BlueFox Casino Review – Bonus & Free Spins

NZ$ 1000 Bonus + 100 Free Spins

BlueFox Casino is your adventure and gaming headquarters. It is a place that welcomes you in with good graphics, and they have a wide array of games that you will really love.

About BlueFox Casino

BlueFox Casino is your adventure and gaming headquarters. It is a place that welcomes you in with good graphics, and they have a wide array of games that you will really love. You might not be sure what you want to do when you show up, and you should start looking around the site for things to do that will be fun to you.

They have laid out the site so that it is easy to use, and it serves New Zealand very well. They have a distinctly South Pacific vibe to their site, and they even have the ocean blues on the screen that you would be hoping for. This site is true to its name, and it is a great amalgamation of all the games and experiences that you might want in a casino.

There is no reason for you to go to other places when you can see that this site does all the things you need it to do. You might think of wasting a little time on the site just to have fun, or you could start a very serious gambling plan that helps you make a lot of money every day.

When You Visit BlueFox Casino

When you visit this site, you are created with fun characters, a long list of things that you can do, and the opportunity to sign up right there. You get a username that you picked on your own, and you must enter all your personal information for tax purposes. You will find out that you could put in a bank account and credit card to pay for your deposits, and you are shown all the deposits bonuses that are available.

The site allows you to search for the games that you want to play, and you can dive into all the categories that are available. It is simple to find something to play when you begin your hunt in the search bar, or you could click on one of the tabs to get in contact with the company, to get customer service, to make a deposit, or to check their fair play rules.

You are given the same homepage on every visit, and it is obvious that you are in the right place because this site has the secure https prefix for all their customers. You can go to this page on your mobile device, and you could play there just like you would normally. It all depends on what you want to do when you visit, and the site allows you to find everything you need in seconds.

Bonuses And Promotions at BlueFox Casino

The bonuses and promotions on the site have their own page, and they are just as various as the games on the site. You just need to remember that you can get the no deposit bonuses when you sign up, and there are more that happen when visiting the site every day. The site has seasonal promotions that are good for holiday gaming, and they have a regular set of promotions that you could take advantage of every day.


There is a matching deposit bonus up to 200 on all the money that you put down for your first day of gameplay. There is a page of promotions that offers both extra cash and free spins. However, the cash must be used to play games. You cannot withdraw the bonuses that the site has given you. You must convert the cash into winnings before you can withdraw it to your own account.

The original deposit bonus is always available, and their seasonal discounts usually mix free spins with extra money. Wait for the seasons to change before you try a new deposit bonus plan.

In The Mobile

The mobile app for this site allows you the chance to connect with your account and play through the app with optimized graphics. However, you might want to use the mobile browser because you prefer to use the browser and save memory on your phone or tablet. The mobile browser will render the site just as it looks on your regular computer, and you can play for as long as you want.

The mobile experience has the same look as the site normally has, and you are allowed to sign in and out as normal. You could play on a tablet or phone, or you could use the mobile browser on your streaming TV device.

Games At BlueFox Casino

Games on BlueFox Casino are varied from the most basic table games to the complex slot machines that you have seen on other sites. Table games often come with live dealing tables, and you could play with the same crowd every day. There is a chat function on the site that allows you to talk to other players, and you will have a really nice time getting to know these people as you discover each game.

The games on the site are split into their own categories, and you can play the free version so that you learn how the game works. You might want to play the games to get a knack for them, or you could play just to pass the time. The free version does not put you at risk, and it helps you make the best possible choices when playing for real cash.

The paid version of each game allows you to increase your earnings, but you must pay to play. There is an ante in every table game, and you must pay for spins on the pokies. Make certain that you have chosen the games that you think you could win the most money playing, and remember that you might need to go through a few games before you find something that is fun and easy to play.

