value has been determined, you will have to make a throw higher in value of the point to win.

Simple craps are also convenient for beginners as they come without additional betting options.

Dice throw values of 2, 3, 4, 10, 11, and 12 wins, while the rest result in a loss.

Evolution offers this type of easy mode craps suitable for novice players.

Strategies for standard online craps

The regular variant of online craps uses several valuable tips that could boost your results.

It's always valuable knowing these tips to make the round of online casino craps more exciting.

As the game mainly focuses on luck, we'll be concentrating on tips regarding bet placement.

Handle the pass line bets first

Before you get eligible to place more complex bets, the pass line bets are quite convenient for starters.

The pass line bet relates to the initial dice throw in the game, and values of 7, and 11 take the win.

Still, if the 2, 3, or 12 values land, you lose the initial bet.

In the case of other values of the dice throw, the point will be set as mentioned previously.

In this case, it takes beating the point value in the following throw to win.

This type of bet brings even payouts, making it perfect for beginners.

Proceed with come/don't come bets after pass line

This type of bet is eligible for play after the result of the initial dice throw.

In online casino craps, you have to beat that value after the dealer sets up a come point value before 7 lands to win.

In this case, the same number of values apply for wins and losses as the pass line bets.

On the other hand, the don’t come bet includes opposite rules as you bet on players with come bets to lose.

In this case, you win by landing values of 2 and 3, while the 12 would result in a tie.

Go with straight number options for higher wins

After the point is set with the two initial online casino craps to bet types, you can place various bets with higher payouts.

Besides the odds bets that rely on striking the point value before a 7 to win, straight value bets are a perfect choice.

Also known as the place bets, these betting options allow distinctive payouts for every number of 4 to 10.

The highest payout you can win this way is 9 to 5.

Focus on one-roll bets

One-roll bets in online casino craps make a great addition to those that don’t plan on sticking with the game for too long.

Everything takes place swiftly as you bet on the value of the dice throw.

You can bet on 7, 3 or 11, 2 or 12, and any craps.

Any craps bet ensures a win and 8 to 1 payout if 2, 3, or 12 value is thrown.

Final thoughts

Although there are numerous options for online casino craps bets, the mentioned tactics can help you achieve some profit.

It all depends on the patience and the risk you take with the bets placed.

Online craps makes one of the fastest and most exciting live dealing games for the online market.

It also has much to do with the variant of craps you play.

Vivo Gaming and Evolution offer exclusive variants, while other providers like Betsoft also make satisfying craps experience.

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