Deposits And Withdrawals

Deposits are done through the secure server, and you are given that matching bonus on your first deposit. The casino allows you to get the seasonal bonus on every other deposit, and they put that money in your bank for immediate use. You must convert your deposit bonuses into winnings to withdraw them, and you can do that on the site immediately.

The withdrawals are done instantly, and they go to the card or account tha tyou have selected. It is easy to get your money back, and you are given the option of withdrawing to more than one location. Someone who has questions about the withdrawals could contact the casino for customer service.

Getting Help

Customer service on the site happens over email or live chat. You can contact the site for help with fair play, deposits, game glitches, and any other issues that come up. They respond quickly to your concerns, and the site makes it simpler for you to move on with playing. You might send an email right away, or you could click on the live chat cursor to get them on the line. You have a better chance of winning more money when you feel comfortable on the site. BlueFox Casino was made to make life easier on everyone, and it helps gamblers win money much more reliably than in other locations.

FAQ at BlueFox Casino

New to Online Casinos? Here are all your questions answered to the best online casino platform on the block: The Bluefox Casino! Get informed and start playing right away – and get signing bonuses when you register with them!

1. When was Bluefox Casino Founded?

Bluefox Casino first started in the year 2017, and has been run by ProgressPlay until now.

2. How can I deposit to Bluefox Casino?

Bluefox Casino supports a variety of major banking options for their members and player to utilize for their convenience and comfort, such of which are: Mastercard, iDeal, Giropay, Paysafe Card, Skrill, Visa, Maestro, Pay By Phone, and Trustly. With these deposit options, you are sure to have a convenient, hassle free and easy transactions with Bluefox Casino.

3. How do I withdraw from Bluefox Casino?

Withdrawals can be done through wire transfer on your credit or debit cards, or other online payment options like Skrill. Bank transfers would have different processing times, and the withdrawal fees would also vary depending on the bank. There is a user friendly online cashier that can be used by players to access and manage their withdrawals.

4. What games can I play at Bluefox Casino?

The Bluefox Casino are equipped with the best games available like Planet of the Apes, Shangri-la, Blood Queen, and Warlords. This means you will never run out of games to play. The Bluefox Casino is also always updated with the newest games,  and their themed games are always exciting.

5. Does Bluefox Casino have a Mobile Application, or a Mobile Casino?

Yes, the Bluefox Casino does have a Mobile Application, and a Mobile Casino. It is under the name, “BlueFoxCasino” and is now supported by Android and Apple carriers.

6. What bonuses does Bluefox Casino have?

The Bluefox Casino offers up to a $200 welcome and signing bonus to their newest members and players. Bonuses are also awarded in particular games where multipliers can amount to bigger payouts for their players.

7. What free spin bonuses does Bluefox Casino have?

The Bluefox Casino is very generous for their members and players – especially with their new sign-ups, particularly! That is why upon registration and sign-up with Bluefox Casino – the newly registered player will receive 10 (ten) free spins instantly with no deposit. The free spins are available on any of their games.

8. What wagering requirement applies to bonuses in Bluefox Casino games?

The wagers can happen and are only rooted from the first real balance of the player. The wagering bonus of a 50 multiplier, or at any winning that is generated from free spins, and the bonus will vary per game. Only the bonus bets are considered in computing for the wagering requirement. The bonuses are only valid for 30 (thirty) days and the free spins that are awarded are valid and usable for 7 days from the date of issuance.

9. What are the terms and conditions of the bonuses (besides the wagering requirement)?

The terms and conditions for the bonuses would vary on the games that you are playing, so make sure you read up on your game before playing so that you fully understand the terms and conditions. For Max conversions, it is only limited to a maximum of a 5 time multiplier to the amount of the free spins.

10. What support options do Bluefox Casino offer?

The Bluefox Casino supports their members and players via real-time chat / message application, or they can be contacted using electronic mail. The Bluefox Casino also makes sure that their players are always protected by the best security providers. They also employ the best software to retain fairness in all their games. Their latest security measures are for the best interest of the players.

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